Poseidon’s Fury Is Unsealed as Attraction Remains Alive

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Poseidon's Fury Universal

The temple is sealed!!! Well, sort of. Poseidon’s Fury closed its doors forever just a few weeks ago, but Universal announced the attraction’s return – again.

Poseidon's Fury Universal
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Poseidon’s Fury Reopens…sorta

Universal Orlando Resort announced that Poseidon’s Fury’s outdoor queue is now open for Guests to explore and check out! So you can now check out the temple as you’ve always wanted (at least the outdoor portion).

A few weeks ago, the attraction officially closed forever after a comprehensive refurbishment. Many people wondered what would happen to this classic and surprisingly iconic ride.

For now, it seems Poseidon’s Fury is here to stay, as Universal has not announced any plans to replace it. At least not yet. The ride will become something else entirely in the future. What it will become is still out of our sights and minds for now.

Although many people say that a new ‘Legend of Zelda’ themed land could replace the area, that rumor has been around for far too long, losing much credibility.

Poseidon's Fury Universal
Credit: News 13

Poseidon’s Fury Closes Down Forever: The Temple Is Sealed

On May 9, Guests and fans of the classic Universal Orlando Resort attraction got to help Poseidon get his trident back for one last time. The Team Members were also given a bunch of fabulous little goodies as the temple’s doors were sealed forever. May 10 was the official closure date, with a cool t-shirt being sold to commemorate the iconic ride.

The attraction opened its doors in May of 1999, completing nearly 25 years of running, making the ride one of the original attractions that opened with Islands of Adventure.

Per the official Universal website:

Follow an archaeologist guide and venture through the ruins of the ancient Temple of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. But once you’ve journeyed far beneath the ocean, you’re caught in a colossal battle between Poseidon and the evil Lord Darkennon. Fireballs burst, lasers flash, and water erupts around you in this special effects experience. 

The ride received an extended refurbishment that lasted around two years, with many of the CGI, special effects, and queue getting a facelift after many years of issues.

Poseidon's Fury Universal
Credit: Universal

What’s Going to Happen Now With the Ride?

For now, it looks like Guests and fans can still get an up-close and personal view of the temple as the outdoor portion of the queue opens to the public.

The temple is sealed forever, leading to exciting speculation on what will replace the ride.

Some say ‘Legend of Zelda,’ others say Harry Potter. Universal will not waste nearly 7.5 acres of land and utilize it for something new and fresh for Guests to enjoy.

For now, go and check out the outdoor queue of Poseidon’s Fury. It truly is a sight to behold.

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