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A large, crowded indoor atrium at Orlando International Airport is filled with people. In the foreground, an oversized figure of Mickey Mouse, wearing a jacket, waves to the crowd. The atrium features palm trees and seating areas, with multiple levels visible in the background.

Credit: Inside The Magic


  1. Eric you

    I still hope that today we get something related to Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida I hope it is a shared property with universal studios Hollywood Los Angeles California. bring on the terror and the frights as the legend comes to life soon.

    1. Natalie diebold


    2. Alfreadia

      I have been coming to Disney since 87 we own 2 timeshares. We sold both resorts last year. Good luck to the residents. .

    3. E

      Good to know…Imma be with the crowd of families with little ppl this summer so no big rides and I already mapped out where all the rides we want to go on are…I’m ready so bring on the crowds 🤣

      1. Y

        I think I know you lol

  2. Eric you

    I am still wondering when the next big reveal for Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida is coming I hope in ninety or 88 or 81 or eighty days before this years event that something quite evil and sinister emerges from the shadows to devour our souls or 77 or seventy or 66 or 64 or sixty days before the event begins that bloodthirsty beasts hunt us all down to become their next meal or 55 or fifty or 49 or 44 or forty or 37 or 36 or 33 or 31 or thirty days that some strange things happen and our world turns upside down along with 25 or 22 or twenty or sixteen or eleven or ten days until our worst nightmares come to life.

  3. Sarayah

    Im so glad I went during the pandemic. We were able to ride every ride 2-3 times. Disney world and Universal Studios.

    1. Jude

      Lucky you.

  4. David Fitzgerald

    Love how you are trying to spin out of this. The parks are empty. Because of your woke idiocracy. Maybe you will learn like bud light. Like how the media spun your halt on that billion dollar property. Because unlike field of dreams if you build it they might not come.

    1. April Secrets

      Have you actually been to any of the parks? They’re certainly not losing any guests. I’m just glad there is a lower capacity so they don’t just let in five million people a day per park like pre-ep. Really, most people aren’t paying attention to the politics, which you would not see at a park anyway since nothing has changed at the parks other than we have a new POC Ariel. I would hope no one would refuse to go to the park bc of that. And red shirt week has been going on since I was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s, and is run by a non-Disney org.

    2. Sue

      I have both family that live in another state close to it and 2 couples and they’re all there this weekend and they said it’s horrible. It’s so packed it’s like the middle of summer…. You guys are getting old with that word woke. It don’t mean much of anything except to people like Florida’s governor ….all these people are staying only in Disney they refuse to go to another hotel And support the state of florida

    3. K

      I was just there and the parks are not empty. It will definitely be our last trip there.

    4. Frank White

      Maga cultists are soooooooooo madddddd lmao. Good luck! You people are a dying breed, numbers just back up those facts. Should have been worried about making more babies instead of obsessing over politicians.

    5. Jennifer J

      I went in mid-January and it was packed. The resort hotel was super busy. I won’t come back to Florida because the crazy governor said

  5. Bob

    Not my idea of a good time. I’d rather go off season, when I can breathe.

    1. K

      Definitely best time to go is off time

  6. BB

    E you. You should save your mumbling for AA. Disney is wonderful place to bring the kids, parents and friends. Florida is not quite the place of my youth, or even my 30s. You’ve finally let it all hang out.

  7. Anthony

    Maybe don’t use a photo from 5 years ago when a man killed himself…

  8. Robert

    Screw disney

    1. Sue

      Love Disney… Not so much Florida nowadays. I would Prefer it to be some place else as. I just do not want to support today’s florida state

      1. Lian

        Don’t you want your kids protected like they are here? Or other kids protected at school? Plus school choice so your kid can get the best education just for them? Not to mention easy proximity to Ocean anywhere in the state and all the other perks here

      2. Lian

        Florida is safe for children to stay children and not be exposed to ideas that are beyond their comprehension. It’s so terrible here that’s why a thousand people are moving here a day. It is making it expensive for the ones that have been here for a while but I can understand why. I don’t want to live anywhere else either

    2. Jude


  9. Lian

    This is a joke

  10. Sean

    I was at Islands of Adventure Yesterday. Horrible experience. The place was packed to the top of the fences. Lots of Hispanic tourists so tons of foreign tourists. Typical experience: 20 minute wait to order lunch inside the Jurassic Park Visitor Center exhibit. $15 cheeseburger and handful of cold fries. Another 20 minute wait for the food to be prepared, then 15 minutes in line to fill a soda cup. Stale bun and overcooked burger eaten standing up because there were no seats. Behind the counter everything seemed to be happening by pure accident as if it was all their first day on the job.
    Ride times were 90 minutes for pretty much everything. We left early. Managed to get on 5 rides which is about $20 per ride given the ticket cost.
    You are wasting your time and money in any theme park right now.

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