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A Disney Influencer talking, photoshopped onto an image of a ferris wheel at Disneyland Resort.

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Sherlyn R Huffman

    Anything to get attention. Influencers dont influence me in the least.

  2. Mike

    Who watches these people? If you need someone to “influence” you, you need more then an influencer!!!

    1. KP

      Agreed. And now we’re supposed to feel sorry for her?

    2. V Root

      Anyone who knows even a tiny bit about Disneyland KNOWS that you absolutely CANNOT have ANYTHING that resembles a cast member! There was an incedent a couple of years ago were they didn’t allow a family entrance at either Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, because the little kids were dressed as cast members/hosts/tour guides…. With name tags.

    3. Randolph


  3. Clyde

    What bothers me the most is she thinks it’s ok to impersonate Disney staff and the author is encouraging her

    1. Mike G

      I’m convinced that slow adults are the ones behind these stories

  4. Paully

    It’s past time to get rid of these video “Influencers”..
    Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea just won’t allow it anymore..

  5. Mike G

    What exactly is this dude “influencing’? How to be an a$$ hat?

  6. Steve

    I am going on record that I support everything Disney is doing. Parks, Rules, Opinions, Entertainment, Policies, Policing, all of it. This is ridiculous.

  7. SECR

    “Inappropriate” to me is something nasty or offensive… not just a name tag.

    1. Kat

      It’s not “Inappropriate” but it is impersonating a Disney employee while wearing it. Question is what made her think doing that would’nt be a problem?

  8. KP

    IMHO these “influencers” are encouraging bad behaviors. I don’t feel sorry for her all. I fully support Disneys dress codes and wish they were enforced more. I really don’t like seeing nasty political t shirts, boobs and a$$ falling out. Just follow the rules!

  9. Boss Man

    She even looks low IQ.

  10. TR

    He could also stop pretending to be that which he is not.

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