Fans Calling This Disney Park Area Just “Empty Dead Space”

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The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

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The Disney Parks are constantly changing and evolving, making way for new rides and areas. But what happens to the areas that have been left behind?

In some cases, rides are closed to be reimagined into new ones, like Splash Mountain being replaced by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. In other cases, they’re left empty with the intention of being reused at a later date.

Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park
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That’s the case for the now-vacant Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A Reddit post brings attention to the empty spot and asks other users what their ideas are to utilize the area.

u/loveeverybunny states,

“A food stand and character meet and greets would be an easy fix. It’s so weird to have empty dead space”

u/Ok-Salamander-7311 proposes,

“Air conditioned play area like in the dumbo line would be incredibly nice… really anything inside to take young kids for a break”

family dining at docking bay 7 at galaxy's edge
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Several other commenters wondered at the fact that it wasn’t used as an additional entrance or exit for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, citing that Disneyland has three entrances into the area.

In response, u/theFormerReli says,

“No one would go to TSL if they could enter GE there lol”

Still, other users support its current empty status, saying that they appreciate the quiet area as a break from the crowds.

u/No_1_that_U_Know explains,

“No. I like it like that cause it gives me a break from the crowds.”

In light of the recent Disney union negotiations, u/skunkabilly1313 snarks,

“They could house the workers who can’t afford Orlando there /s”

The Pixar Place area used to house the original entrance to Toy Story Mania, meet and greets with several characters from Toy Story and The Incredibles, and some small food vendors that sold coffee and pastries. It fit with the overall Pixar theme of the area, which has since been changed to solely feature Toy Story Land and the characters from that franchise rather than a variety of Pixar characters.
Toy Story
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Toy Story Land opened in 2018, featuring larger-than-life toys and props as Guests have been “shrunk” down to the size of Andy’s toys. The area features two rides, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers, and a handful of restaurant and quick service locations.

As Disney’s California Adventure changes more and more to focus heavily on Pixar-related attractions, Hollywood Studios’s decision to ignore other characters and create a Toy Story-centric land has been met with mixed reviews.

What do you think should be done with the empty Pixar Place area? Let us know in the comments below!

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