Warning Sent Out as Inevitable Cast Member Strike Approaches

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Cast Member Strikes Bring Magic to a Halt in Paris

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Disneyland Paris has been bombarded with Cast Member strikes, leading to numerous attraction closures, parade and entertainment cancelations, and overall Guests experience interruption. Disneyland Paris is sending a warning message to anyone looking to visit the Park in the coming days.

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Disneyland Paris Has a Warning for Those Visiting in a Few Days

If you know or follow the Disneyland Paris Cast Member strikes, you know that the DLP Report on Twitter is your number-one go-to page for all your news about Disneyland Paris. I follow them, love the content they pour out, and give Guests and fans worldwide. The DLP Report recently mentioned that a new Cast Member strike would again take over the famous Disney Park in Paris. DLP Report sent out a message of warning to Guests looking to attend the Park over the next few days, going into the upcoming weekend:

In the tweet above, DLP Report has announced the next Cast Member strike to be June 19, which is only five days away from the time of this article coming out. If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris anytime soon, you might want to read the message above and ensure you are planning accordingly. The last few Cast Member strikes caused significant disruptions throughout the Park, leading to Disneyland Paris issuing alleged reimbursements for Guests tickets. (The official Disneyland Paris people have not confirmed this).

Paris Disneyland Strikes | Credit: Disney
Paris Disneyland Strikes | Credit: Disney

Wait times for attractions throughout the Park reached new heights during the strike, leading to many angry and disappointed Guests on vacation. According to Thrill Data, the wait times for the most popular attractions at Disneyland Paris they reached four times higher than usual. The disruptions will not stop until the strike is over, which is not a guarantee in any timeframe. So again, plan accordingly, especially if traveling from a faraway country.

You can contact Disneyland Paris directly for more information regarding your upcoming trip to the Park if you’re concerned about your disrupted experience due to the incoming Cast Member strike on June 19. You can directly reach out via email to:


It should be reported that Disneyland Paris does not promise a guarantee of money back for already bought tickets. The email above is meant for you to seek answers to your questions about your upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris. Inside The Magic is also not responsible for declaring anything other than planning accordingly and ensuring your trip is secured for the best Guest experience Disneyland Paris can offer.

With all that being said, be sure to follow Inside The Magic for all your news regarding your favorite theme Parks on Earth!

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