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  1. D

    Possibly a guest had a medical emergency.

  2. Michael Huggins

    I have been evacuated from Pirates and I was very near an exit. I have a panic disorder and I was freaking out, but I also know that my safety and the safety of all of the guests is why they do it the way they do it. For all I knew, the issue could have been something right outside that exit door. It is never safe to walk in an attraction that might suddenly power up. One could be seriously injured in such a circumstance.

    Let the cast members show you how much they care about your safety by evacuating you per established protocols. They aren’t being mean or calloused. They are trying to keep all of the guests safe.

    Attractions can stop running for a variety of reasons which guests are almost always not in the know about. Cast members do not tell guests what the issue is so as not to scare the guests.

    Disney is all about the safety of the guests. It is the number one thing on their minds at all times. Don’t take it personally that you are being evacuated, just be patient and allow the cast members to do their jobs.

  3. Janet Floyd

    Yeah, but “flee” from the ride? Really?

  4. Clifton Brewer

    We have been evacuated from The Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, and Peter Pan. Each one was kind of interesting seeing the rides from behind the scenes and with the lights turned on.

    1. Janet Aobt

      Never been and never will. They are a corrupt as they come.

  5. Nunya

    Apparently you’re the DF that is on a power trip. There are safety protocols they must adhere to, but unfortunately you’re inconvenience seems to be more important. Please be banned from Disneyland

  6. Kat

    Oh my. Hopefully this was just something technical. If not and it was a medical emergency, which it sounds more like this might’ve been the issue for them to create a human wall like that, I sincerely who those involved are alright/make a speedy recovery.

  7. Gary Ritzke

    It was from pirates of the Caribbean in Fl with my twin brother. It was a great experience at how employees really care for guest ok the deserve respect

  8. Zandra Johnson

    As a former cast member let me state, we do care. We care about getting you out safely, efficiently, and we care about getting our attraction working as quickly as possible. Believe me, we would much rather be running our attraction than standing out front telling guests that it’s closed.

    1. Me

      Y’all need to calm down maybe be told to stay put In the same spot for 2 hours like J here and you’d be grumpy too.

  9. Audra

    I was there with my family when this happened. We were actually supposed to be the next ones to board the ride. The cast members calmly directed us to the exit, which happened to be down some stairs. They were all amazing making sure that the guests could safely traverse the steps and checking to make sure that everyone made it out safe.

    As we were exiting my daughter noticed that the fire alarm lights were flashing, but there was no audible sound, other than cast members issuing instructions over the speakers. As we exited we spoke to one of the cast members who told us that someone had pulled a fire alarm a few days before, and it might be the same situation again, but they treat every situation as real.

    The ride reopened a few hours later and my family and I went back and finished our ride.

  10. R Burke

    Wow Reading all these comments about how many rides you all have been evacuated from it sounds like Disney has a major preventative maintenance problem.

  11. Zan

    Geez, attitude much?!!

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