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Tiana guiding riders past a band of river animals and Louis the Alligator Princess and the Frog

Credit: Disney


  1. This is so bad

  2. Steven

    No it doesn’t. Splash Mountain today, Splash Mountain tomorrow, Splash Mountain FOREVER. Tiana will never have any attraction.

  3. Marie

    So, I alongside many were born in the South. Who did not learn the song Zip a de do da Zip a de Day, when they were growing up? Brer rabbit and Brear bear? So, the Song of the South is this Story, the story the ride was based on. Walt Disney want to welcome everybody. If the ride offended you, don’t ride it!
    Now, a fond memory for me, my family and my children feel discrimination. For being Southern and loving the story and ride.

  4. Anonymous

    It makes sense. It doesn’t really generate widespread merch to pull people to the park and most people of the latest generation wouldn’t have heard of it at all since it barely makes a splash internationally.

    Meanwhile, Princess and the Frog theme uses a newer set of characters & a princess plus it’s on theme enough to work, so of course it’s an easy rebrand.

    It’s like when universal closed the Jaws ride. The novelty is mostly nostalgia for an audience that have already visited by now if it appealed to them & it has probably mostly aged out of the latest generation of visitors. Nobody is expecting more Jaws anytime soon, so there’s not much pull for first time park visitors unless they specifically have family with nostalgia for it (a shrinking audience).

    1. Steven

      Wow. Just wow. You are wrong about everything. If kids don’t know the characters from Splash Mountain or can’t connect with it, then WHO CARES? Not everything has to be based on what’s popular or what kids recognize. That’s what Walt thought, how Disney was run for decades, after his death and when I take Disney over and make it great again, that’s how it will be again. All decisions will be made by asking four simple words: “What would Walt do?” I will be deciding what kids want for them and pushing it on them whether they want it or not. I will be denying them Princess and the Frog and not allowing anything Tiana in the parks.

      Not everything has to be about merchandising either. That mandate that originated under Paul Pressler in the late 90s needs to go and will under my rule.

      As for Jaws, that audience that relies on nostalgia is the only audience that matters. When I take Disney over, I will be catering to the only guests who matter: the purists. Nostalgia is king and Walt loved nostalgia. I do expect more Jaws at Universal and so do real fans. And if you think relying on nostalgia will cause the Disney parks to go bankrupt, I have a bridge to sell you.

  5. Bort

    Good riddance to that lame ride!

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