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  1. Douglas Thomson

    Because the Disneyland Monorail does not have air conditioning, it makes perfect sense to close during the summer. Midday there are our closures now when the weather exceeds a certain temperature. Clear skys and cement repairs of the beam would be helpful for any reconstruction efforts.

    1. Kelly

      We went in September and even then the Temps we’re consistently too high to open.

  2. Peter Kiviat

    Disney has been lucky at both resorts with their monorail systems. Neither one would cut the mustard on safety in any public transit system.

  3. Jody

    First ever visit… happening July 11.. Soni guess half the park will be closed… half the rides closed… yet i see no reduction in prices… so what bother going if nothing worthwhile will be available….

  4. Robert Munes

    I wouldn’t mind if the Monorail at Disneyland was removed. Other than a convenient entry into Disneyland, from the further end of Downtown Disney, it runs on a short loop. It’s a fun novelty but if it’s not worth it for them to maintain, I’d say do away with it. It would also be one part of freeing up the land that Autopia takes up. If they do away with that one also, gas powered cars and all, that’s a lot of land for new things. Like more walking space to accommodate the crowds.

  5. AG

    Why is there so much junk cluttering up this site?

  6. Beckstle

    I’ve been thinking that this blog is no longer run by Dinsey. I think DeSantis sycophants may have taken it over when he changed the board.

    1. David

      Never been run by Disney.

  7. JoeNYWF64

    Another closing – less for your +$100 ticket.
    Shocked no a/c on the Disney monorail. Man, is that cheap!
    Even the temporary AMF monorail at the ’64-’65 NY world’s fair(ticket was $2!! to get in) had a/c!
    Not to mention theaters in the 1920’s had a/c!
    Will Disney be adding a/c or at least fans & windows that open to the refurbished D-land monorail?? Or just some coats of paint?

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