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Tiana's Bayou Adventure Concept Art on the left | Credit: Disney; and Tiana Character on the right

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Karen Carlson

    Not thrilled about destroing the classic Splash Mountain. Disney needs to stay to the classics that brought them to the dance. Will not ride Tiana.

    1. H

      It’s not like Splash Mountain was an original ride… it opened in the 90s.

    2. Ofcur Karen

      Good, more room for me.

      1. Steven

        No there won’t be. There will be no Tiana and if Disney were to continue down this path there would be no park for you.

    3. Racismsucks

      Your name says it all

    4. Heather

      What are the plans for Frontierland? I mean you have rustic big thunder mountain and now Tatiana’s Bayou Adventure? How does it fit together with theming?

  2. Marni

    Really bummed they didn’t just update the ride and change the song. Reinvent it if you will. Changing it to a New Orleans ride to satisfy DEI is a bummer. Build a new ride for that purpose but leave the classics alone. Ugh

  3. Can’t wait to see what white actress they will cast when the live action Princess and the Frog goes to live action.

  4. Lexie

    I think that all the rides are eventually gonna get updated and that it’s new opportunity’s for Disney to expand and start new things. Knowing that we love splash mountain I do think that it was time for a change or a renewal but either way I think it’s great they are making a tiana ride. So excited to ride and Experience it.

    1. Steven

      No. Nothing is going to be updated and there is no Tiana ever coming. You will never experience it. Splash Mountain is still open and always will be. And when I take over Disney and make it great again, the only thing new will be attractions from the past being resurrected. Hope you enjoy theme parks preserved in amber and stuck in the 20th century where they belong. Disneyland itself will be stuck in the 1960s under my rule.

  5. This is not ok to take such an iconic ride away they should add to the parks not just replace iconic rides
    R.I.P Splash mountain

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