The ‘Super Mario Bros Movie’ Has Acheived a Bizarre New Box Office Record

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Rotten Tomatoes has become one of the main reasons people go or don’t see a movie. The aggregate review site is practically mentioned with every film, giving said films either a “Rotten” score or “Certified Fresh” score by critics that review them. Critics gave the Super Mario Bros Movie a “Rotten” score, but that has not stopped the film from achieving a huge and bizarre box office record.

Super Mario Bros. Movie. Super Mario is in the middle, and Monsters: Bowser (on the right) and Donkey Kong (on the left) as the background.
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The film has been lighting up the box office since its release on April 5. Despite critics being less than fair with their critiques, fans have fallen in love with the Chris Pratt-led video game adaptation. It has a 96% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That is not to mention that it has made a staggering $1.238 billion at the box office and is just about to pass Incredibles 2 as the fourth highest-grossing animated film.

The video game adaptation could also be one of the main reasons why Disney will never return to the top of the animation battle. Simply put, Illumination has found a winning combination that will be replicated moving forward.

Despite the previously mentioned designation of “Rotten,” the Super Mario Bros Movie has also achieved a record that has elevated it above all the rest of the “Rotten” films on the aggregate website.

‘Super Mario Bros Movie’ Highest Domestic Earner With “Rotten” Score

'Super Mario Bros. Movie' moments of Super Mario and Dragon
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Apart from the Super Mario Bros Movie clawing its way to the top earners in the history of animated films, it can now hold bragging rights for being the highest-earning “Rotten” film in domestic box office history. The $9.80 million added to its domestic numbers over the weekend pushed it past $549.29. This was enough to make it past the remake of The Lion King, which also holds a 52% “Rotten” score.

Though there has been some obvious slowdown in the film’s box office gains, especially with the home release, the Illumination giant still pulls in numbers. It could beat Incredibles 2 and Frozen 2, taking the third highest-grossing animated film spot.

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The Super Mario Bros Movie also being lambasted by critics, but pulling in its insane box office haul has also showcased to the people that it’s wiser just to see a film to decide if you truly like it or not. Critics can sometimes help guide the way for moviegoers, but their word is not final. If anyone ever tells you that, point to this film.

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