Newly Reimagined Land Inside Disney World Opens Earlier Than Expected

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Newly Pixar Place Opens Earlier. Pixar Studios on the left and open sign on the right

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It’s been a few years since we’ve seen some of our favorite Pixar friends in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. The newly reimagined Pixar Place conducted a soft opening today where Guests could finally see beyond those sad, brown walls.

Pixar Place at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Say Hello to the New Pixar Place Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Just a little far from Toy Story land, you’ll find Pixar Place, your one-stop designated area for Pixar character meet-n-greets, snacks, and more.

DisneyParks on Twitter announced that the newly reimagined land would be opening back up on May 14, which is tomorrow.

But Twitter and social media fans are reporting that the new Pixar Land has opened ahead of schedule, as Disney is letting Guests to the land a whole day earlier than expected.

Mick. E on Twitter confirmed this “soft opening” via his account about an hour ago. Fans and Guests have been waiting patiently, ever since the land closed down, to once again be able to say hello to their favorite Pixar characters.

Pixar Place
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Pixar Land Has Been Gone for a While Now, but It’s Good to See It Again!

Pixar Place has been closed for quite some time now, going on several years.

Once COVID struck Central Florida, the land and the entire WDW closed until things worsened.

Even before the opening of the newly reimagined Pixar Place, fans have been calling it a dead space. The Guests have been calling for Disney to add some of its magic to the area for a long time, even before the first initial closure of the land.

Right now, the most extensive character meet-n-greet in this area seems to be Edna Mode from the Incredibles film franchise.

With Toy Story landing right next door, it seems Disney is listening to its fanbase and creating an entire Pixar-themed space for families to come and enjoy.

Tomorrow is the official opening of this newly reimagined land; I’m sure plenty of Guests from around the world will be pouring in to see what’s new and finally meet their beloved Pixar characters in person again.

Are you excited about the newly reimagined Pixar Place?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has opened their newly reimagined Pixar Place land a day early!

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