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harmonious smoke Disney resort smoke

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    Proof reading is a lost skill.

    1. J. BARNES

      I agree.

    2. Michael

      Who are you people?? Let me guess – based in FL and fueled by DeSantis? Horrible, one sided and fake!

      1. Ben

        Can you misspell “Harmonious” a few different ways for us?

    3. “Soon, EPCOT will be home to a new attraction inspired by Dsienys’s Moana franchise.”

      I agree.

    4. ZEEEE

      I was thinking the same thing.

  2. Karen

    Was at Epcot 2/2022. Waste of our money. No international people allowed back since covid. $5 coke in s can. Meals outrageous
    Disappointed big time.

    1. Ham Phillips

      Karen is a fitting name

      1. Are you hate people cause their name is Karen?

    2. I don’t understand why people are constantly degrading others because of a misspelled word! I think it does something to their ego to bring it out to show everyone how smart they are. Get a job as a proof reader! I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, if I put a word in and I look and it’s okay. After I hit send it decides to change the spelling! Find something more useful to complain about!

  3. Peggy

    The price of everything at Disney World is double !
    Expensive doesn’t even cover it, OUTRAGEOUS IS
    I would have to rob a bank
    To afford to take my family of 6 there.
    Nope, priced out of paradise .

    1. Michael

      I agree. Prices are a disgrace.

    2. Dale

      Well the guy who has been able to do it didn’t go rob a bank he was running a big ass con game and went to jail so you don’t have to go rob a bank

  4. Lesli

    Copy edit, PLEASE.

  5. Ricky

    No word on the labor shortage? Nice.

  6. GenoK

    And I just read that Disney was moving to Georgia?? MAYBE, they believe the Government will be President and FINALLY not have to deal with him! To go to Disneyland in California a family of four can expect to pay $600-1,000 AND spend the majority of the time standing in lines!!

    1. AH

      not going anywhere.

  7. Kyle

    Spell check in isle two 🤣🤪

    1. Jean S Stewart


      1. Haha. Caught that. I guess if we critique someone’s spelling, we should check our own. 😆

      2. Dawn Sanchioni


    2. Kyle, I like your sense of Humor!!!

  8. AH

    saw harm a couple years ago. it was nothing but a big advert for disney stuff. the old show, to me, was epcot. i loved the music so much i bought the cd.

  9. Ed

    While I am happy to see Disney take on DeSantis, I don’t have much use for either of them.

    1. Truth Seeker

      So you think Disney should not have any oversite and determine what laws they follow including not fixing the monorail that is falling apart? They have been privileged for over 50 years and no other company has had a privilege close to what Disney has had. I guess you want a free for all for the companys? Really

  10. All of EPCOT is my favorite. Visiting the different countries and eating food at the restaurants that are representing those countries are my favorite. I love sitting down and watching the people go by interesting. I adore the fibre optic walkways at night. I very much appreciate fireworks. I am an EPCOT super fan. My Husband and I do not have any little children. It is very precious to see a little one’s face light up seeing the fireworks!

  11. Paul

    This attraction had no chance of going. And Disney has turned it political Their stock is tumbling. They are in trouble

  12. Janette

    Proof reading is a MUST before hitting the submit button. Or at least do a spell check.

    1. Janette, y’all are still hung up on spell check. This particular one is a place where people can make comments on the topic of DISNEY WORLD. What the heck does SPELL CHECK have to do with DISNEY? Like I said before GET A JOB DOING SPELL CHECK AS A CAREER!!! Maybe that is your big career and that’s why you are complaining so much!!!

  13. Very thankful for DeSantis I wished he was governor in my state.
    As for pedaphile promoting Disney I think they need to get rid of the deranged people running it. Disgusting what has become of this once great place to visit. I have no plans to visit this place again until they change their ungodly ways

    1. Lisa

      I wish Gov. Deathsentance was the governor of your state. Please take him. We don’t want him.

  14. Lisa

    Yes, clean copy is critical when you’re a journalist. You lose credibility when you can’t spell the name of the very business you are trying to promote.

  15. Ava

    I learned this in school a long time ago… “how to know if a site is trustworthy” first one spelling errors. Yes I love Dsiney!

  16. Tom

    Gotta make room for the new Pedophile Village.

  17. Michael Holland

    I’ve been to Disney a few times beginning at age 11 and I’m 62. For those 9f you that think there’s any grooming go8ng on need not look any further than most towns in the USA running little miss contests!
    Disney will be here when Deathsantis is long gone!

  18. Linda

    I love our governor & hoping he will be elected President. Those who don’t like him, if you moved in Florida from the North why not make yourself happy, move back where you came from. Good riddance!

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