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Harrison ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Credit: Disney


  1. People who use the term “Woke” were dropped on their heads at birth and spent most of their childhoods eating lead paint chips.

    1. Waldo

      I was dropped on my head. Thx pal

    2. That’s a highly intellectual, well thought out comment, moron.

      1. Poor little thing got his feelings hurt. Bless your heart!

    3. Kimberley

      Nothing brings me more joy, than to see Disney Lucasfilm stumble and fall so hard. They did it with Star Wars, they did it with Willow and now they’re going to do it with Indiana Jones. Just goes to show you how useless this company is, without a creative visionary at the head. This studio is run by an incompetent muppet, chasing clout with ideologues and pseudo online activists.

      It’s actually been amusing to watch LucaslessFilm falter, step by step.

      I hope Krapleen Kennedy stays on and continues to demolish and disfigure everything that talented people built before her. It’s such a comforting feeling to know that it’s been left in such crapable hands.

      Here’s to another 20 years of terror, Kathleen!

    4. Duke

      I think you’re describing people that are woke

      1. That’s because of all of the lead chips you ate as a young lad. The lack of intelligence makes you easily confused.

        1. Mmm

          Those are just the woke people, you were probably confused, like not knowing whether to wear pants or a dress this morning

    5. Michael

      That’s one explanation. Bad parenting, dilapidated public schools, watching to much Fox. Meth? Because being smart aint cool? Its a combination of things. Perhaps a Drop on head and lead paint chips too.

  2. Bob

    You actually got paid to write this?

    1. Tom

      This site is incel

      1. ML


        That’s the best you’ve got.

        So on one thread this is an incel site, on another thread it’s a supporter of woke.

        Which one is it? It’s certainly not middle of the road.

        What’s clear here is that this place is starting to become less and less interesting.

  3. Chris

    “Woke” is a term with no meaning. It simply replaces “political correctness” as a boogeyman that certain people can point to, to encompass anything they don’t like or don’t understand.

    1. John


      1. You don’t need to confirm your status as a bottom feeder, John. We already know.

      2. ML

        Worked really hard to come up with just one word for a response. Sheer genius.

  4. Andrew

    There is NOTHING wrong with being more diverse! The author of this article seems to hate diversity calling diversity “woke” which I am already fed up with woke being used as a deragotory term! Just a few years ago and before, people were looked up to and complimented for being for diversity. Now people are looked upon with disdain if they want diversity. It is as if we crossed over into some horrible alternative universe where diversity is frowned upon instead of praised using woke in a deragotory manner. I feel the author of this article is a bigot who hates upon anyone else not “like” this author

  5. Usher

    They’ve already made an Indiana Jones series without Harrison Ford: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

  6. Keifers the Red

    Disney no longer the magic kingdom.It’s the Woke Kingdom now.

  7. Daniel

    An Indiana Jones franchise without Indiana Jones doesn’t make any sense. If they want to go on, they have to recast the role, just like they did with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

  8. Go ahead Disney. Like all the other “remakes”, modern day garbage, they have all flopped due to gender inclusion, alphabet soup whatever remakes, etc…why not, keep wasting money- thus the reason for Disney stock to continue dropping as is everything else Disney– its sad

  9. Fan

    Angered SOME fans… not angered fans. Not all of us are toxic fanboys interested in gatekeeping.

    1. Sigurther

      The movie is a dumpster fire of such epic proportions that even the paid shill reviewers have nothing good to say about it.

  10. JP

    As long as there’s still fascist punching and grave robbing involved you can call it whatever your lack of imagination comes up with.

  11. Jimbot66

    Get woke
    go broke
    it’s a slippery slope you should a said nope.
    But you’re a dope.

  12. Jeb

    I hear Woke all the time now. Describe people movies ideas books. What I find funny is that you’re a bunch of scared little people. And what I really love about all this is That Disney will be here long after you’re gone. And it’s just a movie.

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