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World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT at Disney World

Credit: Bioreconstruct, Twitter


  1. Tom

    We were there, told it was for a private event, in addition Frozen was down until after 10pm due to mechanical issues, outrageous that they couldn’t schedule the special event on any night other than a Monday.

    1. Carol

      Well if it was you in that private even you would not think of any other day!!!

      1. M Thomasson

        You meant to say up there, as it became INCORRECTLY known ….refering to the bill

        1. Charles M

          You clearly failed at replying to the correct comment. I’d be kinder in my statement but looking at your other comments, you’re not exactly on the reservation so to speak

          1. Lisa

            So, you are only allowed to comment on what they asked you to comment on about the park closure? Who are you to dictate that? I will comment on what I want, just like you did….

          2. Sharon Price

            Disney should just close the hole park and move to Georgia and see how DeSantis would like that you know he would hate it because the state would miss out on all the money coming from Disney.

          3. Mike Jr

            Anywhere else but Florida. My thoughts exactly!

          4. Robert

            What money coming from Disney? They don’t pay state taxes.

          5. Anon

            The money coming from tourists who only visit Florida because that’s where Disney World is located.

          6. Tracy

            People just think Disney is good because of constant advertising. SeaWorld/Busch Gardens offers a better time for less money.

          7. Michael Zellhart

            Ever look at a map of Orlando? There are far more, and far better, things to do there than getting robbed by a 6 ft tall mouse!

          8. Marilyn

            NOT TRUE!! Real Estate, Sales taxes, and corporations pay income tax to the state of Florida!!!

          9. Not Georgia that’s where crazy Greene would try to harass Disney, they’re better off in an accepting diverse blue state

          10. Mick

            Blue states would be heavy taxes. No blue state would’ve let Disney do what they did in FL at all, let alone for as long as they did.

          11. Mit

            You’re not very bright, are you.

          12. The

            I’m tired of this political agenda Disney’s leadership has!

          13. Ruthie

            Getting v. DeSantis is doing the right thing. Disney thought they were Florida’s Government .

          14. CCheeseInFL

            You leftists aren’t very bright. Disney can’t leave! It would take them 25+ years just to build anything even closer to WDW, and they can’t afford to lose the money the parks bring in. I get that you lefties are intelligent, but at least put some effort into your ignorance. I mean it took 5 years just to build Tron. Hahaha. We’d be fine in CFL. We have plenty to offer, and if Disney ‘left’ we’d just replace it with something else PLUS more businesses!

          15. Sue

            Disney needs to move they don’t do anything for florida but bring trash people down here that think they r entitled I say bye Disney and take all the gays with you

          16. PC

            Don’t have a cow, Karen

          17. T

            OMGosh who cares

          18. Vic

            I truly object to you use of the word
            In the way you used it. I think people in this age would have more intelligence about the fact that no indigenous person had any say in moving to those
            They had no say when their children were ripped out of their arms and sent to those
            “Schools”. We are just finding out now about so much abuse,those children had to endure. Have a little bit more concern as to how that
            May affect
            Thank you for under-
            Enjoy your day.

          19. Doc

            Would you please just sit down and shut up Pale face!

          20. Sue

            They’re probably child molesting

        2. Fedup

          They can close the whole shooting match down and I wouldn’t care. Disney should have kept its pie hole zipped and stayed out of state politics.

          1. Peanut

            They can’t speak they opinion but they can donate money to that same political party? Why is it only politicians and news media can talk politics? Our own politicians don’t even know politics

          2. Underwhelmed

            When will we stop this useless fighting between us citizens? USA will be in a bad way in 5 or 10 years , cause like in Ohio this train is about to jump track. Spilling this toxic civility we can’t clean up. We have so many reasons to get along or at least spew this venom at the rightful targets. The pupetmasters of this pathetic Government!! I don’t even want to be part of either party . They should be the focus of this unrest. Are we really the new fish, can’t see what the real crimes are. Taking sides of corrupt, selfish , psychos . Look at the disagreement on this thread alone. Fuc my governor
            And ,disney they don’t give 2 $hits about us. We don’t seem to either. Divided We Stand, United we Fall.

          3. Terrie

            “State politics” had a profound detrimental effect on many people who want the freedoms that all Americans should enjoy.

          4. st

            It’s a fascist move for a GOVERNMENT to punish a company for exercising free speech.
            This is unconstitutional and Disney’s lawsuit against DeSantis will be successful.

          5. Doc

            The company doesn’t have free speech rights and what is it all Dem’s say?? Oh yes, freedom of speech Al means freedom of consequences!!

          6. OK

            Psshhhhh you don’t even know the half of it. No Floridian really gives an F about Disney. They wanna leave? See ya! Our economy will be just fine, many more ways outside of Disney crap to collect taxes. Disney is woke and its not a good look and not working for them…recent movies bombing show that. Parents don’t like all the woke crap Disney is trying to shove down our children’s throats! That’s all DeSantis is trying to fight for…morals, fairness, etc. So settle down you libtards!

          7. Todd

            You need to look up the work fascist and use it correctly. Second, they will not win their suit, due in part to the fact that a business is not guaranteed tax breaks. That is what this is all about. No business should have political power to dictate services in the area. Bottom line, they should have kept their mouth shut and not rock the boat. They tipped it over.

          8. Margarita Fuentes

            I agree Disney needs to be stopped it has way too much influence especially on children I know Walt is turning in his grave. As an ex employee there it is not a magical place and they know how to steal everyone’s money. The world doesn’t need to be woke. They need to open their eyes and use the common sense God gave them.

          9. Bibi

            Ex employee, but a total IGNORANT

          10. Well said zombie

          11. Alan King


      2. Bigblack

        I see liberals dont understand basic concepts, or pretend they don’t exist. Disney was NOT paying taxes, so there will bot be a net increase cost. And calling desantis a fascist is opposite of the truth. He allowed the freest state in america, unlike fascist Newsome and blue state governors. Is that why so many are leaving blue states to come to red states like florida?

        1. Tai

          Who told you Disney was not paying taxes? The GOP? Republican politicians? Fox News? Have you done the research for yourself? Because I have and both state and local tax officials have said repeatedly that Disney does and has paid taxes. Their special district status does NOT exempt them from paying taxes. They have even released the official tax forms showing that Disney pays taxes. Why people still continue to believe these lies is pure ignorance.

          Here’s the deal, the special district that Disney has allows for them to not have to go through the usual channels to build and do construction related things on the property. In exchange for this privilege Disney must also upkeep all the roads and systems that they use and are connecting to the property. So Disney has contributed to central Florida’s energy, water, sanitation, highway upkeep and more in order to fulfill this deal.

          What the republicans don’t seem to understand is that if Disney’s special district is revoked and once Disney is no longer responsible for paying for these things, the state of Florida will have to pay for it instead. Which means those central Florida residents and businesses around Disney will receive a major tax hike (over 20%) in order to cover these costs.

          DeSantis has been asked repeatedly how he plans to deal with this problem and he keeps avoiding the question or giving vague answers like, “I have a plan.” But won’t say what that plan is.

          If republicans weren’t so spiteful and stopped believing the lies, they’d see that what DeSantis is doing is actually really bad for the state of Florida and their own pockets. People want to stick it to Disney so bad over a discriminatory law anyway, that they can’t see they are going to lose A LOT of money in the process.

          1. Happy


          2. Patti Chubbuck

            Well said

          3. Sher

            Great job educating Bigblack on the truth. Unfortunately I’m sure it didn’t help.

          4. Carmen

            Very well said

          5. James Franke

            Disney does not pay taxes. It’s the visitors to the park that pay outrageous fees to visit the park that ultimately pay the taxes. Go drink a Bud Light and have a great day.

          6. Kay

            Yes, just like every other business in the country. Where would a business actually get money to pay their taxes if not from their paying customers? That’s how it’s supposed to work.

          7. Vic

            Business tax

          8. Tracy

            In Florida a lot of people gave birth on purpose and invest everything they will ever have into their children. That said, it’s very obvious why woke isn’t gonna work for Floridians. Money be damned!! Get your priorities straight…

          9. Sue Bright

            Emperor Desantis hates Disney. Take the Mouse out of Florida and the state will become one of the poorest and most hated in the nation. Over 30 million tourist flock Florida due to that small rodent. Thousands of folks will be loosing their jobs the same for the thousand of 3rd Larry vendors, restaurants and hotels will be empty, car rentals, Uber and taxi drivers won’t have clients, home value will go down, other companies won’t have much perks and incentive to bring new workers so they may leave the state while other companies won’t have reason to go there, schools will be closing, many resorts will go broke. Orlando airport and airlines may close. The ramification of this debacle will be a colossal disaster. Go ahead and stupid Floridians will be crying.

        2. K D

          DeSantis is a narcissistic, fascist, dictator is probably a better term for him. Not just about Disney but about all of the partisan laws and bullying he and his GOP held legislature pass.

          1. Not Mickey

            Hate on conservatives much?

          2. MT@FL resident

            Looks like to me Disney is making an area exclusive to the upper echelon! Time for Disney to pay up in this state! They are making a ton of money, time to give back what they’ve taken. I can’t cut a tree down on my property without environmentalists freaking out. How do they get by with it…for years! Tighten it up Gov, don’t back down. But hey, Nicky Haley will take your ass, Disney. Stayout of our kids’ education!

          3. Doc

            So basically you have no proof? If you do, get it I’ll wait! I didn’t think so!

          4. Christy

            When did conservative mean stripping the rights & freedoms of fellow citizens? When did conservative mean banning books? When did being conservative mean demonizing others, stirring up hate. And attempt to insert religion into the lives of all of us? Christianity is not the default in a country that guarantees religious freedom, not religious privilege for one brand.

          5. Patti Chubbuck

            Fully agree

        3. Ari

          Disney paid 1,146’000,000.00
          in state and local taxes, the largest tax payer in Florida.
          One question for you, how much paid Donald Trump or De Santis ???
          Disney a private corporation develop an entire city and bring to central Florida progress and works directly and indirectly for hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

          1. Happy


          2. Donna

            My comment agreeing with you for sharing facts about Disney paying taxes went somewhere else. Thanks for fact checking.

        4. Polydvcfan

          Exactly correct. Happy to see some Disney fans still have a brain. Desantis is doing what his voters ask of him. That’s democracy, not fascism.

          1. st

            Disney, as well as you and I, have a right to criticize governments. It’s a first amendment right, having nothing to do with paying taxes (although they do).

        5. Marty

          The people who don’t understand are people like you. Disney don’t pay taxes? B.S. Listening to fox news I guess.

        6. Don

          Descant is is an a-hle , he’ll never get anywhere, other politicians hate him. He tried to punish Disney for voicing their opinion. He’s a faciast.

          1. Tracy

            No… He is punishing them for continuing to voice their opinion to little kids. Leave the little kids alone. Problem solved.

        7. Gantz

          No taxes paid? Disney generates over a billion dollars of direct state and local tax income a year to Florida, but that is nothing compared to the 75 billion in economic impact that Disney creates in central Florida per year. Not that it will happen, but throw in being one of the largest employers in Florida would mean that it would be a very day for the state if Disney decided to depart.

        8. Crimson2

          Disney pays allot of taxes in the Orange County area. Stop it MEGA, get off Fox News and read

        9. Dee

          No true Disney pay close to a billion dollars in taxes

        10. Igotbored44

          Your idol desantis is getting criticized by other GOP members of being anti freedom and anti business.

          1. Guest

            We don’t have idols, we are not mindless sheepish leftists needing to be ruled

        11. Mike Jr

          Freest state with banned books? Get a grip on reality!

          1. Kay

            Banned sexually explicit books to grade schoolers, but the dems banned Dr Suess and the like. Get you head out of you arse!

        12. Michael

          Disney does pay for and provide all wastewater collection and treatment systems, electrical utilities, solid waste and recycling collection, as well as its own fire department.. You’re a fool if you don’t think the taxpayers of the local counties won’t see an increase in taxes. A real conservative would have.

      3. Dkain

        Sadly Disney’s woke agenda has been their ruin and for many. If they disappeared off of earth I would neither notice or care.

      4. Jeff

        Disney is not my Disney anymore. I feel like they have abandoned me, and everything that they used to stand for, so I don’t really care. I’m angry and I hope they fail. Go out of business Disney!

      5. Mic donali

        Aww poor baby I can’t afford gas in my car I feel for you

    2. Charles M

      Get over yourself. A private event was booked. The world doesn’t revolve around you. And for the love of all that is good, why is Monday so sacred? Most might claim Friday being outrageous, not Monday. In either case, places like that can have private events. Do you really not see how utterly and epically foolish and selfish you sound? You’re the reason that people named Karen have had their name unfairly maligned when people like you were there poster children for what’s wrong in our me me me society.

      1. Perretta

        This person paid full price and expected full access to all his ticket allows on a regular basis. They may have traveled a long distance to get there. May have saved and planned for a long time to get to Disney. So there is absolutely no reason why they should not have been disappointed, by adjustments to normal operations. Had the entry fee been adjusted they would have perhaps felt compensated for their loss!!

        1. Tonya

          For one area? I live by Cedar Point and if a ride is down well, guess what you move along to another ride. No credit or refund. The fact that everyone expects everything to run 24/7 x 365 is ridiculous! If you could afford to book an area of Disney like that, you wouldn’t say “oh no! What about everyone else?”. Better a Monday than Fri, Sat or Sunday. Goodness people, grow up!!

    3. Michelle

      Exactly it happens all time I have been at wedding at France this er rite is ridiculous and notorious for forwarding lies

      1. Tracy

        I 😍 Cedar Point!! I live 11 minutes from Disney. All the parks in Florida can’t compare with Cedar Point. The best theme park company we have is Busch Gardens/SeaWorld in Florida. Nobody knows that though for some reason.

        1. Madison

          I mean…I agree with Busch Gardens but Sea World needs some major changes. Employees dying, animal abuse, and other underhanded shenanigans make them more a problem than a solution. Watch Blackfish and you’ll get some idea of what I mean. They may be fun but they have some shady people running things. Maybe they’ve changed in the last 5 years but I kinda doubt it. But Busch Gardens is lots of fun. We have one here in VA and love it!

    4. Ric

      No where in that Florida educational bill does it say “don’t say gay”. Walt would be very disappointed by how his vision is being corrupted.

    5. Beezy

      That’s literally the slowest day lmfao. Would you prefer they shut the park down on a Saturday for the special event??? You seem more special than the event tbh

    6. Tom

      Disney’s not what it is to be .
      It’s not family friendly
      And no heads up on what open closed broken
      Some rides have to win the lottery roll and sign up with cell phone . Fast pass sold out months in advance .
      So how do you know what day is good to go and what’s really going on .
      The 3 hour lines and 2 maybe 3 rides a day .
      Not worth it anymore.
      I thought was going to have a heart attack with all the added stress .

    7. Denise

      Disney can have all the bells and whistles in the world but if it doesn’t believe in protecting the innocence of children, it is a dangerous place for kids.

    8. Dontthinkso

      Monday nights are not that busy; that’s why. Stop whining.

    9. Sue

      They’re probably child molesting

    10. Maria

      I dont know, monday evening seems a very reasonable time esp since its not summer yet. Thats probably when they had the least attendance.

  2. Davis

    For the record, Florida has DISSOLVED Reedy Creek which no longer exists. Florida is in total control of the new Tourism District. DIS is suing to try and get control back.

    1. Erin

      What that does that have to do with closing down part of the park for a booked event ?

      1. Jennifer

        I think Disney should move to another state because Floridans don’t want them there no I’m sure other states would gladly open there arms to them since your governor waged war with them !

        1. John

          I think is way cheaper for Disney to quit being a political LGTBetc command center instead of spending billions to move to another state. Their business is to provide healthy entertainment to all family, not to be a propaganda and endoctrination machine.

          1. AWAKEnotWOKE

            AMEN TO THAT!

          2. Tracy

            Well said.

        2. Polydvcfan

          That plan is completely not feasible. Maybe Disney could just stick to running parks and let Florida voters decide on Governors and laws….how democracy was intended to work.

        3. Happy


    2. Jorell

      DeSantis wanted to dissolve Reedy Creek but realized that it would cost the state taxpayers millions of dollars to do so. So he created his own board whose lawsuits are going to cost Florida taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees, plus the cost of running the district. Hope you are all happy with your governor when you are paying your higher tax bills!

      1. Carol

        Hope your a democrat?? He’s not my governor and I live in fl

        1. Amy Reynolds

          Your misspelling of you’re tells us a lot about you. LOL. You’re welcome.

          1. Charles M

            To be fair, it’s likely google autocorrect. I’m always fighting its horrid grammar “AI”

          2. Dee

            Close the entire park. Not even the visitors are enjoying it anymore.

        2. Not Mickey

          Another knucklehead. He is the current Governor of Florida. Your choice is currently sitting in a courtroom, hopefully with his pants on.

      2. Gloria

        Another desantis screw up. Cut off your nose to spite your face. Hope the Floridians wake up when they have their taxes raised to cover Desantis’s vengeance!

        1. Amy Reynolds

          Amen to that.

        2. What about the tax revenue and other govermental fees that the state and local governments will now receive?

        3. Polydvcfan

          You clearly don’t understand how any of this works.

      3. Sue

        We r happy with r governor and if people don’t like him then get the hell out of Florida Disney thinks they own Florida and can do what they want. But they don’t they need to move to a democrat state and take all of the democrats that moved down here from New York with them if they state was so great why did they move down here. Don’t New York my Florida. Too May entitled tourist down here

      4. David Jackson

        Florida has NO INCOME TAX. What are you paying in your state?

        1. Mike Jr

          Yes, thanks to Disney you’re paying no taxes. I hope that Disney moves out of Florida after leveling their property.

    3. Stinson

      DeSantis had no business being so unprofessional with Disney. Shows he would be a total Ass as president. Who would his dumbass pick a fight with next I wonder. China?

      1. Polydvcfan

        Disney had no business stepping on Florida voters. The voters put Desantis in and back him. It’s not up to Disney to override democracy and their vote. Do you not support democracy?

        1. DV

          Disney did not “step on” Florida voters. Nor did they “override democracy”. They voiced opposition to a proposed law. That’s it. That is a normal thing to do. Saying that you can’t disagree with laws isn’t a slippery slope, it’s a cliff.

        2. Mike Jr

          Yes, just like I support government censorship of books and other things.

    4. TXGunner1

      Yeah, I read that in the article.

    5. Charles M

      Yes total control by the government and under the authority of Ron DeSantis because Disney expressed an opinion about his law… Let that sink in. A so called small government “conservative” decided to use (hint abuse) his governmental powers to punish a private business for expressing an opinion. This, more than a decade, after the conservative members of the supreme court ruled corporations have rights.

      That’s not conservative, that’s USSR 101. Ronnie is a bloody totalitarian statist and should be removed from office and swiftly sued to cover all damages incurred by Disney and the people of the state of Florida.

      1. John

        Maybe Disney should have thought about the ramifications of their subliminal agenda before they injected their odd messages directed at children into their films. So called adults today and I use that term very loosely would rather offer up their self absorbed,self centered and mostly incorrect political agenda than look at things for what they are. Disney is another company in this country who believes that they are above everything because they are oh so special. Well guess what they just got a long deserved wake-up call that was long overdue. DeSantis did the right thing and the fact that the liberals in this country are mad about it only solidifies that fact. Get over it and stop whining about it. Put your big girl and big boy pants on and move along.

        1. Polydvcfan

          Exactly correct

    6. Michelle

      Wrong do your research governor didn’t like the terms after he looked at it and hired investigators to see if what Disney did was legal then Disney sued for freedom speech etc now governor counter sue

      1. Charles M

        Wrong again. The governor only became critical of that decades long arrangement after Disney expressed disagreement with his law. He has waged total war on Disney since. His grandstanding on supposed principal is a smoke screen and poor at that. A snail could connect the dots between this new interest in going after Disney and DeSantis’ war on Disney since Disney was critical of his law.

        For the record, that sort of reaction is irrefutable proof DeSantis is a abusing his authority. Only fascists react to a private businesses the was DeSantis did. He acts like a mob boss or Soviet politician at the height of the cold war. Disney expressed a corporate opinion and he has waged a war against them using his governmental power and authority. And lest you claim that’s not the case, the supreme court under the ruling of conservative justices, decided that corporations have rights like people.

        How the man isn’t being written up on federal charges of abuse of power, I don’t know. The last thing the US needs is a Putin like megalomaniac at the helm. DeSantis should at best be removed from office and Disney awarded damages, with the state of Florida then sueing the former governor to recoup judgement.

      2. George

        I must admit your lack of punctuation says a lot about you. I can’t determine exactly what you are saying. Our schools today can’t teach good grammar, but teachers want more money. Just the way this world is today.

      3. Sharon Price

        Your right.

  3. Wayback

    Talk about Mickey Mouse BS. Thanks Ron and Company for your special brand of Freedom. Can’t wait to vote you all OUT.

    1. Carol

      I can’t wait either!!! His mom and dad never taught him right from just plain wrong !!!!

      1. Tracy

        Instead of worrying about Florida, you can pack your belongings and move to skid row (I mean California) anytime. Then you might finally figure out what a GREAT idea it is to resist wokeism. I am sure you can get a good deal moving TO California. Good luck getting back out…

  4. Mickey

    Why are you blocking my commentary? Just because I’m expressing my anger and disagreement with DeSantis behavior and actions against Disney? Now then, you are violating my 1st ammendment constitutional right of free speech. The same as DS did to Disney. DON’T BLOCK MY COMMENTARY

    1. RAVEN

      You understand that the first amendment applies to government regulation of your free speech and even then you don’t have the right to absolute total freedom of speech. This site blocking your comments is not a violation of your first amendment

      1. TaraTomah

        THANK YOU!!! Was going to explain same😂 But then- if have to explain says everything🥴

        1. Dianadenney9@gmail.com Diana

          Start a mpve out of Flordia. Expand to another state.Move near Atlanta. Would be a great place to move to.

  5. Donald

    Walt would be horrified by modern day Disney.

    1. Brian F.

      I am horrified that Florida is being run by a Fascist Dictator right now that wants to turn the entire USA into 1940’s Germany.

      1. Carol

        He’s a disgrace too the human race!!! He isn’t human !!!!! He’s a damn animal

        1. Pluto

          Yeah! He probably even believes there are only 2 genders! The horror! Burn at the stake!

      2. Anonymous

        Amen so true no Desantis for President .

      3. Stinson

        Amen bro

    2. Jorell

      Walt charged his own theme parks to use his name. Pretty sure he’d be OK with the corporation

  6. Craig

    Disney needs to lock the doors and leave Fascist Florida. Imagine the government retaliating against your free speech. Close it down an watch Florida collapse after losing nearly 100000 jobs and having to pay all of that unemployment .Fascist Ronnie is costing tax payers billions and they still support his regime

    1. TaraTomah

      You must hate First Responders…? Do some homework & find out how ReedyCreek/Disney were treating their FRs. Not paying them for an entire month, woman dies after heart attack on MainStrewt bc they can’t get to her quick enough bc of budget/staff cuts, & when they raise concerns- Disney’s answer was to retaliate against them🙄 I too believe RD has overstepped but Dis/RC are no innocents. All involved need a notch in their bum😡.

      1. Carol

        Wow really do you know anyone could have a heart attack anywhere ? It’s was just not her year!!!

      2. TXGunner1

        I don’t know if what you said is true, but let’s stipulate it as such for the time being. None of that is why the fascist governor is doing all this. It is 100% a retribution move designed to shut them up and punish them for criticizing him. Seeing as he is an attention seeking republican politician, it won’t be long before he is indicted on charges of fraud and racketeering.

      3. Michelle

        Oh please do you work there ? No so stop spreading lies

    2. We’ll be just fine here in Florida if Disney leaves. With all the Blue state people moving here we can turn the resort into residential for them. Razor wire of course to keep them contained

      1. Jorell

        Enjoy your swamps and sinkholes. Without Disney, you’d be screwed

        1. Magnus Thomasson

          A thousand people move here A DAY. It’s been like that for some time now. It’s not bc of Disney and we have other attractions and yes, we’d be fine

      2. Anonymous

        Wow your a smart one lol .

    3. Calling it “Fascist Florida” is asinine! 99% of Floridians were never told WHAT he (DeSantis) was doing and didn’t know to look up such a ridiculous thing. I have not talked with 1 Floridian who actually likes anything he is doing that involves the Disney company. Just because he is the governor does NOT mean that all his work is liked or appreciated! Please don’t assume that it is!

  7. TaraTomah

    ‘Story’. 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Brian F.

    I say shut it down until DeSantis issues a public apology wearing a mouse cap and blue polka-dot suspender shorts on National TV. Until then…. Let the state pay the extra 100,000 workers unemployment until it buckles under debt.

  9. I can’t wait till DeSantis is elected president. Then throw Disney out of the US.

    1. Wayne

      DeSantis is a mentally unstable individual but as a childish persona is a danger to all!

  10. The Dude that Abides

    I wonder if Ron Desantis has a hand in this, even indirectly. . .that is the evidence I was hoping to find once he was brought up in the article, but it was sadly only just drivel about what is already known. Yet on that matter, here in Florida, people used to like Desantis, but now, even conservative minded people are growing ever more uncomfortable by how Desantis is using government power to censure and control everything from students and businesses.

    True conservatism builds value in the household first, then sends out people into the world with a strong moral compass and a mind that judges after a preponderance of evidence. . .that era is being challenged with the new face of fascism in the United States. Disney may be posturing by closing parks to make news so that RD is mentioned. . .I have studies their methods in law school. Yet this could be just a closure due to the needs for construction, say water lines are down or unsafe conditions exist so all liabilities must be covered with a closure.

    Conservatives, look to your roots and think deeply.
    Non-conservatives, realize conservatives are good people and don’t bash them.
    Reporter for this article, be a bit more direct with your writing.
    The rest of you, take care and be well.

    1. Michelle

      It’s a private function it happens all time lol

  11. Joyce Barr

    ………When Facism comes to America it will be wrapped in a Flag and carrying a Cross………Author Unknown

    1. Mega

      Does anyone doubt for a minute that at least 10 percent of Disney’s most brilliant and creative people are g,l,b or t? Good for Disney looking out for ALL its employees. Especially since Disney doesn’t want to see an exodus of employees to blue states.

  12. Greg

    Disney should close up shop in Florida for good. Move to a better place. Let Florida suffer the financial fallout sue them for their business practices on Disney is personal, vindictive.

    1. Tracy

      If only there were a better place than Florida. 🥰

  13. Bigblack

    I see liberals dont understand basic concepts, or pretend they don’t exist. Disney was NOT paying taxes, so there will not be a net increase cost. If so, wouldnt disney welcome the savings? They are fighting paying their fair share. And calling desantis a fascist is opposite of the truth. He allowed the freest state in america, unlike fascist Newsome and blue state governors. Is that why so many are leaving blue states to come to red states like florida?

  14. I hope the whole Disney would close forever. Disney is lost. It has gone woke and political and is trying to rule Florida Disney has lost its core l mission that is to privide entertainment. Bob Iger’s head has swelled together with his (G)reedy Creek Development cohorts. I hope Gov. DeSantis will succeed in cutting Iger’s head to size. Hate to see the mouse go but it has to go. To the mouse: THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!😄

  15. Jaye

    Just say no to gay is b*******…. Desantos never said that never intended that only took it out of elementary schools… Believing gay transgender needs to be taught by parents not by the public school system.. it has nothing to do with Reading writing arithmetic and science and music…. It’s a shame that Disney park got involved….

  16. Hai Nguyen

    I have commented of the cops as the devil that you don’t need, but at the same time you can not do with out them.
    Although the spearheading take over of a much needed income area for Florida, it is more of a hostile take over in my opinion. I am not saying that the government should back down, but instead to let Disney control the area as before the feudal took place; moreover, the government should have a hefty tax to the future-profits as a compensation to this deal, and as for what compensation percentage (?). Disney has been credited to do all the tourism-legworks in the surrounding areas and their sole job is tourisms attractions, so let them have it because they are good at doing that only job. This feudal reminded me of China exponentially raising to become the third superpower at the cost of United States’ legworks and/or other countries innovations. All I am saying is to let Disney do all the decisions and the government to sit back and collect the generated income, but at a hefty amount of percentage; work with Disney and not against it. This could be another spearheading approach that other states could be following or following the governor footsteps.

  17. DeSantis is bad for business

  18. Ronny James

    Boycott Florida. Cut off it’s Federal funding. The current administration is on a race to the bottom and is lead by a despot hungry for recognition. The world recognizes a shit hole when it sees one. So, Floridians, clean your hands of Desantis and don’t forget to flush.

  19. Terry

    Disney should worry about fixing things and bringing things back to normal instead of getting into politics. Walt would be disgusted the way things run now. Know tons of people that feel the same. Wake up instead of WOKE.

  20. Ronny James

    Boycott Florida. Cut off it’s Federal funding. The current administration is on a race to the bottom and is lead by a despot hungry for recognition. The world recognizes a shit hole when it sees one. So, Floridians, clean your hands of Desantis and don’t forget to flush.

    1. None

      Its on a race to the top

    2. T

      This comment just gave me a ” Deja vue ” vibe.

  21. anastasia

    Keep in mind global warming will solve all of this. Disney will eventually move out regardless.

  22. Dave

    Incorrectly known as the don’t say gay bill. Perversion must be fought at every opportunity.

  23. What?! No, They can’t do that! Everyone loves EPCOT so much to be closed down.

  24. Polydvcfan

    I’m trying to figure out what Desantis has to do with a private event inside the park? Why even mention the two together?

  25. Laurie House

    It’s good that Disney closed they’re too much freaking money You can’t even take the kids there and enjoy yourself because you leave broke Your better off going to one of the states that has a carnival like Coney Island in New York or Wildwood in New Jersey You have the beach in both places and you have the carnival at the dock so your kids can have fun swimming at the beach and at the carnival for a lot less money then they charged even walk in the door of Disney

  26. T E Oblivion

    This is 100% about Disney sticking their nose into politics when they have an unfair advantage over everyone else in Florida. Disney has no oversight, their rides aren’t even inspected for safety like the rest of the country. They have a small city like the Vatican that was given to Walt in 1964, before he died. Walt was given carte blanche in Florida, not his brother Roy. It’s a situation where countless legislatures have tried to change Disney’s control and failed. So instead of keeping a low profile which is common sense, considering their situation, they want to thumb their noses at the state government, and they’re not taking it anymore. This has nothing to do with DeSantis except the fact he’s the one actually getting it done. Finally.

  27. Mega

    Does anyone doubt for a minute that at least 10 percent of Disney’s most brilliant and creative people are g,l,b or t? Good for Disney looking out for ALL its employees. Especially since Disney doesn’t want to see an exodus of employees to blue states.

    1. Chris

      Lol, no one exits to blue states

  28. Chris

    Political bias much?????

  29. Chris

    Why always post negative images of DeSantes?? Political bias always ruins anything.

  30. Tonya

    For one area? I live by Cedar Point and if a ride is down well, guess what you move along to another ride. No credit or refund. The fact that everyone expects everything to run 24/7 x 365 is ridiculous! If you could afford to book an area of Disney like that, you wouldn’t say “oh no! What about everyone else?”. Better a Monday than Fri, Sat or Sunday. Goodness people, grow up!!

  31. VoteoutDeSantis

    Way to many words to just say “France is closed for an event after 9PM”

  32. James


  33. Eric

    It’s probably the new Epstein Island….

  34. Jay

    Any one ever asked the obvious why would Disney support a policy of indoctrinating kindergartners about any thing sexually? Sick, Mr DeSantis did the right thing here, last days evil=good, good=evil, we are living off the pages of the book of revelation, wake up people before it’s too late!

  35. Johnny

    Go woke. Go broke! They were promoting homosexuality. Shut it down please! All woke things need to be shut down like Anhauser Busch, Nike, ect..

    1. Beezy

      Lmao what a closet pole smoker. What’s wrong buddy, your “bros” might think you’re a little light in the loafers if you drink bud light??? Guess what hotshot, they already know you lovethe rainbow

    2. GT

      Exactly get Disney out of there and let someone run the park who understands families and American values.

  36. Tiny m

    Too expensive to go on three attractions!!

    The only magic I got was looking where the money in my bank account went after my semi vacation.

  37. Kathy


  38. Darrell

    It closed for renovations. Check their website and the local news.

  39. Mo

    Get your heads out of your behinds and figure this out ! Walt would have said the same thing ! Thank you, ahead of time, for figuring it out quickly.

  40. A snob who thinks he is better then everyone else is bought them out for a day big deal. Just to see a mouse and a dog. Not worth it.

  41. Leanne

    Any updates?

  42. Gordon Reed

    The rest of the country is laughing at Desantis
    .I urge Disney to pull out of the Florida swamp. Pull out your tourism dollars,jobs, and tax revenue.
    Plenty of other states have sand and palm trees who would welcome you.
    Leave the Floriduh rednecks to their alligators

  43. GT

    I thought Disney world closed down they certainly should.

  44. Mike

    This is one of the most evil companies that ever existed. Everything they do is literal witchcraft. The day they go out of business will be a good one. All of the employees who take their lives and people killed on rides that we never hear about. Sick company . We need to stop giving our business to these large corrupt organizations.

  45. Joe King

    Stay Closed.

  46. Happy Gilmore

    The only reason Disney supports anything to do with gay and trans rights is that it gains them more popularity, and therefore profits. Other than that they don’t care one way or another. They would support ISIS, Al Queida, Taliban, etc if it made them enough money.

  47. Sue Bright

    Emperor Desantis hates Disney. Take the Mouse out of Florida and the economy there will crash and the state will become one of the poorest and most hated in the nation. Over 30 million tourist flock Florida due to that small rodent. Thousands of folks will be loosing their jobs the same for the thousand of 3rd party vendors, restaurants and hotels will be empty, car rentals, Uber and taxi drivers won’t have clients, home value will go down, other companies won’t have much perks and incentive to bring new workers so they may leave the state while other companies won’t have reason to go there, schools will be closing, many resorts will go broke. The ramification of this debacle will be a colossal disaster. Go ahead and stupid Floridians will be crying. The only good thing will be that poor immigrants will stop landing in Florida or the USA and go to some other nations. Yayyy!!

  48. Hj

    Bye bye. Go woke go broke.
    My family will not go to Disney again. Walt is rolling over in his grave because of the idiot’s in charge.

  49. Yellow

    What is Disney? Oh yeah, another woke company aiming to destroy our kids. Doubt it. No thank you

  50. Paul

    Disney should completely shut down for 3 months … gee, no tourists to pay our taxes, no hotels jammed with guests, lots of unemployed people now signing up for unemployment, on and on. Rhonda would go ballistic … let him. It is the only thing he understands …. power to the people and not to Rhonda

  51. Jessie

    Tell Ron DeSantis that we will boycott Floida till he grows up!

  52. DC Lawyer68

    That’s it? All this useless boilerplate to say “one area closed early one night”?

  53. Alpa

    It is wonderful to see a politician standing up for Truth, Decency and Morality for our kids, like valliant Gov Desantis. Let them bullies and fascist purveors of hate at disney get a taste of their treatment for a change

  54. Mark

    No theme park pays taxes!
    Beyond the fact wdw is in every right to hold ground. Desantis is taking this way to far. And is scaring the rest of us whom live in areas and wrk at seasonal theme parks we our area relys on the park. If he does that to us we have no buiness tourism and no park. All over a 1st amendment right issues! Seriously this isnt about the taxes hes taking it out over the dont say gay thing… well all other parks are full of pride going to go after them too doubt it! Theres a movie w the line where its like and he came so highly recommended that was desantis. Someone else whose running aganist him said lets do something good for the state and country instead of playing whack a mouse where you wont win!

  55. Rose Flynn

    For those of you who think Disney doesn’t pay any taxes to the state of Florida…
    How much does Disney pay a year in taxes?
    Disney income taxes for the twelve months ending December 31, 2022 were $1.656B, a 233.2% increase year-over-year. Disney annual income taxes for 2022 were $1.732B, a 6828% increase from 2021.

  56. DeSantis can’t even handle the issues in his own state. Disney is a dream place for millions of children. Prices rising because of this ridiculous battle will deprive so many families this opportunity. The state of FL has so many more issues to be addressed but DeSantis is on his political trail now. Can’t say Gay, why… what other crazy restrictions are Floridian’s going to have to adhere to next. My sister dreamed all her life to retire there, no she regrets it all. She loved it until DeSantis stared to change the state to fit his lifestyle and agenda. What happens to WE THE PEOPLE.

  57. JerByTheSea

    “ Both parties have waged a political and cultural war”?
    This is exactly the type of writing we don’t need! We need those with platforms to call out the ONE party that is taking its shot at fascism. The Party that says they stand for freedom while trying to muffle those who disagree; strip individuals of their rights simply to gain votes; while they protect the freedoms of the rich/powerful, NRA, manufacturers of guns that kill our kids, and their cult members.
    Let’s all call out these radical extremist, AND for the love of God, let’s stop talking about “both sides”!!

  58. John Ferrentino

    Ron De Santise is an evil person trying to ruin Disney our biggest employer in Florida over a childless revenge since they didnt support “Don’t Say Gay” agenda. Disney is smart they are planning somthing. They have very expensive lawyers . Ronnie has us the taxpayers paying for his. Would you want a vindictive President? Not me.

  59. John Doe

    They are truning that area info fagot world

  60. Insidemearse

    “inside this magic try not to use 5 million words for a simple story challenge. Level: IMPOSSIBLE”

  61. Doug DeNunzio

    It will be nice to see somebody who knows what is going on in terms of where this person lives and what his cause to the world is.

  62. Homer10

    Is this the beginning of Disney leaving Florida? It would be sweet justice for De Santis.

  63. Roger

    P3do land underground

  64. LEE

    The ride was also closed during EEH on May 8th.

  65. Could I make a bit of advice? I’m sure youve got something great above. But let’s say you also provided a couple of links towards a website that backs up what you were you mentioned? Or even you could provide us with something to check out, something might associate just what youre mentioning, sth more tangible? [Reply]

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