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Cinderella Castle with a rainbow above it in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

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  1. Tom

    Finally…it was not a moment too soon! It’s starting to become a real luxury to be able to organize a day at the amusement park with your kids.

  2. Richard McCabe

    It’s still not worth the price. Maybe 1/4 of that.

  3. So they really aren’t lowering their prices. You have to pay 396 per ticket. Then you have to pay for lodging at either one of their hotels or a surrounding hotel. For at least three nights so add that into the cost. And you can’t just go visit one park and then go back 2 weeks later for another one. Because the tickets say they expire 7 days after you visit the first Park. Therefore making it to where you have to stay and pay for a hotel and food at higher prices or forfeit the other tickets theme park tickets that you pay for at the same time when you got the deal. And if you’re a family paying for lodging and food that gets costly cuz you’re going to have to at least have two rooms for the family and if you got to have that many rooms that means you got to feed that many mouths.

  4. Kris

    Well, there is an advisory against going to Florida. As a queer person of color, I know I won’t be going to that hate state till DeSantis is gone. Me and my family are not safe there.

  5. Randy

    Disney is run by Satan. You are a bunch of lying theives. You think you are so clever. Disney use to be fun. Not any more.

    1. faackanders2

      No Florida is run by DeSatan. Florida is not fun anymore!

  6. faackanders2

    No Florida is run by DeSatin.

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