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Mickey Mouse kicking Guests off Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Disney World roller coaster

Credit: u/Sixty4Fairlane on Reddit / Disney


  1. Steve

    And Iger cancels expansion in Florida. Disney is in deep trouble. The woke movies have been bombs costing millions and they cannot even do the proper maintenance on the only money makers in the company. Shareholders need to get involved and jerk Igers chain hard. Quit the political crap and fix what works. Or chapter 11 is not far off. Walt must be proud

    1. Rusty Shakleford

      Your arrogance resonates from you. Rides break. Procedures for safety take time. “Woke” movies? Oh. The ones Disney has been making for decades. As far back as sleeping beauty. Research is the key to not sounding like an arrogant buffoon!

      1. Brad

        You should take your own advice.

    2. Sandra Lee lexington

      Disney is NOT in deep trouble 😂. Duhsantis and the cult are in big trouble

    3. Aj

      Agreed….go woke, GO BROKE!

    4. Brian

      Yeah that’s definitely not it. Why expand on an anti business state. They will simply expand in California.

      1. Sam

        Wow, to the highly intelligent Republicans who somehow think Disney is on the verge of bankruptcy….and this is just 1 of the reasons people should not have children with their 1st cousin

    5. Sam

      Love it when ignorant people comment as if they are informed and intelligent. Iger announced that last year’s operating profit was $3billion….a 25% increase from the previous year. Quarterly revenue & profit also exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. It’s always a good idea to comment with facts, especially when you have a low IQ

  2. Heather

    I had to leave splash mountain and we just had turned the corner after getting on. Someone pulled the fire alarm so they had to let us all out. But for fast pass to go back. Also with space Mountain once after the lights were turned on, someone got sick or something.

  3. Just Dottie

    Got stuck on Frozen, at the point where you turn back around after Elsa sends you backwards. We were looking forward to walking out through the ride, but (un) fortunately there is an outside door right in that area, so we were taken straight outside and downstairs. We were only stuck for 10 minutes or so.
    Also got stopped in Everest, in the pitch black darkness, where you go from backward to forward again. No evacuation, ride started again after several minutes , not long enough for them to turn the lights on.
    Worst thing was getting stuck on Small World. Again, no evacuation but my brain is still not recovered from hearing that song for an extra 15 minutes!

  4. Margaret Perry

    Rides break down in all parks, all over the world. They are mechanical. What I have seen lately is disgusting park goers behavior. Jumping off of rides, swimming in the lake, fights, items being broken or stolen by “guests”. Complaining because employee followed safety procedures? And the pathetic “What would Walt think” Walt was a businessman and he liked making money. He did not build Disney for any other reason!

  5. N

    They don’t “have” to wait 15 minutes before evacuating. But if the ride breaks down*, they only try to fix it for a max of 15 minutes (I’ve heard 20 sometimes, but whatever) before they call it and they evacuate the guests on it.

    *assuming the breakdown is something that can potentially be reset with guests on board. There are some breakdowns that require immediate evacuation. All that to say, no, CMs aren’t twiddling their thumbs and sitting around for no reason for 15 minutes before evacuating.

  6. Leo

    Was evacuated off the People mover, and Rise of the resistance last year

  7. Charles

    If you actually go to the park, and see these so called poor conditions, then let’s see them! Or else shut the F up. Obviously, you are not invested in the success of the park, for the sake of kids. If you can’t stand it, then don’t go and leave more room for those who appreciate it. If you can do better, start your own park!

  8. Justin

    What is this about future plans to build a Disney place in Illinois? Good luck with that one!

  9. Beth

    Never been evacuated from a ride. We’ve been stuck on Haunted Mansion a couple times for about 10 min. Once right at the end but we were reclined a bit there so we relaxed in the cool comfortable chair, lol

  10. Greg

    I remember reading a book about how Disney does things after the park closes. The smallest atom details wasn’t overlooked, and the parks looked pristine EVERY day it opened. That was part of the magic and spectacle that made Disney parks famous. The old Disney attitude that EVERYTHING about the parks was to immerse each guest in fantasy, awe and wonder, and over the top hospitality. Profit had killed that ideal. The fact that Main St. is no longer a prequel to the fantasy with a charm of its own, and that it’s become nothing more than an overpriced shopping mall should tell you something. Disney needs to bring that magic back

  11. J

    This is a industrial complex. OSHA and Other entities set the protocols in emergencies and malfunctions. The lockout procedures are complicated before they evacuate a ride.
    Safety is paramount

  12. Gary Sixx

    Exactly Rusty,
    These daily stories bashing Disney sounds like Duhsantis supporters in the media.
    Give me a break, this is normal happenings in any large theme park.
    What’s next ? Guest stage walkouts because parks restroom toilet overflowed?

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