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The new Magic Kingdom Central Plaza area between Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle.

Credit: Disney


  1. Rick TR

    Why the hell would you want a big pen?

  2. Doris

    All the years that MK has been open you never heard or considered thefts of your merchandise on strollers or Scooters or wheelchairs. Welcome to the New MK! There are so many of these transport vehicles and if you just look they are loaded with gifts personal items, food and personal items to include purses backpacks subclasses hats toys popcorn buckets and much more that you have to leave while you go on a ride. Disney should provide a fenced off section posted and monitored by a cast member a ticket should be given to each guest leaving their belongings unattended and when the return the must enter into a closed off area and verify their ticket to the cast member. Something needs to be done because it’s only going to get worse!!!!!! I wonder why!???

    1. domo

      It is NOT up to Disney to teach kids to NOT steal, NOT vandalized, Show respect and have common courtesy.

      It’s up to all the missing parents (perhaps grand parents and beyond).

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