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  1. Flower

    I am at Disneyland and it is busy. They are having Disney after Dark starting at 8 PM tonight celebrating Star Wars. The event for tonight is sold out.
    I am so sick of seeing people post crap about Disneyland.

    1. JD

      You my friend are supporting the flames of hell !! These people are a doctrine of vipers !! Totally DEMONIC!!!!

      1. Wayne

        JD wow too many drugs slow your roll dude!

        1. Yolanda

          You can’t fix stupid or de- cult those people!!

          1. Gd

            More children been molested by priests than whatever you’re talking about

          2. Seriously that is your answer to having sexual orientation pur in them when they aren’t old enough to understand? Going behind parents back n giving them hormonal blockers that have a long term.affec or have life altering surgeries you can’t take back before you are at lest 18? N yes ideas ATE being put in the kids head. Who cares if you mess with lids mental health right? Disney is just as bad. Oh don’t worry they’ll continue to do what they do but they are one of the problems for the children endocrine them in something they shouldn’t. But I’m glad you don’t mind the books in grade school that teach how t boys can have sex, or masturbate n BJ’s. N if you yry n deny this is going on with all the proof out there then your just sick. Having to pull my children out of school, lose 2nd paycheck because I don’t want them to teach my child anything that is sexual at all really hurt our family. But we are the bad ones ?

          3. C

            They’re everywhere, everywhere!

          4. Todd

            This is likely an ad by Disney

          5. Elle

            Your poor poor children…. They are gonna despise you
            If they don’t already

          6. Ryan

            So I definitely agree with that fact that it should be empty and that Disney is completely involved in the child trafficking and the disposal of the dead children that get taken. The Creator of all is well on the way a overturning of this luciferian government is going to be coming

      2. Dad Beef

        You’re a fake Christian

      3. Frank Smith

        You need professional help but for right now put down phone and take a walk, the fresh air might clear your head

      4. Ark

        Do everyone a favor and stop the phony Christian bull. If ye have not sinned then throw the first stone. Guaranteed, the stones would be on the ground

        1. Elleoop

          I wouldn’t put another dime in Disney’s pocket.

          1. Solidarity

            We’re not going to Disney anymore and a lot of people feel this way. Too expensive and too woke!

          2. drh3b

            Good. It’s too crowded as it is.

        2. Elle

          They forget that pesky judge not less ye be in danger of the judgement don’t they 😂

      5. Jon A

        God sees the evil Disney propagates to expose kids to sexual immorality

      6. pop

        bud light is screwed…You are next Disney…

        1. Elle

          One single face on one single can. Anheuser Busch has all kinds of beers you’re doing nothing for yourself, but looking silly.

      7. ATK 73

        Matthew 5-7, I suggest you read it.

      8. C


      9. Elle

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Seek help you’re in a cult. Children have adored Disney for years. Yr brainwashed.

    2. Agree. We were just there on Wednesday thinking it would be a good slow day and it was extremely busy and as always so much fun!

    3. Mad Hatter

      Well I am at Disneyland and it is empty. They just announced Disney after Dark tickets are now half price (bogo). I’m sick of all these Dizzy fanatics acting like it’s business as usual.

      1. RMZ

        I am here and that is NOT true. Busy day and special even is sold out.

      2. ss

        I was there and NOT TRUE MAD HAYTER! special event tickets are sold out and both parks were jammed packed on Wednesday

      3. Dee

        Why would you make something up.

      4. Corey

        OMG, it is busy as f#ck are you crazy????

      5. h

        You are full of it. I was in the park and at the event…which was SOLD OUT.

    4. Rebecca June Spicer

      Pedophile land is what I call it, I’ve never even had an urge to go to Disney Land and never will. Yes it is the gates of hell. GO WOKE GET BROKE

      1. Goofy1946

        You’re sad because you’re to broke and broken to buy a ticket. No smiles for you, stay crusty and salty.

        1. Steven

          Funny, that’s what I call Catholic churches.

      2. Frank Smith

        Would you like a list of Christian churches where the cleargy has had their way with the underage congregants, it’s going to be a long list. BTW Jesus loved all people no matter who so try to follow along

        1. John

          So what does being a Christian have to do with what this company represents? They should stay out of the madness of transvestite and child grooming. No im not perfect but I’m sure not one of those individuals…whatever they identify as. They are either male or female …hay or straight…no other variations…sorry to bust the gender bubble. X or Y….thats it no matter how you slice and dice it. Micky or Mini…

        2. swinehoont

          Christians love all people but not the process of indoctrinating and surgically and pharmaceutically altering the children. Wokers are the haters not accepting children as they are and inspiring them to be.

          1. Elle

            Are you that slow? There is zero puberty blockers or anything given at Disney Parks. Just human acceptance. You need help w yr hate problem. 🤡

      3. Aaron

        Really. Why the hate? You should not take your clue from DeSantis.

        1. Tim

          You mean our next PRESIDENT?

          1. Elle

            Naaa too many of the rest of us outside of Florida and in Miami and Ft Lauderdale despise the fascist .

      4. Janet

        Yes 100%
        Go woke go broke Disney is getting what they deserve.

        1. Laura A Canavan

          Poor thing..get help.

        2. drh3b

          Meanwhile, Disney Parks continue to make BILLIONS and dominate the theme park business. So much for going broke.

      5. cd

        Just go to your pedo church

      6. Elle

        You sound really really ignorant and you sound deranged. It is honestly so pathetic.

      7. drh3b

        You live a sad life.

    5. Oops

      So sad for you buttercup

      1. John

        Aren’t you sweet? Well thought out statement

    6. William Holmes

      Disney has turned to crap. They’ve been completely suck inti the larger pile of crap that is PROGRESSIVE BULL….. CRAP!

      1. Elle

        Dude you need to get some rage therapy. Or try decaf 🙄

    7. Jan

      And we are so sick of people still supporting Disney; one of the first liberal organizations back in the 90s even

      1. Elle

        Stay mad. There are a lot more of us than you. Yr a hysteric . And yr entire MAGA cult is what’s wrong with America.

      2. Elle

        WE are sick of you far Right Cultists who live to judge and hate . You are ill informed ignorant and yr children one day will hate yr guts.

  2. CheeseInFL

    So because someone went and it wasn’t busy you think they are posting crap? You Disney CULT members are whacko. Little advice flower. Disney isn’t always busy. Hell, now that the 50th is over WDW has gone back to its seasonal crowds, and it’s a ghost town some days. That’s just business. So calm down princess. No one cares if your tiara is up your arse.

    1. GeoffR.

      Well played, Cheese. (Whenever you can appropriately work in the word ‘Arse’ is always well played).

      1. Mickey Rogers

        My family used to visit Disney but sense they decided to give it to queers and lesbians we will not be going back !! And now they think they can tell children that they can change their gender and be what ever they want to be ! NO ONE has the right or authority to assign gender except GOD !! I don’t want my family exposed to that filth and sin !! Disney should be a clean wholesome place for families to enjoy ! Homosexuality is a sin and abomination in GOD’S sight ! He said so himself Lev .18 :22 ! Rom . 1 , 1st Cor . 6 : 8 & 9 !!!

        1. Yolanda

          And they and no one else with common sense misses you!!

          1. Elle

            The religious fanatics White Supremists and MAGATS; de Satan Istas and other Contrarian haters WILL NOT BE MISSED

          2. Elle

            We really really do not miss them.

        2. Joeseph

          All anyone has to do is take a look at the wait times on the app… Is it slower than holiday time .. of course… Is it slow … No… Take pictures near big attractions and hr after opening… Then we can see if it is slow ….

          1. GT

            The house of the mouse is in the state of disrepair

        3. Richard Roy

          Stop drinking the Kool aid

        4. GT

          You are not alone.

        5. Dad Beef

          It’s SINCE not SENSE so SINCE you don’t want your precious widdle snowflake family exposed to all that filth maybe you should ban the Bible from your house and stay away from all the pederast priests that, you know, actually ARE homosexually grooming and violating choir boys.

          1. Jay

            Yeah, I always wonder what you would find if you visit Daddy’s computer. These are small, sad human beings.

          2. ChasUGC

            People claim to be Christians and all they want to do is pass judgment on others and spread hate and intolerance. Love thy neighbor is tolerance. I guess Jesus was “woke” too, huh?

          3. Kimmydale

            Don’t mistake stating facts as passing judgment. Also there is nothing wrong with intolerance of sins. Love the sinners but not the sins.

          4. Jan

            Exactly, Kimmydale

          5. swinehoont

            The exact reverse is True a classic symptom of Liberal Mental Illness. the Language of Fascism and Communism

          6. A believer

            Dad Beef, I will pray for you.

          7. Elle

            Exactly. As well as the Christian Fundy pastors who marry girls as young as twelve years. Mormons are famed for that.

          8. Bs

            Obviously you are not a Mormon. But you are a MORON

        6. Mickey Roger’s, what an ignorant pos

        7. Jay

          You must have skipped much of the scripture about Jesus – love your neighbor as yourself. But it’s my experience that many so-called Christians are narrow-minded people who have to have others do their thinking – like self-serving politicians.

        8. Wow, you worship a hateful god?

          Here I thought we were ALL gods children.

          More reason to abolish organized religion and become a science-based society. Where FACTS matter.

          1. A believer

            I worship a vengeful, yet loving God. Prayers for you and your family.

        9. Chris


        10. Love

          God did create them. God is all forms as we all were created in his image. Because they do not share your beliefs, does not mean they are not God’s children.I recall reading “it is God’s will” in some book. It speaks of God creating all. With power over all. Your thoughts and animosity are what is true evil. We all have our purpose. Our beiefs and bodies a reason. We are given words we follow written by humans. If we understood all, we would be Gods.

        11. Goofy1946

          Yikes, what a revelation. Now tell me. Exactly where it is printed that Disney said any of that? No generalities bub, the actual printed text.

        12. Frank Smith

          Wow I bet your kids are ashamed of you and if they still too young they will be.

        13. Jan

          Micky Rogers, I lived in Orange County back in the early nineties and Disney was one of the first that offered insurance to homosexual partners. Nothing “gay” about it.

          1. Elle

            Sounds like they were decent people. And still are.

    2. Tom

      He is being paid to say it’s empty. Total lie to get people in the park.

    3. Jan

      Thx for setting the disney cult straight, CheesenFL.

    4. h

      No… we think they are posting crap because several of us were there that day and it absolutely was not deserted.

  3. Looks like a cold day with some COVID precautions still in place. May 1, 2023 really?

  4. None

    People are tired of ignorance and power tripped a holes.

  5. Charles W Baughman

    I believe Disney and other high priced theme parks will fade away as things continue to tighten financially.

  6. Paul

    Disney used to be more Family friendly, now they promote un Family behavior. Go Woke- Go Broke. We had been to Disney world at least 7 times but not anymore. Sad!

    1. Paul, what’s sad is your attitude.
      Good riddance to you

  7. Roberta

    My nephew & a couple of friends children are gay – & wonderful human beings! If your house is on fire & the fireman is gay – are u going to send him away & let your house burn down? No?

    1. Elle

      Thank you for speaking the truth. Their awful attitudes make me decide to take my family all to Disney Land . 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Big BIRD

    By By .mouse

    1. Dad Beef

      It’s bye bye you bird brain

      1. Victor Carr

        Disney used to stick to family friendly themes. Kid shouldn’t have wade thru the adult sexual waters. No more disney for my family either. God is the Head of my house. God bless!!!

  9. LinnyB

    Isn’t it raining there today? It’s pouring up north!

  10. Casey DeSantis

    This is what happens when you go “woke”
    Disney will bow to the greatness that is Ron DeSantis.

    1. Frank Smith

      Hardly DeSantis is going to lose just like if he runs for president. He has no bassis for what he is doing and in fact it could be a 1st Amendment violation. In the end he is going to cost Florida a lot of money for nothing.

      1. John

        When you watch these freaks in schools dressed in drag having small children sit on their laps, you think that is healthy? That is what the Florida governor, my governor is trying to stop. If they ever were to do that to my child, I’m not sure what punishment 🤔 would be inflicted but it would come. You can’t sit there a say that is okay for small children. If you do then your nuts. The argument used is comparing these freaks to a guy priest? They are both repugnant and should not be around children. Disney is a full liberal company that supports this nonsense and its my job not Disney’s nor the schools to teach my child about this part of our society especially at the young ages that they are. All teachers are not good people just like any profession…

  11. Sandy

    I was at Disneyland on May 2nd and it was busy as usual.

  12. Jim

    Splash Mountain will remain open at Tokyo Disneyland. Remaining ride IN THE US will close.

  13. Jay

    Sometimes the “news” is sensationalized. This looks like a made-up story the DeSantis publicity machine would put out. He’s a big phony.

    1. Elle

      That is exactly what I thought. De Satan is a fascist

  14. Meatball Ron

    All the religious wingnuts are out seething at their pulpits. Forgetting that incest, rape, and beastiality were all in the bible. Must’ve forgot that chapter. Along with the genocide of “the great flood.” I don’t know how people worship a hateful and vengeful god, then turn around and talk about the bible like it’s something to be proud of.

    If ever there was a book that Little Ronny Pudding Fingers should ban, it should be that one.

    SMITE SMITE THEE! Ever wonder where the pudding comes from!?

    1. Elle

      They can keep seething . They live only for hate and despite what they assume bc they live in a rural echo chamber they are losing more people at churches then the normal people are . These hateful nutters would call Jesus too woke if he comes back around these people. He would do well to NOT come back around any White rural Xtians.

  15. Soka

    WHY PUBLISH LIES LIKE THIS? What do you get out of lying? I was there yesterday May 3rd and it was crowded. I hope your mother knows you get paid to lie to people 👀

  16. R

    Do people really believe this nonsense?
    I was just at the parks and they were full. Mid week was the same.

  17. Bill

    No I won’t be visiting with my family and friends till they start putting traditional family values first again

  18. B

    Disney is losing lots of business and their stock is taking a nose-dive for good reason. People refuse to subject their innocent kids to the filth being promoted in their theme parks, movies and everything else associated with Disney.

    1. Solidarity

      I agree B!

  19. Ruthless M

    Stop spreading lies and malice. The park is fine. It shows what side you are on and it is not a good side.

  20. A

    To me it looks like they are getting ready for a parade.

  21. Christine

    Maybe it’s empty because people can’t afford the prices??

  22. Shane

    Probably has something to do with that storm brewing in the background.🙄

  23. Janet

    Open your eyes Disney is empty because of the
    WOKE crap going on and anything anyone wears is offensive. Disney is getting what they deserve. Trying TRANSGENDER parades on little kids and it’s suppose to be the happiest place on earth stop corrupting children with this woke crap. True

  24. Anders

    I call politically motivated BS. Disney World attendance us up and at near record levels. They must file financial reports with the SEC as a public company. Those and their earnings calls completely debunk this fake story.

  25. Darcy

    Get a life! Disneyland is there strictly for fun! When did having fun become such a problem?

  26. Dan wicks

    Typical attack mode from people who are unaware .
    Look up the word Woke, thank you!
    Why would anyone attack the company that made central Florida a worldwide destination.
    If you are digging a hole, to bury yourself, stop you are deep enough

  27. Christine E De La Rosa

    Guess u can finally enjoy Disney now lol

  28. Big Daddy

    Imma campout with Dad Beef…he sounds like a good bible disciplarian… maybe the rat should rethink it’s position especially from a stockholders position and open up a discipline themepark satisfy both sides especially those that don’t spare the rod like these libtards homes that missed out on all that happiness…the leather community should be entrusted and let Dad Beef be in charge. Pick your implements boys and girls and get up on the bench. That should give stockholders a happy 10…

  29. Julie

    My family and I were just at Disney Orlando last week and they were very busy. Disney is busy so you better get a fast lane pass with your ticket or you will be waiting and waiting

  30. Amaral Sáncheznchez

    I spent new years amarrado 2013 to 14th and it was crazy, but went back next day, January 1st and it was all but deserted… We got to ride eache ride almost immediately and do it several times

  31. H

    I was there that entire week… it wasn’t summer or Christmas level crowds, but it was far from empty. This is complete crap.

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