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  1. Tanya R

    Earlier today you ran a story about how the parts were empty. And now guests are swarming the front gates?

    1. DB

      Apparently Disney’s check cleared.

      1. Mike

        Disney sucks.

    2. Peter C

      My thoughts exactly.

    3. Bobby

      Funny….Disney is losing thousands of guests in America with there politics and pushing gay pride , so they are trying to improve their view with photos. What they don’t tell you is the people in the photo are all the employees & the media that supports their disgusting view points. #NEVERDISNEY

      1. Mipooh

        Quite delusional aren’t you? Disney stock has been going up instead of going down. Disney welcomes everyone to their parks. If you don’t like it then don’t go

        1. Mary

          I agree. I’m sick of all the bs about wokeness! I am proud to be awake to what’s happening around me. I support people of all inclinations except FASCISTEVANGELICALS😡

        2. Anthony Guzman

          WRONG! Stock is down on the monthly, the 3 mo ans even down 15% on the yearly.
          You can expect more losses in the future if they keep it up.

  2. It’s me

    Walt Disney World is in Orlando… Walt Disney LAND is the one in California

    1. DB

      I do not care for Disney and what they represent. For what a family spends in a week at Disney they can go anywhere in the world and expose their kids to something truly life changing.

      1. L

        In our current world which is plagued with hate, crime, guns and negativity I enjoy to expose my children to Disney. I agree it is expensive but it is a great relief from everything else. It allows the children freedom to imagine and wish for better. Yes, it is a “happy place”. Let’s not let the mean people and politicians ruin in too. Hate and jealousy will always promote evil.

        1. Bobby

          Disney took the fun for family values away, they got into Gay pride and America does not support this. Bye Disney 👋

        2. Donna

          Agree !!

      2. Palma

        I don’t agree . Disney is a truly amazing experience every child would love .

      3. William Overly

        Go ahead DeSantis. Run Disney Workd out of Florida. Destroy the state’s economy. Watch your future go with it.

  3. acute

    How the storm will come to Disney

    1. DB

      Let’s hope.

  4. They are playing us for fools. Disney is still making profits on billions. Check it out.

  5. Kristi

    This is normal. We went in February and crowds looked just like this. Except the Japanese don’t act like whining rude Americans. Everyone waits their turn and no one complains.

  6. Peter C

    For weeks you’ve been running stories on how empty Disney World is, and how people are staying away. And now, here’s a story about huge crowds.

    Did they comp you a ticket or something to change the narrative. Hard which, if any, of these narratives are true.

    1. L Wallace

      Different parks in different countries. It’s like it’s an international company or something.

    2. Natasha

      So I’m here now staying at the Sheraton park in Anaheim down the street from Disneyland and although it’s not as crowded as this park in Jains, it’s grad night week and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it. Worse than the holidays too. I have video footage of the LL longer than standby wrapping around buildings. It’s really bad wish I never came this week!

  7. Charles

    Luke, check your writing… “soon be completely remodeled entirely”. I think completely and entirely capture the same meaning.
    And completed in 2027? That is not soon.

  8. Rosey

    Disneyland has been a pert of our family since I was 5 And continues to be the happiest place on earth. Love this place

  9. Lawrence

    Is funny how they are moving out of Florida when the death penalty is out for fornication with kids,Guess Disney don’t want to die like that

  10. Anthony Guzman

    Jee, I hope they aren’t all illegal immigrants!

  11. Andrew

    Why are the comment sections on this site always a nightmare. How did it become a political mess, it’s Disney man, not everything has to be about or against your agenda. Grow a personality people 💀💀

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