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  1. Candice

    All people ever wanna do is whine & cry about everything. Going on a rant and this is not relevant to this article but now people have an issue with Minnie ears, what in the freaking world of Disney?

  2. Andrew Fontanez

    What they need to do is close the fast and furious, give us back BeetleJuice and Earthquake they’re reliance on unrealistic screens has officially worn out, BeetleJuice and Earthquake was way better anyway. I would rather watch BeetleJuice perform with the Universal Monsters and experience Earthquake with realistic special effects and behind the scenes how movies are made.

    1. JoeNYWF64

      Not to mention Kongfrontation & even Jaws & BTTF, etc.

    2. I loved earthquake and jaws was looking 4 it since its been years since iv been there

  3. Michael Faussett

    Yes please bring back Earthquakes I really love that ride it’s the only way for me to experience an earthquake because I live in Florida we don’t get them they do in California so please bring it back.

  4. Nicole

    I hope it is still there in September. I would like to at least know how it is.

  5. Gary Trieste

    I still don’t understand the problem with the ride.
    What’s wrong with exactly? In a short sentence.
    Fyi I too loved the earthquake ride, really was scary and you didn’t know if it was really dangerous.

    1. Karen

      I rode this ride many many times. Not really knowing why it’s scary.
      Of course most ppl thought that all dark were scary.

    2. Scott

      What’s wrong with it is that it’s boring.

  6. Melissa Greis

    I honestly don’t understand any of it! I am from upstate New York and came down here hoping to go to Universal and Disney. Each day since I have been down here I have either heard or read about things being shut down, closed, or changed at both and I do not understand why! Disney is supposed to be the most magical place on earth and with what is going on politically and in the park it has tainted it greatly. Universal getting rid of the rides that several people are speaking of as well as the wondering world of harry potter just does not make any sense to me at all and greatly discourages me from going. I have a health condition and it took a lot out of me to come down here, my main reason was to go to these two parks and just have a wonderful time! I truly don’t understand what they are doing and am extremely disappointed!

  7. Scott

    I rode it once shortly after it opened and never had any desire to ride it again. As a single rider I skipped what the article describes as the only entertaining part of the attraction. I was very underwhelmed by it. I could have had more fun watching paint dry. I’m in agreement with everyone else saying they should bring back Beetlejuice and Earthquake. Also not a big fan of the Bourne Spectacular stunt show that replaced Terminator but that’s another issue.

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