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A large, menacing velociraptor with an open mouth and sharp teeth emerges from dense greenery and mechanical structures at the Jurassic Park Tribute Store in Universal, set against a background of trees and foliage. The dinosaur appears life-like and intimidating.

Credit: Universal Studios


  1. DG

    Why did you take the Universal Studios tile shortcut from the top row ribbon? Why you hatin on US man?

  2. Eric you

    I am still waiting on a new reveal for Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida maybe something quite evil and disturbing shall be unleashed into our world this week or in ninety or 88 or 81 or eighty days until this years event starts and we all meet our demise at the hands of some deadly beasts that are thirsty for our blood and insane freaks roam free and hungry malevolent spirits devour our souls. another reveal could also happen 77 or seventy or 66 or 64 or sixty days before our time runs out or 55 or fifty or 49 or 44 or forty days until chaos reigns once more or 37 or 36 or 33 or 31 or thirty days until our worst nightmares come to life or 25 or 22 or twenty or sixteen or eleven or ten days until we never sleep again.

  3. Eric you

    I also think that some last minute details for Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida will be done in nine or eight days or one week or six days or five days or four or 3 or two days followed by one day before all the terrors get unleashed could this be the return of the bloodiest circus we have ever seen the carnival of carnage comes back to a city or town near you with brand new bizarre creations dreamed up by the most sickest minds that will give us never ending nightmares.

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