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Guests fighting at Magic Kingdom, a red arrow, a censored image of the aftermath of a Disney World fight, blood is on the ground.


  1. Eddie

    Interesting photo cropping, hiding something 🤔

    1. Rick TR

      A Disney ban will do nothing to stop the violence. I’m sure the family has dozens of thugs that will be looking for revenge. Violent attackers can be arrested even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges. But of course we all know why they weren’t.

  2. Ty

    So does that mean they are blackballed from the parks for good ? If not then expect more of the same to occur.

  3. lorraine

    everyone that was involved in the fight should have been given a tresspass notice………The only one I didnt see fight was a woman getting the children out of the way. The fact that only two were given tresspass notices , will encourage others to fight as it will be ok

  4. Rick TR

    The fights will never stop as long as a certain group of people are allowed in.

  5. BC

    I guess we’ll have to move Disney fight club to Animal Kingdom.

  6. Sartasd

    I experienced someone getting mad at me when he dropped something as I walked past him. I had no idea anything happened until a CM approach me about this. I had no idea why this person was so upset. They removed this person as they realized that he was just trying to get something free or just being a jerk. CM do a good job trying to ca!m someone down or protecting innocent guests. Fights shouldn’t be happening. Thankfully I’ve never seen any fights.

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