Huge Reveals From ‘The Mandalorian’ Event

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'The Mandalorian' Event

Credit: Lucasfilm

The Emmy® FYC event always deserves some attention. The inside scoop on Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian event has fans everywhere excited about the massive revelations.

FYV 'The Mandalorian' Event image
Credit: Lucasfilm

Attendees at The Mandalorian Event were privy to a screening of The Spies, then the chance to engage in a Q&A session with Doug Chiang. The production designer was accompanied by professionals from the makeup department, costume design, hair, and visual effects.

'The Mandalorian' event scene from the show
Credit: Lucasfilm

This impressive makeup made for some interesting conversation. ‘The Mandalorian’ Event was a ‘For Your Consideration’ attraction that focuses a lens on some iconic media. Clearly, The Mandalorian made the cut.

Of course, this isn’t the first Emmy® celebration for the show. With an impressive 39 nominations and 14 Emmy® Awards, The Mandalorian is safely secured in television history.

FYV 'The Mandalorian' Event image
Credit: Lucasfilm

On a three-season hot streak, the Disney+ exclusive is a favorite amongst both old and new Star Wars fandom generations. For those light years out of the loop, the show is a phenomenon in the Star Wars fandom that gets better with time.

It follows a bounty hunter in the outer parts of the galaxy. The story is set in a time after the Empire falls and sometime before the First Order emerged.

With the fourth season in the making, ‘The Mandalorian’ Event was more than a chance to engage with the producers, it’s a way to support the enterprise. Star Wars is only possible because of fan support.

Worth a binge-watch, the three seasons earned it awards, accolades, and critical acclaim. And with the next season (hopefully) in the works, the show’s views keep rising.

With the ongoing fan theory that it replaces a plotline from a scrapped show, ‘The Mandalorian’ Event only added to the buzz around the show. Bad news? The show is on hiatus. The good news? There’s plenty to see and likely many Easter eggs to find, so the show certainly won’t be forgotten.

Are you part of the new fans, rushing to watch the show? Or are you a tried-and-true Star Wars fan? Share your insight with Inside the Magic in the comments down below!

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