How Families Rely on Disney for Parenting Advice

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More than ever, families are relying on Disney for parenting advice and direction. While the classics were iconic in many childhoods, fans wonder if basing parenting on newer Disney culture is responsible. It’s the seemingly eternal debate of tradition versus modern approaches to raising children.

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Disney makes no secret of its embracing inclusion and diversity, much to the malcontent of many parents. Many worry that the family dynamics in Lightyear or the independence of the characters in Frozen and Frozen II can influence children. The argument goes so far as to try and eliminate so-called offensive content from schools, and even certain jurisdictions.

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But on the other side of this anger are those who value progression and inclusion. At one time, it was next to impossible to get the resources necessary to navigate a theme park with a disability. Now, the parks have accommodations that account for everything from physical to sensory accessibility. The trend of using Disney for parenting advice ranges from the value of having dreams in Cinderella or the benefit of sisterhood in Frozen. While not all Disney interactions are positive, parents have long relied on its glamor and strong morals to reinforce good and bad behavior with clear distinctions.

And what’s the newest face of a generation relying on Disney for parenting advice? Well, in the words of Anna from Frozen II, “Do the next right thing.”

Sometimes the best advice is the simple thing. Millennials with kids know how quickly things can change, going from watching Disney on VHS to DVD to streaming. It’s impossible to predict the future, which is why turning to Disney for parenting advice is useful. The words remind parents everywhere that all we can ever do is the next right thing. Now, what that means to the individual differs vastly.

Disney adults are different than Disney parents. Many think that kids can ruin a day at the theme park, and think the next right thing is to just bring them home. The point of parents relying on Disney for advice isn’t to dictate what families should or shouldn’t do. Instead, it’s to understand that the “next right thing” can come in different forms for every family and to value that inherent diversity.

So, what do you think about using Disney for parenting advice? Is it the “next right thing”? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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