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  1. Steve

    I haven’t, ‘forgotten what made me love Disney in the first place’. I’m just remiss that magic has gone away. It’s clear that conservative views are no longer welcome by today’s creatives and their brand of story telling. For me personally, I’m okay with that, there’s a lifetimes worth great story telling from the past for me to revisit and catch up on anyways.

    1. Gary

      Conservative views make satanists look like saints.

  2. dcmann

    Zach, conservatives have not forgotten that Disney once had (questionably still has) a positive message. Disney’s message that good always wins and evil always loses is a good message. The problem is that this messaging only work and inspires, when we as a society have a shared definition of “good” and “evil”. What Liberals/Disney have forgotten is that when you take a political position and declare your side “good”, you are then calling your opposition evil. That’s how you alienate a large portions of society.

    So, when the good is an innocent prince or princess and the evil is a wicked witch, we can all get behind that. Its a shared view of evil and good, but when the good is something like homosexuality (which is a sexual desire, used to define an individual) and the evil is a traditional view of sexuality (a person not being defined by the sexual preferences), then Yes, there’s going to be disagreement.

    Like it or not, you have generalized a position in hopes of winning a debate, instead of seeking to understand opposing views and concerns. That’s how you and Disney have marginalized a whole portion of society, which is not being reflected in box office returns, Disney+ subs numbers, and even in society’s opinions about Disney.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Nobody is unsubbing from Disney + or not going to see Disney films because of Florida.

    2. YAWDEW

      Evil is a human word and invention. If you inherently hate what you don’t understand (LOVE btw two souls) then the problem is with you. Maybe you should try prayer or meditation so maybe you can find out why you have so much hate for others who were made by the same God as you.

  3. Walt

    Thank goodness we have all the other generations who have come AFTER those evil boomers to tell us all the evil things they did. Or conversely it could be looked at as a bunch of spoiled and entitled little cry bullies who have had ALL the advantages that generations before them did not have – have managed, in less than a decade – to destroy, pervert and ruin anything good.

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