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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Exterior

Credit: Disney


  1. Starr


    It’s me starr.

    Don’t loose the Toad

    Watch him like a hawk

    He is the big bucks


    1. J.T.H.

      Too loud??? Jesus Christ we are raising generations of weak, overly sensitive, woke, little pissants who will live in a continuous state of angst and anxiety. Leave Mr. Toad alone. Better yet tear your precious little shits fingers from the Xbox console and force them to read Kennth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows so they can appreciate the collection of stories and what the ride is all about.

  2. Anonymous

    While we hadn’t ever seen the movie this was one of my sister’s favorite rides when we were little. It would cause a major uproar to get rid of it.

    1. Patty

      If you still haven’t, you should give it a watch. It’s bizarre but pretty fun. I grew up loving it. My child knew “Merrily Merrily…on our way…” 🎶 by the time she was 4 thanks to Sing-Alongs and we now watch the movie almost every year.

      I like the ride because it’s mechanics (and size lol) are so vintage it’s like a museum ride! It’s fun to think of how the simple panels and such plus the heater element would’ve been extra fun for people in those days.

      But I honestly also wouldn’t miss the ride if it were to go. I simply don’t want to wait 20+ minutes for that kind of thing. We’ve popped on when the line was 5-10 minutes randomly. But I can’t understand why people would wait 40+ minutes which seems to be the average. If it were Tangled or Beauty & The Beast, heck even Sword & the Stone…. I’d personally enjoy it a lot more I think.

      After Splash Mtn which honestly was tough for me to get past that idea, I can see how these updates can be nice.

      If they remove Pinocchio I’d be much more saddened. It’s a scary, sweet, and funny ride with the same nostalgic value as Toad but it’s better. Also Toad’s ending is whack. Lol

  3. Update all of fantasyland

  4. Bt

    Too loud for your little monsters, don’t go on it, simple.

    1. Rick

      Disney should just do a live action version of it.

    2. Patty

      Most people find it too loud. Most of us just wear ear plugs I think. LOL It has to be one of the oldest rides, at least in terms of internal tech.

  5. Vikki

    Fine get rid of it in Disneyland and bring it BACK to Disney World and we will cherish it forever!!

  6. Patty

    This happens to all IP if you don’t have your kids watch it. It sounds like Toad is one of the rides that has stood the test of time this way.

    TBH I could see it go and be fine, it used to be one of my favorites as a youth. I still love the movie and my child watches it every “holiday season”. What I appreciate most from the ride is that it’s nostalgic, followed by the vintage aspect. It’s like going back in time!

    To when people were skinnier and the moving panels were the bees knees. The heater element…! It’s pretty neat. But if they put a well-done Tangled ride or something…it probably would be just as well.

  7. Robert H.

    Walt was good at trying to teach life’s lessons to children and adults. This story and the lesson is still very relevant.
    If you drive a car like a fool you’ll kill yourself!


  8. Vickie

    Leave Mr. Toad alone!!! My 80 yr old Mother and I love it. We just got back from Disneyland and of course had to ride. We giggle our way thru the ride. Beauty and the Beast is my fave Disney movie and I would love a B and B themed ride, but not at Mr. Toad’s expense!

    1. Marlo

      We LOVE Mr Toad’s ride! Please keep this one.

  9. Clyde

    Keep it!!

  10. S.M.

    I’m sorry but I’m gonna punch Disney Co. in the teeth – it’s been around since open and is a classic favorite of most fans (myself included)! When will the censorship end??
    If you don’t like it, or your kids don’t like it, hell – if you don’t like the content you’re exposing your kid to, don’t 👏 let 👏them 👏 near 👏 it 👏👏👏
    The snowflakes are ruining the fun for the rest of us. This is still America, right?
    Don’t even get me started on Uncle Remus and the change of Splash Mountain, that’s a whole other can of worms 🐛🐛🐛
    Sincerely, a concerned disney kid 🐁

  11. Geraldine713

    Na, they definitely can keep it. It’s a Classic and should remain as such. ❤

  12. Jeff

    I’m a part of the current age, I’m here. I’m not sure I want anything to do with the new Disney. Yah, on second thought I know that I do not want anything to do with the new Disney. I will use my DVC and go to Epic Universal. hahaha. Disney budwisered themselves!

  13. Dan Muckel

    This is one of my favorite rides. I don’t want to see it go

  14. Ray

    Its not even leaving or getting removed. It’s literally getting refurbished…repainting and maybe fix the attraction, just like they did with Matterhorn

  15. H

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a fever dream of a ride and I love every second of it!!!

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