Florida Bill Seeks to Have DeSantis Remain Governor if Elected as U.S. President

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Florida Bill Seeks to Have DeSantis Remain Governor if Elected as U.S. President

A Florida Bill was recently sent to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, allowing him to remain Governor if elected President of the United States.

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DeSantis and His Rage Against Disney

For those of you following Inside The Magic for quite some time now, you know a little bit about the insane war between DeSantis and Disney that has been ongoing for some time.

A prominent board member from the Reedy Creek Committee recently resigned, leading to speculation as to why they suddenly decided to leave.

Former President Donald Trump made some recent remarks towards Disney and DeSantis, leaning towards blasting Disney for their “wokeness.”

Disney and DeSantis are still going at it, leading to many political and emotional stances being made, by them and the fanbase of both sides, leading to a ton of controversy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on stage
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New Florida Bill Could Have Desantis Remain Governor if Elected as President

The Florida legislature has sent SB 7050 to DeSantis, which contains provisions to allow DeSantis to run for President without resigning as acting Governor.

Per the official documentation of SB 7050:

“Any person seeking the office of President or Vice President of the United States is not subject to the requirements…”

Florida Bill Seeks to Have DeSantis Remain Governor if Elected as U.S. President
Credit: The State of Florida

You can view the entire SB 7050 Bill here and continue to monitor this Bill through the Florida legislative process in the coming months.

The Bill was processed through the State of Florida on May 23, around a week ago. The last action was on May 23, when they signed the bill, officially sending it to DeSantis.

The bill comes just weeks after DeSantis announced his counter sue towards Disney, which leads us to believe that at this point, DeSantis is in search of power to remain to have dominion over WDW.

Only time will tell on whether or not DeSantis will be the Republican choice for the Presidential bid in 2024 and whether or not he will remain Governor if he is elected as President.

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This new bill could make DeSantis remain Governor even if elected President in 2024.

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