If You Have Ever Wanted to Be In ‘Hamilton,’ Now’s Your Chance

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You would be hard-pressed to find anyone not a fan of Hamilton, the Broadway musical that captivated the world. After its historic run on stage, Disney decided to provide the world with a live recorded version of the record-breaking musical, which exploded on the Disney+ app. It was a huge moment for those who were not given a chance to see the musical’s original run, and now a new version will place fans directly on stage.

Credit: Disney+

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Hamilton is a musical that follows the birth of the United States, focusing more on the life of Alexander Hamilton, who is known as one of the nation’s founders. However, instead of just showcasing a story full of Shakespearean dialogue, Lin Manuel-Miranda blended hip-hop themes into the story and music.

It worked magically, catapulting the musical into making its way from sold-out shows on Off-Broadway in February 2015 to one of the most successful musicals on Broadway in August 2015. At the 70th Tony Awards, Hamilton was given a staggering 16 award nominations, securing 11 wins—the biggest being Best Musical.

The musical has become a massive hit during its run on Broadway, its live-recorded version on Disney+, and the soundtrack selling 1.97 million copies by July 2020.

However, fans can now join in on the singing as if they are on stage with Lin Manuel-Miranda.

‘Hamilton Sing-Along’ Debuts on Disney+

We imagine that fans have been blaring the Hamilton soundtrack out of their cars, stereos, and phones for quite some time. However, Disney+ has decided to do everyone a huge favor by releasing the brand-new Hamilton Sing-Along on Disney+ starting tomorrow.

In typical Disney fashion, the words will be highlighted with a bouncing star so that everyone can read and belt out the lyrics as loud as possible. We imagine many fans have memorized the songs, but this could be your chance to get your entire family in on the action.

One of the best things about classic Disney movies is that they used to include sing-along versions like this. Everyone can gather and watch the film while singing along to award-winning music.

Hamilton is chock full of hit songs, and we certainly can’t wait to join in on the roast (cabinet) battle between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

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Credit: Disney

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Now is your chance for those who have been a fan of this musical and have wanted to convince your family to get in on singing this incredible story. The Hamilton Sing-Along will place fans directly in the action as if you were the one who wrote the lyrics yourself. Check it out on Disney+ starting tomorrow.

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