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A guest climbs out of the top of Splash mountain, which many consider to be a racist disney ride.


  1. Bravo

    Sadly, I knew who wrote this simply from the title.

    1. Jacob G.

      Seems like someone is trying to influence people’s opinion of the ride.
      There was no evidence given as to why the young lady felt she needed to leave the ride vehicle. Could it simply be that she was scared of a several story drop into the briar patch? Forget the fact that this is a thrill ride.
      Its ridiculous, Song of The South tells a beautiful story about a young boy who becomes a young man thanks to the stories shared with him by none other than Uncle Remus himself. There is even an plot about relational healing between the young boys parents.

  2. Eric

    Calling Splash Mountain a “RACIST RIDE” is in & of itself RACIST!!!
    There is NOTHING “racist” about the ride itself!!! It just happens to have characters from the Uncle Remus books contained throughout the ride!
    I’m seriously SICK of Disney bowing to the WHIMS of the LEFTIST BUTT-HURTS that go out of their way to manufacture things to be “offended by”!!!

  3. Rob

    Splash Mountain has never been a racist ride. Disney caved to a small group of weak dim witted individuals.My family was there when Splash Mountain opened. It was an amazing ride then and through the years. People who get offended by a ride should stay out of Disney permanently.

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