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Guests laughing at Galactic Starcruiser with Ouannii on the left side and a sliced dollar sign at the right side.

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  1. Everybody better stay committed or Disney will cancel on them.

    1. Emilee

      I was planning to go next year for my birthday. I’m not sure the Starcruiser is full yet I’m going to see on Friday because I want to go one last time. To bad they couldn’t stay open until December at least but I understand. I’m going to miss The Starcruiser

  2. Brandon P.

    Really trying to boost this stinker, huh? The Galactic Starcruiser has NOT, repeat NOT, sold out. One single date in September has “sold out”, and this is only because they moved the handful of bookings from after the planned closing to the last available booking date. Believe me, if they can find anyone else to come stay at this non-Star Wars-looking monstrosity, they can easily find you a date and take your money.

  3. Laura Downs Boey

    One of the greatest experiences of my life. My 12 yo son and I had an absolutely amazing time! So sorry to see this go. I agree it was expensive but we saved up and had the very best time together.

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