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Disneyland's multi-decade project, DisneylandForward

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  1. AH

    Just had to take a jab at FL didn’t you. I will bet that the gov does not have a problem with it.

    1. J. E.

      Sadly you are probably correct

  2. Thomas Durkan

    I would have preferred that they fix Disneyland’s Peoplemover before they do any expansions.

    1. Chris asb

      I wish Disney all the luck in just getting this project off the ground. It took them forever to get California Adventure off the ground. We’ve been hearing of more expansion at the SoCal campus for decades and now with all the CA regulations and environmental restrictions, I doubt I will ever see this project start much less finish. Now I’m not a pessimist just speaking from history.

  3. Karen

    Desantis should be very afraid of what might happen in Orlando as a result of his reckless fight with Disney. If Desantis creates a hostile environment for business then business will look elsewhere to hang their shingle. Without Disney’s investment in Orlando we all suffer. Unemployment goes up, people leave the state for opportunities. Housing prices suffer, the tax base suffers, crime goes up , tourism goes bye bye….you get the picture. You still think Desantis has the “will of the people” in mind? Not a chance. He is a tiny little man with an overblown ego. Vote that #%%# out of office NOW before it is too late.

    1. Daniel

      Calm down, Karen.

    2. Tiger

      The guy picked the wrong company to mess with since Florida needs Disney more than Disney needs Florida.

      1. Truth Seeker

        That is not true. Disney has no oversite on their business like every other business. Why should Disney continue to be privileged?

        1. J

          Really!biggest employer , They pay the most taxes , bring in the most tourist. Any state would give them whatever they want. Keep backing that power infested Man U call governor! Just make sure u do exactly what he says, or ur next!

          1. joe

            Disney can be replaced by another theme park. Screw Disney, bye bye please leave. The next theme park will not have the same power. Screw you losers talking trash about Florida or Ron. Common sense you lack,, as well as a brain. Just because they bring tax dollars doent mean they should be immune, and get to do whatever they want.. their parks are overrated, and WAY overpriced.. only idiots pay those prices.. Disney can learn just like Budweiser learned the hard way.. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

            1. zara

              Haha your deluded, Florida needs Disney

            2. J. E.

              Sounds like a hater to me

            3. drh3b

              No, they haven’t. DeSantis is just a cowardly bully, he has advanced as high as he will go. He will not win the Presidency, he will be Citizen DeSantis soon enough.
              Disney is making money hand over fist, they don’t NEED to put any money in WDW, they can, and will pull back until DeSantis is gone. They already withdrew a 1 BILLION dollar campus they were going to build.
              You know you lost when California has a more business friendly environment than YOUR state.

        2. A

          2 more years and he’s gone. He’s at the end of his governorship. Whoever comes in next will at least leave Disney alone. It’s ridiculous how he behaves.

          1. Deba

            I vote for the mouse…seven generation Floridian..Ron’s the one that’s a ignorant power money stealer..breeding hate everywhere he can..I don’t claim generation American..

        3. Teddy Gingerich

          There has always been oversight (not “oversite”). The financial information on RCID has always been available; it’s not hidden – unlike DeSantis’ expenditures on travel. As for safety, all theme parks with over 1000 employees are permitted to handle (and report) their own safety inspections. And they have a vested interest in far exceeding the requirements set by the state; if people get hurt or killed at a park, others won’t visit. Disney had a couple of very bad issues awhile back where two serious accidents claimed Guest lives. Public, adverse press and lots of anger. They learned that skimping on maintenance was a Bad Thing (this was over a decade ago) and are very strict now. The state of Florida was the inspector for the park where a teen was killed recently; how did that work out for them? All the big parks in Orlando have their own inspections; Disney is not privileged.

        4. drh3b

          BS. There are all sorts of special districts in Florida. Do your research before looking foolish. Disney World is NOT the only place in Florida with a similar setup. Disney just hurt DeSantis’ fee fees, and he’s trying to show the crazy Republican base what a manly man he is.

      2. CAT

        You are joking, right? No business, just like no employee, is irreplaceable. I am not expecting Disney to even exist in its present form in 5-10 years.

    3. California is closer for us so we are excited! Keep us handicap people in mind please!

    4. Truth Seeker

      So Disney should continue to be the only business that has no oversite snd can do whatever it wants including hiding dangers like the cracks in the monorail. You are just wanting Disney to have a leg up to all the other businesses in Fl.

      1. ShowMeTheDo umemts

        Cracks in the monorail? Where? Got the paperwork? I’d love to see it. The cars are old. But unsafe?

        1. Dan F.

          An operating engineer friend states that WDW is one of the three safest theme parks in the USA. It was seldom (or used to be) that anything broke or there were injuries. If you look carefully you will see that most of the injuries are due to riders carelessness and antics. The mono rail has an award winning safety record, at least according to my friend.

      2. Ann

        Disney isn’t the only one.
        There’s The Villages and Daytona 500, and many others as well.
        But Disney is the only one being targeted by DeSantis.

        1. Dan F.

          Florida has over 2,000 “Special Districts” like Disney. They are all wondering, “Who’s next ???”

      3. drh3b

        It’s not the only business with it’s own special district. Do your research, and stop making an illiterate fool of yourself.

    5. Mira

      Wow I couldn’t agree more…vote him out he literally is. Screwing up Orlando, Florida.

    6. PS

      Disney doesn’t own Florida. Many do not like the Corporation using its platform to sexualize children. As for the jobs? We have too many people moving here anyway. Good-bye Mouse!

      1. Smarter than you

        Pure propaganda. “save the children” nonsense. Utter bull.

      2. drh3b

        Everybody hates tourists until they stop coming and your taxes go up.

    7. Joe

      Karen, your name suits you well. DeSantis can NOT be voted out. He just won re-election by one of the largest margins in Florida history. Also, more businesses and people are moving to Florida than any other state. And finally, DeSantis did NOT start this fight. Disney decided to fight against parents who don’t want gender garbage to be taught to their 5 year Olds. Are you for teaching 5 years Olds that they can switch genders, Karen?

    8. Name

      Lol yeah ok. Disney is scared they poked the bear the bear that can singlehandedly close Disney World.

      1. Teddy Gingerich

        Very funny. DeSantis can’t close WDW. But THEY can slow or stop investment in that park and put their energy into parks where they aren’t being attacked by a petty child in go go boots.

      2. drh3b

        No, they are not. DeSantis can’t close WDW. He might think he’s a dictator, but he’s not.

    9. A person with sense

      They actually had this in the works long before DeSantis, this is using the political climate in FL to attract clicks and views which actually works. Not saying that what’s happening in FL shouldn’t be a concern but this expansion was wayyyy overdue for southern California, they have not had an update on things since star wars , and even that was small. Disney will not leave FL and at the same time for right now willnot add anything.

    10. Smarter than you

      Nah… keep DeSantis. Here’s great for us here in California. 😀

    11. Dee

      WOKE Diszzyland can stay in WOKE California! Florida would rather keep WOKE businesses OUT of Florida (Gavin “Wokesom” has already destroyed California), DeSantis saved Florida!

      1. drh3b

        Do you even know what woke means. DeSantis saved Florida. From what?
        Btw, California has the fourth largest economy in the WORLD, dwarfing Florida. Sounds destroyed to me!

    12. Done done

      Wow! Your HATE really shines! Aren’t you proud!?

    13. Jordan Parks

      DeSantis is in the right. You have to understand the entire situation instead of being gullible and relying what other people say even if they do not make sense themselves.

  4. Brandon P.

    What cynical corporate spin! Anaheim put restrictions in place in the ’90’s to prevent exactly what Disney is now trying to do. Now Disney implies that the original restrictions should only be good for 20-30 years, then it’s time to “do it again”. LOL.
    NO Disney, we’re not “doing it again”. You will not overrun this town any more with your unbridled corporate greed.

    1. drh3b

      Disneyland MADE Anaheim. It was just a little backwater town until Disneyland set up shop. It’s a symbiotic relationship, they need each other.
      Same with WDW and Orlando. Orlando was just a tiny Sh*thole until WDW made it into a desirable place to visit.

  5. Name

    Lol Disney cam suck it

  6. Ron

    Screw you liberal crackheads Governor DeSantis is doing the right thing

    1. Smarter than you

      Thank you brainwashed fascist. We love Disney in California and aren’t fooled by culture war politicians simply playing to their base.

      1. Gino

        Hahaha you should run for office in CA

    2. Smarter than you

      We look forward to massive investment here thanks to your ugly red state nonsense.

    3. drh3b

      No, you’re right, you MAGA opiate druggies are doing a great job.

  7. Gina

    Florida does not deserve Disney. It’s interesting why all these Disney haters are following Inside Disney. Hmmmmm Get a life trolls

    1. Smarter than you

      Preach, girl!

    2. Common Sense

      Gina… I don’t know if it’s the word “deserve” or “wants” that is more appropriate, as you might be surprised at how many Floridians don’t want Disney here any more over their discarding of family values. A value that Disney had held for many decades but is perceived by more than what should be concerning to be discarded by the company. Trust me when I say that these days Florida would definitely survive a Disney pull out, but we both know Disney would never discard their biggest money maker of all their resort properties. ;o)

      1. drh3b

        Lol, Florida would survive, sure, but if WDW actually closed down, how far behind do you think other money making tourist attractions would be?

    3. Teddy Gingerich

      My comment exactly. If those trolls hate Disney so much, why are they here? I am eagerly looking forward to the company boosting their investment in the original park. WITH cooperation from and with local residents and businesses. I think it’s high time they started expanding the resort as long as it’s done with the locals in mind. Nothing makes things go sour faster than people feeling that they aren’t listened to, and with so many residential areas close to the park, it needs to be done properly.

  8. Common Sense

    It’s beyond ridiculous that Iger now wants to redirect this money to Disneyland… guess he forgot quickly the reason why he set the original plan forward. Thank you Gov Newsom, who failed to open Southern California and lost a ton of money for the Disney company! Oh, but thank you Gov DeSantis who helped this company more than any other governing entity by allow the Florida parks (the regular and solid money makers, yes, more than Disneyland)) to open. Then Disney lost control of the brainless Chapek who went and did what no other Disney CEO has ever done, and go publicly into politics against the Florida Governor, over a law that represented the majority of Floridians!! So if Iger wants to redirect that money, so be it. Disney is definitely not the only park in Florida, and they are not the sole reason people dump tons of money into the Florida economy any more… but they’re not going anywhere either. Far too much money invested into the Florida development, and far too much money earning for the Disney company to just “get rid of it”. Those are simple facts!

    1. drh3b

      What are you smoking? What has DeSantis ever done to help WDW?
      AS far as moneymaker goes, I guarantee that Disneyland makes FAR more money for it’s size compared to WDW. Disneyland is slightly smaller than Magic Kingdom, yet has MUCH more to do.
      Does WDW make more than Disneyland? Sure, but it is several times larger.
      Disneyland is the BEST theme park in the world, with the possible exception of Tokyo Disneyland/Sea.
      I would much much rather live in Orange County, CA, than Orange County, FL. Better weather, and much more to do, and Florida ain’t cheap any more.

      1. Done done

        WDW is MASSIVE compared to DL. There’s not even a comparison!!! And the $$$$$ involved, not even close. Also, BTW, Disney hasn’t paid MANY, MANY taxes since it’s been opened!!! THAT is what the WHOLE issue is!!! EVERYBODY has to pay their DUES! No others are EXEMPT, why should WDW be ANY DIFFERENT?!?! THAT is what is happening and it’s ABOUT TIME!!!

  9. Shane P. Dalton

    Their isn’t enough room in LA. Everything is just going to be crammed in together. Yeah, it would be great but again, trying to cram in to many things into one small area. To me Disneyland ended up being built in the wrong area.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      Check your history, sport. When DL was built, Anaheim was a rural agricultural area. Nothing there but orange groves. The reason it’s so closely hemmed in by other businesses and residential areas is that Walt simply couldn’t get the funding to buy more land. He practically mortgaged his entire life to build the park.
      When it was clear that it was a hit, and would be a highly profitable place, other businesses sprang up immediately. The streets around the park today look nothing like they did 68 years ago, or 38 years ago. The park was surrounded by cheap motels and fast food places. Tacky souvenir shops. Gas stations. Over time, the look has improved; the Convention Center was built, most of the el cheapo motels are gone. But that doesn’t change the fact that in the first stages, Walt had no control over what went up outside the property lines.

    2. drh3b

      You don’t even understand how different the world was back then. Anaheim was literally orange groves when Disneyland was built. I grew up in Westminster at the Huntington Beach border, and Huntington Beach/Westminster was still half farms in the late Sixties and Seventies. When I moved away in 1980, there was still a farm where Target is now. There was still undeveloped land all over Huntington Beach.
      Wherever you see a business park in Huntington Beach, that was still a farm when I was there.
      I was something unusual in the Seventies, which was someone born in California. Almost all the kids I went to school with moved there from out of state. My parents were from out of state. California and LA/OC in particular really grew a lot after WWII.

  10. Jordan Parks

    This is not in Orlando, it’s Disneyland which is California. Orlando had Disney World which would have been the best one.

  11. Deba

    I vote for the mouse…seven generation Floridian..Ron’s the one that’s a ignorant power money stealer..breeding hate everywhere he can..I don’t claim generation American..

  12. P.C.Knott

    Who will be in business longer? Since DeSantis is a term limited governor, my money says Disney will outlast DeSantis.
    Disney should know this and not waste billions just to spite DeSantis.

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