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A female Cast Member holds up a Minnie Mouse plush

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Meanwhile, many of us locals go there, Knott’s, SeaWorld, Zoos, etc. on a weekly basis (some even go every day) and have had no issues.

    From my understanding, infection rates among cast members is also way down.

    In other words the article is making this into something it isn’t.

    I do wonder though, what do those who are getting sick at the parks doing in their daily lives? I mean if you hide under a rock or are constantly disinfecting everything, you aren’t going to build up much immunity to anything. We are meant to be gradually exposed to things, it is how our bodies build up immunity. The healthiest people I know are also the ones that “engage in risky behaviors” like going to crowded settings, not wearing masks, etc. Don’t get me wrong they do common sense things like washing hands, etc., but also don’t go overboard.

  2. Michael


  3. Corey

    Yes those park reservations didnt really change anything huh? I knew it was a lie the moment they started it.

  4. kns

    Unfortunately, you will always have selfish people go to Disneyland sick (Measles outbreak 2014-2015). All we can do is protect ourselves, get vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask on indoor rides, in stores and along crowded paths.

    1. Michael Leon

      No masks for me. I hate masks. I didn’t wear one at wdw and didn’t get sick. I plan on doing the same at Disneyland.

    2. RickTR

      Ok Dr. Fauci.

  5. Douglas

    I was really psychologically affected during the pandemic, and now I need therapy

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