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Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney


  1. Joe

    Minimum age is 7

  2. kathleen

    Transparency: I am a senior adult who visits Disneyland with my adult daughter to celebrate our birthdays.

    Of course, if there is space to create a line queue, single riders should be allowed for as many rides as possible. But I also believe the minimum age to be a single rider should be 13.

  3. Gary

    Like Walt had said come one come all and I am sure that would include Disney Adults & on the very young the parents will take care of them!

  4. Andrew

    It’s great that Disney tries very hard to accommodate all ages. I’m a disabled Vet and they offer a perfect service for those of us who can’t move too fast

  5. Strange how times change. By 10 years old I was running around the park unattended with my 8 year old brother. We would go on Space Mountain, Matterhorn, and Big Thunder Mountain, while my mom and aunt would take my younger cousins on the kiddie rides. Later in the day we would meet up and go on rides that everyone enjoyed(Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Country Bear). Nowadays you would never see kids that age roaming the park by themselves.

  6. Elaine

    Single rider is not new. They’ve had single rider lines for a l9ng time.

  7. Patricia

    Disney gives me a place to watch happy people in a world that’s not so happy these days. This makes me feel happy. Thank you Disney for my moments of joy.

  8. Robert Munes

    Incredicoaster is one my favorite single rider line rides. It happens in three parts: Along the railing outside the ride, a chain roped section inside, then a square of space after using two elevators. I’ve gotten into fun conversations with other single riders there. Fun to crack jokes about the small elevator space that we crowd into. There’s no line order in the third part of the single rider line. Everyone at that point is clumped together and it’s a matter of who responds when a cast member calls for a single rider. I like to let kids and others go before me, to foster good gestures and good vibes.

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