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  1. Linette

    So not true! I was on this last weekend and every Dino was moving and roaring!

    1. Sara

      We were there a few days ago and actually commented to each other after riding how many of the dinos weren’t moving and a lot of areas seemed like they just turned the lights off because things weren’t as they should be. My son loves this ride, but it looked pretty sad compared to past visits.

    2. Zach

      I was there Sunday and there were multiple dinosaurs completely in the dark and not moving. It made me so sad!

  2. Lashonte

    Dinosaur was my favorite ride when I was a little girl now that I am 35 I took all 6 of my kids when they each turned 1 years old the oldest is 18 and they still love this ride hope they still have it in July this ride is a classic and favorite.

  3. Michael Collins

    I was just there….it was in deplorable condition. Most of the ride was very dark to hide the anamatronics which were not working. Seriously the big Dino eating the smaller Dino…not working and could barely be seen. Truthfully, mst of the attraction was not working

  4. David

    I was an engineer that worked on that ride,, even back then they claimed that there was not enough money to get it running the way intended, my friend found some wires not properly connected and when she connected them to get the eyes to move, they yelled at her.

  5. Andrew Yacos

    The state of this attraction is shameful. So much potential. Rode last Dec, was extremely disappointed, seems a little of audio muted or just turned off, and ending asteroid shower basically nonexistent. Bummed.

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