Insane TikTok Video Shows Group of Girls Tackling Disney in 24 Hours

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Insane TikTok Video Shows Group of Girls Tackling Disney in 24 Hours

Have you ever wanted to spontaneously do something big, like booking a flight with your closest friends and traveling to Orlando to accomplish Disney World in 24 hours? These girls did.

Disney in one day
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Group of Girls Do the Impossible in Viral TikTok Video by Doing Disney in 24 Hours

TikTok is a platform that many people use to create meaningful and engaging content for their desired audience. Others use it to keep up with recent news about their favorite places like Walt Disney World.

A group of friends decided to try and accomplish something many believed impossible: Disney in 24 hours.


made the decision and had the tickets booked 30 minutes later…. #disneyworld #disney #fyp #foryou #24hrs

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@itsaciebaby on TikTok released a video just yesterday of her and her friends attempting to accomplish the entirety of WDW in 24 hours.

They spontaneously decided to book a trip to WDW at the last minute, and the video captures every moment – from booking their airfare to getting to the Parks.

Although only 28 seconds long, the video demonstrates that folks can try and complete Disney World in one day.

Off-Season for Walt Disney World Resort
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It’s Not Impossible to Do WDW in 24 Hours – Here’s How

As the girls did in the video above, you too can accomplish Disney World or any other central theme Park, and here’s how.

First, if you’re planning a spontaneous trip, clear your schedule and tell the right people: not everyone needs to know where you’re going.

Second, book your flight cheaply through Spirit Airlines or Frontier Airlines (for those in the United States). Although a little sketch is not worth it, you will get to carry on a free item of your choice, like a bookbag or a giant purse, without paying for luggage or checking it.

Disney in one day
Credit: Disney

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I am moving on. After booking your cheap flight, pack your free carry-on item.

Pack lightly and efficiently. You’re not going to crap yourself while on a one-day vacation, so don’t pack a million pairs of underwear.

Pack what you need ONLY – toiletries, underpants, one or two outfits, license, credit cards, wallet, purse, or anything else you use daily.

After packing lightly, head to the airport and take off to your destination.

Once getting to WDW, just try not to spend money on dumb things or things you can’t take home.

Only ride your favorite or newer rides first; that way, you have more time to see all four Parks.

I’m sure there are more tips and tricks to spontaneously going to Disney for 24 hours.

What are your tips and tricks for randomly going to Disney World in only 24 hours?

Lets us know in the comments below!

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