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Main Street cinema at magic kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Melissa

    Not for a minute in NY. I bet the taxes on that house are $100,000/yr.

    1. Sam shulte

      What left wing BS is this? Get lost.

  2. T

    They had record breaking crowds this weekend, they’re not going anywhere

  3. Jeff

    Ba bye! Don’t let a gater bite you in the butt on your way out of Florida and relocation to Portland Oregon! You can probably open teen lgtbq brothels there.

    1. You know that Disney is 60 percent owned by China don’t you. Everything you buy there is partly going into Chinese Communist Party coffers

      1. Shirley

        No I didn’t know that are you serious ?
        Oh my! The last I heard, China also owns 65% of our farmland in America !
        It might be more now.
        It sounds like everyone living in America are sitting ducks for China take over. Hmmm, so what we are saying is that China is getting funds from America’s
        Theme park and they’re getting funds from our farm land while they in reality already have control of our food processing; which we know is not a good thing.

        1. Teddy Gingerich

          Please tell me you don’t actually believe this drivel?

          1. De

            What part of Disney is owned by China?
            The Walt Disney Company owns 43 percent of the resort; the majority 57 percent is held by Shanghai Shendi Group, a joint venture of three companies owned by the Shanghai government.

            Shanghai Disney Resort.
            Owner Shanghai Shendi Group (57%) The Walt Disney Company (43%)

          2. Kat

            Shanghai IS in China. 60 % is pretty close to 57%. You need to look at a map and re-enroll in grade 7 social studies class.

          3. KatB

            The “Shanghai government” is the CCP. you just proved what the other poster was saying about it being owned by the Chinese government. Good job.🙂

        2. Can’t buy any more land in Florida, stealing our resources. DESANTIS just signed that bill too. One place the Communists should be, NOT in the US

          1. Jon Smith

            Ronda Santis is gay. She he is a communist conservative liar just like that orange buffoon. Long live Disney..Down with the traitors in Florida..

          2. Chris W.

            Your a terrible person.

          3. Wally

            Why don’t you guys first understand what is the world politics is, and then use your little brain (that if you have one after what you wrote) then understand the local politics, maybe you will understand whats going on. Knowledge is a blessing.

        3. Kat

          Don’t believe all the baloney being posted here including Disney getting ready to leave Florida.

        4. Ok

          And Just like that a “fact” Was born

      2. Eric

        Disney isn’t leaving. For all their bluster Disney is still over a Billion in debt to Florida. And most come to enjoy the park AND beaches. Won’t go just to the park. And FYI Disney still owns 50% of Reedy Creek. They are mad DeSantis now makes them pay their share of state taxes.

        1. John Smith

          Disney is already the largest employer and tax payer in Florida. Try getting your info from someone other than DeSantis PR.

        2. JC

          Florida’s oppressive laws, LOL 😆

        3. Teddy Gingerich

          They aren’t in debt to Florida. The bonds were issued by RCID. They will still be paying the originator of the bonds. And they have always paid their share of state taxes (unlike one orange-colored resident). In 2022, their tax bill, from property taxes, state taxes and sales taxes, was over $1.2 billion.

          1. Carl

            Now don’t wake them up , let them slumber peacefully….

          2. Rick

            I hope they do leave. Let DeSantis sink his own ship.

        4. Jon Smith

          Ronda Santis is the worst governor Florida ever had and we had that crook Rick Scott..

          1. Gayle

            Grow up and stop the name calling

          2. Mickey

            That’s why Florida is the number one state for people relocating to.

        5. Sean

          You gave the numbers all wrong. Reedy Creek pays triple the local tax rate, that is why DeSantis changed the plan to take them over completely. Florida, and the two counties could not afford it. Florida could not afford to take over the 1 5 billion in reedy creek bonds, which is NOT owed to Florida.

          1. Desantis sucks

            Unfortunately, Disney can’t leave because it would cost too much. I think Disney would love to move out of Florida but the cost would be astronomical.

        6. Wally

          Hahaha… you are really out of this world…

        7. Mindy

          Disney pays more in taxes than anyone else, including Trump. Florida goes bankrupt without Disney. Deep down, they know they need Disney or they go back to being a giant swamp land overrun with alligators.

      3. Ed

        Disney is a public company, they are not 60% owned by anyone…..

        1. Pepper

          Poor Wally is rolling in his grave!! His vision is being destroyed!! His parks and movies were meant for Children and families to enjoy the magic. Seems like now everyone is on magic mushrooms 🍄! Go take your magic mushrooms 🍄 and take a trip to Neverland!Such nonsense!!

          1. Wally

            Feel sorry for you… like I said, knowledge is a blessing. GET SOME ..

      4. Jeff

        Get your geography straight, maybe look at a map of Long Island. The Hamptons are on the south shore (south fork) of Long Island.

    2. Rush

      Sad individual alert. Turn the channel and the page, Jethro.

      1. Jon Smith

        Woke is the belief so what if the truth makes you your kids uncomfortable and sad cause your dad’s daddy was a white racist.. HEY KIDDES YOUR HEROES RON AND DON ARE GAY,GAY,GAY….

    3. Thanks for being such a great role model

    4. Thunder

      Shut up Disney isn’t leaving

    5. Mary

      Which you’d jump out of your closet to attend!

    6. Mindy

      They’re not leaving. Get over it, troll.

  4. John

    How can you write CRAP like this? Have you no pride in your craft? In case you do not know, a NAACP board member lives in Tampa and South Florida and Key West are two of the largest same-sex communities in the country! Disney is also still going to spend upwards of $17 Billion in Florida in the near future.

    1. Mary

      No kidding. Not reporters gossip columnist and if your not careful you’ll be costing Disney big $$$ and they will sue you as well they should. DYI no one in FL cares!!

      1. crtinde

        I am still trying to interpret what you typed there … Google, please translate to English !

    2. Alexa

      Unbelievable! The house for sale isn’t even on Disney property!

      I lived in automobile-owned-supported Detroit for 40 years. We never had to worry abt these companies interfering with the way we raised our children. Kudos to Florida for supporting appropriate child development.

      1. Rush

        “Interfering” is no more than helping kids navigate the real world. Not preparing is a crime. YOU live in a fantasy between your ears.

        1. Amy

          It is MY role as the parent to help MY child navigate this crazy world, not Disney, Target, Walmart, Coke, American Airline, Anheuser-Busch and the list goes on.

          1. Disney has the 1st amendment right to make a comment just as much as you do. They aren’t interfering, Ron DeSantis is.

          2. D

            No one actually prevented their free speech, but you’re a fool to think that free speech never has consequences Get a clue.

          3. Peter

            The Supreme Court said that everyone has the right to free speech. They also said there may be consequences to your speech. Disney can say anything they want but are not free from the consequences!

          4. Dee

            Desantis is actually trying to stop the pandering to 7% of the US population and allow parents to do their job raising their children, not the schools and businesses.

          5. Mindy

            What about the parks is telling parents how to raise their kids? No one’s being forced to go to the park.

        2. Justin

          OK groomer

        3. Steve

          Your reality. Not the rest of the citizens. Ask AB or Target how that reality is working.

  5. Corey

    The name is Jess Colonoscopy, because she’s full of crap

    1. julien


  6. Jay

    Disneyland and Disneyworld lost its magic years again

  7. Ray

    Ron DeSantis is living rent free in your head! Florida is by far the fastest growing state by population. No one is fleeing, especially Disney. Get some help and give us what we came to this site for. News about changes, closures, and what to expect at Disney. Do better!

    1. Mason

      That’s every Disney Park news page. Ron Desantis is living rent free in their heads.

    2. Rush

      Criminals and the senile are fleeing to Florida.

      Fun fact – A criminal with legal judgements can hide all their assets in a piece of property, work as head of household and pay ZERO ( ask OJ Simpson).

  8. phag

    WT* Who wrote this troll pro alphabet soup crap?

  9. I wish Disney would leave Florida. South Carolina sounds like a good idea.

  10. Paul

    Your part of the problem with what’s going on in the media and soon it will all come crashing down on ya.

  11. Disney is Iike many corps,money driven, squeeze employees (striking in Paris), seek corporate welfare, detrimental to the environment, and some contributions to society.
    FL does not discriminate, it eliminates social grooming from K-12 curriculum. Our Governor is brown, Cuban decent.

    1. That’s funny, our governor is trying to project that he’s mid western, rust belt mindset. Our governor hates brown skin.. his actions speak volumes.

  12. T

    I want to make sure everybody knows the facts. There is no don’t say gay bill in Florida! There never was and never will be as long as Ron DeSantis is in control. Also, I love all the talk of how evil DeSantis is and how horrible he is treating Disney. In reality, all he is doing is treating them like every other business in the state, such as paying taxes and going by state and local laws and zoning. I love how ignorant the liberals are on this topic.

    1. I.C Weiner

      I bet you suck his toes

    2. LeoSF

      WOW. I never realized how much brainwashing a person could take and still be alive. Or the next step is becoming a zombie ?

    3. J

      It would be smart to leave Florida high and dry. Could you see the fat cats in govt scrambling for tax dollars from lack of disney employees (granted they aren’t paid much). If they leave, they should bull doze the entire area, leave them with just what they started with, swamp land.

      1. Well said

    4. Ron DeSantis is a bully. He says he fights for parental rights. Is it parental rights that he can take their child away from them if they make a decision about THEIR CHILD that he doesn’t like? Also he said FL voting went so well in 2020 that we should be a national example. Until it was beneficial to him to start yammering about rigged elections. Now our laws that were so good they should’ve been national examples got restricted. He only fights culture wars not for anything that actually helps improve FL. He’s a bully and a thin skinned one at that. Both terms have been a waste. Charlie Crist would’ve been much better.

    5. Ruthann

      Absolutely. The weird alphabet people named the bill “don’t say gay” because they had no other leg to stand on. The bill banned “teachers” from grooming little ones. Only a non-parent could object to that. Disney is just in a pout because they had “favorite business” status that is now gone because they couldn’t keep their mouths out of Florida government. Due of course to a weird Disney relative’s whining.

    6. Siz


  13. Jmme

    Disney isn’t Florida period. Florida doesn’t need Disney. Disney needs Florida though because people come to Florida for it’s awesome beaches, free mothernature family fun without costing alot.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      So Florida doesn’t need the $1+billion in annual taxes from Disney?

      1. Justin

        Yeah because SeaWorld, Universal and Busch Gardens don’t exist apparently

    2. Yeah Florida definitely needs Disney. They’re the largest employer in the state. DeSantis just lost us 2000 employees that Disney was moving here and 1 BILLION dollar , that’s with a B, investment that they pulled out of because Ronnie has his panties in a wad over them commenting negatively about his repressive don’t say gay bill. He’s got thinner skin than Trump and that’s saying a lot

    3. J

      The only thing I came there for was disney

  14. Jeff

    Oppressive laws? Give me a break! This story is so one sided, I’m surprised it sits on the page straight!

    1. Yes oppressive laws. Book banning, laws against inclusion, against LGBTQ, against teaching African American history..oh and let’s not forget his little voting gestapo. The guy’s a fascist and people like you egg him on.

  15. Mad Hatter

    The faster the alphabet group and looney libs leave Florida the better off we’ll be. They WON’T be missed. Who is definitely NOT leaving Florida? Disney.

  16. Jack

    Disney will never leave Florida. We’re the Sunshine State that allows Disney to operate year round.
    If they move to Atlanta they will have to close for four months.
    Disney should have kept it’s mouth shut regarding the Don’t Say Gay Law. Talking to six year olds about sexual orientation and gender is absolutely disgusting and should not be taught in Preschool. What the hell was Iger thinking. I can only assume he’s either gay or a pedophile. He should step down as CEO and walk away in shame.
    Poor Walter must be spinning in his grave.

  17. Can’t buy any more land in Florida, stealing our resources. DESANTIS just signed that bill too. One place the Communists should be, NOT in the US

  18. Lexus Herd

    This is a straight up lie lol. Clearly you don’t work there

  19. Noneya Buisness

    Anti-TQ maybe but not LGB. Sorry that DeSantis doesn’t want people discussing sexual things with children, and that you are clearly bias to the truth of what is going on.

  20. Carl

    Now don’t wake them up , let them slumber peacefully….

  21. Ace

    They just announced that they are going forward with the 17 billion dollar project that’s been planned for a year already. You’re just as bad at CNN.

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah they’re doing that expensive project in California not Florida now , because around the Desantos being a piece of work that he is .

      1. Kurtis Hawkins

        No, ignorant one. It’s because since Disney is currently losing millions, it doesn’t make sense to import the imagineers from CA to FL as they originally planned. It has nothing to do with DeSantis.

        1. IdDa

          You shouldn’t 💩 on their narrative as you will make them big mad! 😂

      2. A kelly

        The American people do not want a woke disney. They letter people need to get some therapy. They want to force their views down every one’s throat.. so being so self centered and narcissistic. No parent wants to have their kids exposed to LGBQ culture. Do your thing on your own. No one cares. Stop forcing everyone else!!!. DeSantis is protecting the children of Florida from this unwanted influence.

        1. Ronald

          You’re serious by answering for ALL parents? Really all? Hey, the key to a happy life is ACCEPTANCE. Deal with it. Do you think that by taking rights away and banning the LGBTQ community will just go away. Lol. We have been here as long as humans here been on earth. And the fight for living a semi equal life has created my strength and integrity then you could ever know. Have you noticed the people so afraid of my community are uneducated, minimum wage earners, unhappy trailer dwelling atrocious people. We as a minority have had to word extra hard to prove ourselves. Just like the child of the boss at work needs to do. It happened to me. Anyway, I digress. Mind your business, look the other way ( if you’re such an aflutter individual. Go home!

      3. Bill

        It’s not because of that. Get your facts straight.

  22. Tb

    Yeah, like disney will abandndon billiions of dollars to prove a point. Another leftist writer spewing bullcrap

  23. Ron

    This is pure propaganda. Pravda reporters are probably jealous.

  24. Jon Smith

    Rhoda Santis is a liar like that orange buffoon. You communist conservatives are a bunch of but sore losers. Disney forever. Down with the traitors in Florida.

    1. Kerry Santana


  25. Emily

    That Sad it’s sad Leave Florida

    1. They’re not going anywhere they’ve got too much invested in Florida

  26. Erika

    The Hamptons is located on the South fork..I used to work there..

  27. Siz

    I do believe California and their brain dead liberal laws are far more oppressive than Florida’s. You can’t even Do what you want to do on your own property if it affects the environment. Wake the hell up to the people. California is fascism

  28. Jack

    No one is leaving Florida you’re full of crap. 😂 And even if they were, good riddance the were New Yorkers to begin with. Go back to New York don’t understand why you left if it was so amazing there.

  29. Kerry Santana

    I have never been to Disneyland. I so sorry to hear that your leaving Florida because of a Mayor who insecure with his own personal self. Thank you for all the great times and memories that you provided for so many people throughout the years. May you continue to provide happy memories for all and mayy prayers go with you all.

  30. Bill

    Your AI blog generator loves the word “iconic.”

  31. The big guy

    “With many Disney Cast Members and fans fleeing Florida’s oppressive laws that many consider anti-LGBTQIA+ and racist…”


    “Many”??? You mean the .0001% that are groomers? GTFO of here, Florida has had a net gain of residents while your LGBTQ12345+÷ states like NY are fleeing in record numbers.

    It was a good try though kid, but let’s face it, you stink at propaganda.

  32. Eugene A Podorsky

    It’s very well possible that Disney will leave Florida but since they closed the food processing plant down in 94.95 they were talks that they were actually going to sell some small world and a piece rate it out it was still hold the Disney name but they’ll sell the rides out and if possible that it’ll be mean Disney but they’ll sell Epcot MGM magic Kingdom it’s actually been in process for quite some time one of the reasons why I left Disney in 2007 you see the writing on the wall eventually

    1. Baloney!

      1. Brad

        Leftism is a disorder and you’re proof

  33. Jay

    There’s nothing anti lgbt or racist about stopping teachers from espousing their views onto 5 through 8 year old children.

    That the parents job and right, if you cannot claim a child on your tax return, you have no right to shape their world view and you should be held legally responsible if you try and steal that responsibility from a parent and imprisoned.

  34. Bobby

    I was a 4 year old boy who went to the Disney grand opening . I grew up outside of Orlando. Disney isn’t packing up and the laws passed are for k-3 grade kids to prohibit ANY sex ed .It’s to let kids be kids . I digress . It would costs Disney billions to move and here is the thing , Walt chose Florida for it’s mild falls, winters and spring. No other state has Florida’s weather.

    That house isn’t worth it and it’s in the wrong state . 😆

  35. Paul Skipper

    Walt himself would shut this monster down. What have they done to his company.
    There not leaving we are done supporting them

  36. Squid

    This is so Blatantly FALSE!

  37. Maura

    Florida’s laws aren’t oppressive. Our laws protect us from the mentally ill crowd known as the woke.

  38. Mindy

    “ Florida’s oppressive laws”—LIES!

  39. Sounds like they’re crying wolf! They’re not going anywhere!

  40. Blake

    What a terrible story. Say you are a lying liberal without saying you are a lying liberal. Do better…. Much better.

  41. Steve

    Funny how laws that prevent sexualizing children is somehow anti-lgbtr2d2×

  42. Fran

    Based on the comments section I find it hard to believe Desantis policies are deemed by many as anti whatever letters and symbols.

  43. Waltera

    Insidethemagic.net seems to be aspiring to compete with the National Enquirer.

    1. Lauren

      THIS 100%!!!

  44. J

    Jess stop being a left wing nut you’re proving desantis’ decision. Disney said they’re not moving out of Florida and proceeding with the plan I live here and we’re being told as stated above.

  45. Making a statement that FL laws are hateful without any evidence shows your lack of credibility.

  46. Lou

    To say that Florida’s laws are oppressive is like saying that it’s against the law to rape someone is oppressive. I’m sure it seems oppressive to the rapist who is desperately sick in the head, but to repeat a lie like that is to repeat a lie from the devil of hell, and such people repeating them are wicked and rotten to the core and are close to being Beyond any Redemption. They are certainly Bound for hell.

  47. Justin

    Parents wanting a say into what goes in their childrens’ education is not oppression, it’s common sense.

  48. Tan

    what is LGBTQIABCDEFG++?

  49. So much BS.

  50. Kat

    Disney canceled their investments because they are running out of money, not because they’re “taking a stand.” Do your research and stop lying. Disney isn’t pulling out of Florida. It’s hack pieces like this that make MSM look bad. This one is not even a real journalist, just a poser.

    1. Beach

      Absolutely correct.

  51. Mark

    Ignorance on full display, by this uninformed author. The documented mass exodus/ population shift of states like New York and California to less liberal locations, like Tennessee, Florida and Texas completely debunks this authors unfounded “fleeing from Florida” nonsense.

  52. Beach

    People fleeing Florida because of new laws passed. This is a blatantly lie. Florida has been the single largest destination for Americans fleeing blue states. Who wrote this crap, a faggot?

  53. Wendy L Denton

    I would live there in a minute. I’ve Always loved how Main Street takes me back in time with it’s style.

  54. Tim

    Stop with this crap reporting. You’re putting a liberal bias on something that should be separate from politics altogether. Fact of the matter is Iger is running Disney into the ground and there’s lots of ways and reasons. But this Iger vs. DeSantis this is totally BS.

  55. Ronald

    I would hope they would leave Florida because they got pedophile and transgenders working for them around little kids

  56. Will

    Way more people flocking TO Florida than FROM from Florida. Facts.

  57. Will

    The author is trying to define the narrative.

    Epic FAIL 😂

  58. Will

    Florida is oppressive?

    The author is obviously a graduate of Saul Alinsky University.

  59. Joetuesday420

    This is supposed to be about Disney world not politics. Go to CNN if you can’t write something about Disney world without brining up your leftist agenda. There are millions who think children shouldn’t be encouraged to get their penises or vaginas removed and replaced. You really need to keep your bigoted political opinions to yourself if you are going to write about something that has nothing to do with politics. Your words are discriminatory and I am offended! Isn’t that what you cry babies say when you don’t agree with something!

  60. Karen

    Agreed. A thing to start rumors and such.

  61. Nat

    Why with the fake title when this is about a home for sale what’s wrong with you guys false advertising is illegal

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