Hasbro Announces New Streaming Channel Featuring Original Dungeons & Dragons Content

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A Dungeons and Dragons image on a television against a brick wall

Credit: ITM/WOTC

Hasbro is venturing into the streaming world, hand in hand with internet celebrities and Dungeons & Dragons players.

Per Variety, Hasbro is planning to launch a new, ad-supported streaming channel, The Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST channel this summer, and it will be focusing on trying to create a new kind of entertainment, centered around the gameplay mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Senior Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro and the owners of the Dungeons & Dragons game, had this to say about the launch:

This is an amazing opportunity to create and highlight exciting, engaging Dungeons & Dragons content, to both serve our wide audience of existing fans and welcome a new wave of fans to the community.

We look forward to bringing this channel to life and continuing to build out the thrilling D&D universe with even more content, partnerships and innovative formats.

A Dungeons and Dragons image on a television against a brick wall
Credit: ITM/WOTC

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The channel will have the standard stock catalog of shows, including the animated Dungeons & Dragons series from the 1980s.

It will also feature a slate of all-new, unscripted series: Encounter Party, from the creators of the podcast, roleplaying an original D&D campaign; Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! which puts an improv-comedy spin on classic D&D; and Heroes’ Feast, a talk-show-slash-cooking-competition based on the cookbook of the same name.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the channel also plans to feature content from third-party influencers, with a focus on live gameplay – in other words, they want to find a way to incorporate Twitch-style streaming into their TV channel.

The company has not yet cut any deals with channels or streaming services, they told Variety that they expect to be available on many different platforms.

It will be interesting to see how this venture progresses, especially after the controversial moves that Wizards of the Coast has made in regards to Dungeons & Dragons as of late. In November, it leaked that the upcoming overhaul of the Fifth Edition rules – codename One D&D – might entirely outlaw all third-party and homebrew content.

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This was a major bombshell, as the community around Dungeons & Dragons is built upon the concept of collaboration. The rumor set the community up in arms, and WOTC has been trying to mend fences ever since.

One of these attempts was a Creator Summit that they planned in early April, where they invited a select group of particularly skilled and popular Dungeons & Dragons creators to discuss a range of topics, including the future of One D&D, as a show of good faith.

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Creators were initially unhappy with the way the Summit was being run, and were unsatisfied with what they saw as evasive answers during the Q&A segment. However, when the creators persisted, some at WOTC did show a willingness to listen, and they stayed an extra three hours to hear their complaints and find out how they could run similar events more smoothly in the future.

It’s clear that Wizards of the Coast, and, by extension, Hasbro, are on thin ice with the Dungeons & Dragons community. The next moves they make will be incredibly important for them.

How do you think the new FAST channel is going to go? Will you tune in? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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