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A group of adults visit Walt Disney World

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  1. Corey

    This is such mentally ill way of thinking lmao

    1. Alicia

      Being near Orlando, we ALWAYS seemed to plan our visit during Pride (days, month).
      Explaining men in high heels and tutus is always interesting 🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. I agree, this woman needs help. She was obviously given everything, and spoiled rotten herself to think just because she is a Mom, her kids deserve special treatment..I’m a Mom, I get the lines are horrendous at Disney; but they have always been that way; so get in line, and shut up your screaming spoiled Kids; and better prepare for a Day there next time, or never even better… I grew up vacationing there, my kids were brought there every year, and Now I’m a Grandmother, I still bringing my Grandchildren there every year too.. I can’t stand you not smacking that Kid throwing a tantrum in public, when we are all sweating to death in line… My lord this Generation is so freaking entitled.. Maybe Disney is the only happy memory they have as a child, and just need to be reminded there is something left in the world that they can escape to.. Let’s ban out of control children that ruin the day we are spending a fortune on, and planned forever too.. and Ban their deaf parents that ignore them thinking it will make them stop pitching a fit, making everyone else miserable… We do not love your spoiled brat, and think it’s being cute..If anything that little demon of yours is evil.. Smh..

      1. Ken

        Yes! Let’s ban the out-of-control spoiled rotten children! When our kids were little and we went to WDW, we always reminded them before going that this was a family trip and that we would be doing things everbody wants – not just the things they wanted. The trip wasn’t all about them, and I can’t imagine teaching a child that everything is about them! What a way to ruin a child. My wife and I still enjoy going without the kids, now that they are grown.

  2. WOW. Sorry lady Disney is for EVERYONE

    1. Gary

      Tink you are right Walt said that Disney is for the young and old!

      1. Jess

        Isn’t that what Uncle Walt said? “For the young, and the young at heart”?

      2. Bekah

        It’s amusing that they think banning childless adults is being “more disney”
        Walt created the parks so adults could be kids again. Disneyland and would were not built for children. They were built for adults. Children were just the added bonus in making money.

    2. Donna

      We are childless adults who have been to Disney parks many times & loved every minute. Lady, teach you kids to be patient & that they’re not the center of the universe (or Magic Kingdom!)

      1. Debra

        I totally agree with you on this Disney is for every age. Parents need to stop spoiling their kids

      2. Thomas Kuhn

        Parent complaining appears to be raising a mini narcissist just like she is.

      3. Sue

        Completely agree. Senior citizens, never had kids, been going to “our happy place” since it opened and even more often since moving to Orlando. What the heck is wrong with people?

    3. Damn right! Since when does the United States have to become Communist Russia?!? If I want to go to Disney World, I should have every damn right to do so! I didn’t get to go as a child because my parents were poor and I am damn well determined to get there someday no matter what anybody thinks. Only God controls my destiny! Not other people!

  3. Jen

    So, if you’ve had a child & they’re grown, are you still allowed to go? 🤣

    1. Marjie

      I was wondering the same thing! We took all three of our daughters many times while they were young. My husband and I still like going, even though our girls are all grown up with their own children now. 😊

    2. Teddy Gingerich

      I’m not sure. My adult daughter is recently married, so our mother/daughter trips will eventually be a threesome – when she can take the time. So I plan many more wonderful solo trips (which I love). Am I going to be turned away? Will CMs shame me on Main Street for not having a young child with me? Will my MK be canceled because I go solo? The questions abound.

      And ITM, you need to do better. This isn’t a “report;” it’s from a social media comment by an unhinged woman whose whiny brat couldn’t wait in line for a pretzel. It’s also old news. No one is really calling for the banishment of Disney adults, least of all Disney. They know how much money they make from adults with plenty of disposable income. The people who whine about Disney adults are sad, strange little people. They have my pity.

  4. kathleen

    I guess these parents have never watched Walt Disney’s Opening Day Speech at Disneyland on July 17, 1955.
    “To all who come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.”

  5. Chris

    People like her should be banned from going. Parks are are for everyone, don’t like it? Don’t go.

    Lines too long? That is caused by Disney’s poor planning, not childless adults, put the blame where it belongs.

    1. Jeff

      Disney adults are an important part of what pays for Disney parks to survive, thrive, and grow. Disney can get very crowded and frustrating, but there are resources like websites, apps, books, and YouTube videos to learn better ways to maximize fun while minimizing lines. Disney’s just too popular to think you can just pop in whenever and have a fun easy day. Research and planning can make a huge difference in the experience for guests of any age.

  6. Anon

    How very selfish and ableist. People who can’t have kids should be banned?! Because that’s also what she’s advocating for.

    I am trying to conceive, we haven’t been successful yet. Disney, I like many others, grew up with. This lady is basically saying I should be banned because my body isn’t “normal”.

    Ban all these selfish people trying to gatekeep the magic instead starting with this person

    1. Sj

      To Anon. I hope your journey for conceiving is successful . Best wishes to you ! Enjoy Disney, everyone deserves to be there !

      1. GR

        Classic Karen nonsense. Period.

    2. Jennifer


      1. Mom

        I thought it was sad to see adults obviously deprived of a good childhood at the Halloween party. They were dressed up and trick or treating. Very sad

        1. Bonnie

          More likely, they had a great childhood and were enjoying the opportunity to relive the magic of Halloween as kids!

        2. Teddy Gingerich

          My adult daughter loves Halloween. One of these days, she’s going to actually get to DL for the Halloween events. She had a great childhood. She just loves costumes and spooky stuff. And candy. Who doesn’t like candy?

          I think your judgmental attitude needs a bit of realignment. People have fun in different ways. They don’t all have to be whatever YOUR idea of fun is.

    3. Aud

      I agree. We are a childless couple who have been to Disney World parks. We never should have done that! Our bad! Ugh. What is this country coming to when entitled parents think they and their children are the only people who have rights.

  7. If only people could just mind their own business and not try to rule everyone else’s lives.

    1. Jennifer


    2. sarcasm/
      But that’s unAmerican!!

  8. Steve

    I agree with them, Disney is mainly for kids, and adults without kids should be banned from the parks. They are generally the worse, most entitled people in the park, and they should “grow up” and move on.

    1. Steve

      So 18 or older.. Unless you have kids, you’re not allowed to go to Disney… You sound like a reasonable person… Lol

    2. Steve

      And you should be banned from America since you want to practice discrimination

    3. You must be one of them!

    4. Tricia

      OK, so, you are saying that because I was unable to conceive a child, I am selfish and therefore not allowed to enjoy Disney? I think that is called discrimination.

    5. Andrea

      Unfortunately the adults with children demanding this ludicrous ban are the ones creating entitled, selfish children! Teach patience and respect! Most of the “childless adults “ were in Disney when their children were small and had a great time!!

    6. Bre

      What utter nonsense. Walt’s Dream was a place for both young and old alike. It will forever remain ageless. You’re preaching entitlement when you’re the one that sounds “entitled”.

    7. Craig

      Steve, your comment is the most entitled in this comment section. Walt Disney (the person who designed and created these parks) made them for EVERYONE OF ALL AGES. Walt would be rolling over in his grave if he knew the entitled BS spewed out of people’s mouths like you.

    8. DLB

      get a grip Steve. What about people who have grown children or those who can’t have children? That mother needs to discipline her kid and teach them the value of patience rather than teaching them that the world owes them something (which it does not). Adults, with or without children, have every bit as much right as anyone else to enjoy the magic of Disney. Walt said it himself “for the young AND the young at heart”. It would be even better if that could happen without self-righteous, entitled, egotistical, nay-sayers like you and that mother.

    9. Daniel C.

      Wow, just wow, it is sad to think that you live in a world where childless adults are immature. I can tell you this much, I went last time when I got a 4.0 GPA in College to celebrate that accomplishment. I was 28 at the time, unmarried, without children and I went alone. I can tell you this much, I was among the most behaved in the park. We don’t think we are entitled, but I like many others are there to relive past memories of when my parents used to take me as a kid. Also, not every adult has been to Disney, probably because they couldn’t afford it, but some still have that goal, and I hope that every single one of them gets to have thar experience before they die.

  9. Pam

    I think there should be days when only adults can go.their screaming babies and strollers running up your butt is just as disturbing,if not more

    1. Steve

      In the country where I live , it is illegal to discriminate against anyone. If you don’t like it leave America

      1. Kevin

        How Have we, a society,become so selfish and jaded,as to want to deny people the simple childlike pleasures and joy of a Disney attraction,simply we aren’t fortunate enough to have children??? My youngest brother is in his forties,but mentally and physically handicapped.I DARE you to tell Him “He Doesn’t belong”!!! Disney is for EVERYBODY….. Young of Old!!!!!

        1. Teddy Gingerich

          Your brother deserves to have a wonderful Disney trip far more than some of the crabby people who complain about guests without children in tow. I hope you have many lovely visits.

    2. Ashley

      I would pay extra for that

  10. Gary

    No Steve & Pam Walt’s Disney is for everyone young, old whether you had kids or not just behave your self & everyone should have fun!

    1. Yes, and everyone means everyone, not just the people that look and act like you.

  11. Steve

    So 18 or older.. Unless you have kids, you’re not allowed to go to Disney… You sound like a reasonable person… Lol

  12. Scott


    Fix the glaring typo in your title. Geez

  13. KA

    I was unable to have a child but being the amazing auntie that I am my nieces/nephews have gone to the parks. While it would be amazing to do EVERYTHING the reality is that is not possible. We discussed the disappointment and moved on. Amazingly those kids are scared from missing out and are growing into normal adults😜. It’s sad when adults and children are unable to cope with such “lifetime disappointments”. Kindness extending to EVERYONE should be taught.

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t believe some of these comments …aunts and uncles need to be included in their nieces and nephews lives.

    2. Craig

      KA, You sound like an amazing aunt. This kids are very lucky to have someone like you in their lives. Thank you for helping continue the magic for them and other generations to come. I have been to the parks once in my life. My wife and I took our honeymoon there for 14 days and still did not get to experience everything we wanted. But we had an amazing time still and we are not disappointed at all in our trip. Maybe because we where taught by our parents not to be entitled little brats and understand that we don’t get to do every single thing we want to in life, and that’s just part of life. Enjoy what you have and don’t focus on the negative. It makes everything better.

  14. Hadtosayit

    Imagine thinking you are entitled to ban millions of people from enjoying Disney. Smh

  15. Cc

    I hope you choke on a pretzel. lmfao !!!

  16. Steve

    According to the constitution of the United States it is illegal to discriminate.

  17. GenX

    OMG! So your kid has a meltdown because they have to wait!? Welcome to life. Good lesson for your kid that they can wait their turn like everyone else. Geez. Crybaby adults are the worst.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      Crybaby adults crying because their kids have to follow the same rules as everyone else are totally the worst. “I should get to go to the front of the line because my baby wants to ride NOW,” Yikes.

  18. Matt

    Life is full of disappointment. Get over it.

  19. Ashley

    Get f***ed, I am proud to be a Disney Adult with no gremlins

    1. H

      From how vile you sound, it’s probably a good thing you aren’t a parent.

  20. Ralph Malph

    A.l. Is making it more and more difficult for the average IQ or is this just sarcasm… that’s it just a joke.

  21. Shannon

    My husband and I go to the Disney parks, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with the grandkids. We started going when the grandkids were born to check out which resorts, parks were best for their ages as they have grown. I believe Disney parks are for everyone. How does the person know that when standing waiting for a pretzel, 1 parent wasn’t in line while the other parent waited with the children??? We do that so we are not taking up as much room in line.

  22. Max

    Adults who spent money on the parks when their children were young should no longer spend money there now that they’re grown? That would be a great business model for the Mouse.

  23. Basically , because you have a spoiled brat, that refuses to wait in line. That myself and my family that have been coming to the parks for, myself 50 yrs, my wife and daughter 25+yrs. We should stop coming to our vacation spot?
    I have an idea, teach your children, you have to wait in line for certain things, you are any more important then the people in front of you.

  24. Bobby

    Wow! These Karens are calling Childless Disney Adults “entitled”, and yet they have the gall to complain about waiting on line and judge others for what makes them happy. Such hypocrisy. SMH. Disney is for everyone, and they accept everyone, regardless of age and whether or not you have kids, and if these entitle Karens have a problem with that, they should Bibbiti-Bobbiti-Back off!

  25. Pat

    Boo hoo, her child didn’t get a Mickey Pretzel because the adult stood on line the same as she did. This is the time to start teaching your child it’s ok to be upset, but sometimes we can’t always get what we want talk. Sorry we are adults going without our grown children. Like it or not we adults are here to stay

  26. Andie

    I’m a childless Disney adult and these people are crazy. Everyone has a right to enjoy the parks young or old with or without children. These parents that want childless adults banned from the parks are part of the entitled crowd that think the whole world should cater to them and frankly I’m over it. I have on many occaisions offered to let a family go on front of me because there are parts of the parks where it’s really about the kids but that doesn’t mean these parents have the right ro take away my Happy Place. I need a break from my daily life too.

  27. Eddie Robinson

    This country is getting more like Russia every day, from a x president trying to be a dictator to people are getting punished for freedom of speech to this banning people what a shame

  28. Matt

    Your kid is upset? Life lesson time kiddo. My folks would not hesitate to remind me that I’m not any more important than anyone else waiting their turn. My emotions were never coddled as a child. I think it into a well adjusted adult. Not many other adults can say that.

  29. Barbara A Horan

    That woman needs to keep her mouth shut. How do you think I know about WDW? I took my daughter there many times and I know what it means to have a small child in tote. Hope to see you there in about 20 years without your child!

  30. Becki

    I would suggest if your children are having a problem waiting in line because of childless adults that want to ride rides to then you need to teach your children a little bit more about how to be patient and you need to be patient yourself because they’re going to react the way you react And if that doesn’t work for you, maybe you and your children should get out of line wait till there’s a shorter line and come back later

  31. Beckie

    I’m a childless adult, but does that mean that I’m gonna let one person who has kids who are not wanting to stand in line and tell me I can’t go to Disneyland that’s not what Disneyland was built or it was meant for everybody if you don’t like that, then maybe you shouldn’t be going if you can’t control your kids, then they shouldn’t be going. I’ve gone every year since it was open and I plan on going as much as I can until I can no longer go. I’ve taken my kids, my grandkids and my great grandkids do I like to stand in line probably nobody does, but it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna stop me from going. I’ll stand in line and I’ll deal with it cause I want to go , your thought process exactly needing some help so maybe you should go seek help before you go the next time so that you know how to explain to your children that they have to wait just like everybody else does

  32. Craig

    I remember the days when my kids would have a meltdown because we were in line for a long time at Magic Kingdom. You know what? They needed a nap or to learn to be patient. It always worked out in the end.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      A nap. The perfect remedy for many small-child meltdowns (maybe adults too). Too many parents drag their young kids to the park from rope drop to closing, with nary a break in sight. DL is quite cool during the winter months, but WDW really doesn’t have much of a break from the heat. Both parks are hot in the summer. Parents are so determined to “get their money’s worth” that they haul exhausted, overstimulated kids from ride to ride for 12 hours and wonder why they begin to deconstruct at about the halfway point.

  33. Andrea

    Unfortunately the adults with children demanding this ludicrous ban are the ones creating entitled, selfish children! Teach patience and respect! Most of the “childless adults “ were in Disney when their children were small and had a great time!!

  34. Deb

    Wow what a bunch of selfish entitled people,to want to ban childless adults so your kid can get to the front quicker,I’ve got 5 grown kids but I still want to have fun in any place I want to go

  35. JTal

    The entitlement of some parents is insane.

  36. FU

    Disney is not just for kids. I realize we now live in a country where everyone feels entitled and that they can just kick and scream like a child when they don’t like something but that’s not how life works.

  37. Matt

    Seven dwarfs ride, 2 hour wait. Line approximate composition: 1 child per 20 adults. This is a children’s ride. Our 5-7 year olds even thought the ride was lame, granted they waited 2 hours to ride it.

    1. DLB

      So you had to wait just like everyone else. Boo Hoo. If you thought the ride was so lame, what do you care who rides it. If it was so lame, you should be glad that the “adults” were there, means they were not elsewhere right? Better yet, if the ride was so bad that you had to wait 2 hours, perhaps you should find some other place to be instead of insisting that adults cater to your skewed and self-inflicted need to get on such a lame ride. There is nothing worse than gown cry babies, maybe those are the ones that need to be banned?

  38. Lise

    Childless Disney adults are the ones with the money! Mind your own damn business.

  39. SM

    Take your kid to Chuck E. Cheese if you don’t want to be around childless adults, i.e., the mentally-unexhausted. And maybe, just maybe, teach your kids some freakin’ patience and about how to share; oh wait, how can you teach something you haven’t yet learned yourself? My bad.

  40. Papa Bear

    What about those if us who haven’t had the luxury of experiencing a Disney Park as a child because we grew up with only one parent who worked three jobs to keep us fed clothed a roof over our heads the livhts on etc. The entitlement of Society today disgust’s me

  41. Dennis

    because of a pretzel???????….get over it lady…bring your own snacks if your kid can’t wait..

  42. Deren

    Sounds to me like she should take her precious miracle child to Legoland instead!

  43. Confused Cat

    Wasn’t the Pretzel line complaint about childless millennials at Disney proven to be a satire post and not even real?

  44. Claire

    What about those adults who love Disney and are unable to have children or have lost a child. Walt created the parks for everyone to enjoy not just entitled parents who want their kids to get everything instead of teaching them the word no!

  45. Chris Riggs-Saberton

    I was going to stop going mostly because it is so hard to get reservations. But now I going to keep coming. Just being childless does not make less of a person. If I have to I will take a family with me.

  46. Phlutter

    Get a grip, Karen. I couldn’t afford Disney when my kid was little, should we not go now that we are all adults and can finally afford it? Check your privilege. Some people’s kids never even get to Disney.

  47. Craig

    My wife and I took our honeymoon at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Our daughter stayed home with grandma. Since we have a child but didn’t bring her are we allowed…? I mean we “know what it’s like to have a child” that should probably make us exempt from her narcissistic pov?

  48. Christine Patton

    I’m childless now as both are grown up. I still go to Disney parks and I am respectful of everyone’s time. The problem today is with unruly and rude adults and children that are spoiling the magic. Those are the ones that need to be banned for life as soon as they cause problems in the parks.

  49. Craig

    Every problem we saw with people when we went last year involved parents and children. Parents screaming at children. I saw a father dump their 2 year old out of their stroller while running to be first in line at Thunder Mountain. This little kit went face first into a stone wall, bleeding, and screaming. Dad grabbed the kid yelled to the 6 year old almost 100 yards back “grab the S*** and hurry up, I’m not going to be late” the 6 year old was in tears because he couldn’t keep up. The dad fought park staff when they tried to intervene for the bleeding infant. People are crazy, selfish, entitled jerks. These are the people ruining the magic not childless adults minding their own business taking their time to enjoy the parks.

  50. M

    I can understand this mother’s frustration being that I’ve experienced this before at many events that were more kid-friendly. It’s hard enough trying to find family friendly events, at least where I live. So, it can be frustrating to find an event overly saturated with adults, especially if they are present for the sole purpose of making social media content. Now, I do not think a childless adult should be banned from enjoying Disney. They should be able to enjoy the park just as anyone else. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have designated days & times for adults and childless adults. Maybe it will alleviate the long lines and crowds?

  51. Nikki

    What about empty nesters who finally get a chance to see Disney without rounding up children before they have grandchildren to round up. Maybe the “childless“ couple in line are just 2 out of group of 15 In including 10 children and they’re getting pretzel’s for everyone? People need to mind their business

  52. Chris

    Here’s an idea lady, if you don’t like the long lines, DON’T go. You’re not entitled to no lines any more than anyone else who goes. You want a place where you probably don’t have to deal with too many childless adults, take your kid to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania or some other kiddie park. Disney is for EVERYONE!

  53. Joan

    This is bull..people should be able to go anywhere if u have no children.if no child adult can’t go then neither should the kids..the kids are spoiled anymore anyways.
    Would love to go when there are no kids..why I go when they are in school but..there is some still there.patents shouldn’t be allowed to take them out of school for vacations..
    Maybe summer break is the time kids should go and adults with no kids the rest of the time.

  54. Joe Young

    My wife and I have taken our three kids to Disney when they were little, and they enjoyed it but was hectic for us. We have gone as kid less adults and was best time ever. There is no reason adults should not enjoy it as well

  55. Confused Cat, it’s not a Satire.. We “Wish” it was a Satire, because those of us that are appalled by Self Entitled behavior at any age; are just exhausted having to put up with them..I’m a duel Citizen; and rarely admit I’m American also anymore, at one time it was something to be proud of; because it’s Embarrassing being compared to these people; especially in the presence of family or friends that do not act like this..Even though they were all brought up in more affluent environments.. These people more than likely grew up in poor homes, with absent parenting; and use that entitlement as a crutch to mask their miserable up bringings..I was brought up in an upper middle class environment, and believe me, the ones from Afflence do not act like that.. We were molded for poise since birth..So this woman is just letting everyone else know, she was brought up in Squalor, by parents that did not care about them; and still in the mindset bad attention; is the only way to get any attention..

  56. John

    I feel the same way about annoying parents and their bratty kids.

  57. Laurie

    How does this person know that the person standing in the pretzel line is childless. Maybe her family is waiting somewhere else while she gets the snacks. I am an adult and love to go to Disneyworld. Her comment is ridiculous.

  58. Cody Porter

    What a load of crap !!!
    Disney will NEVER ban adults without kids from coming to the parks for one reason ONLY… MONEY. Plain and simple. Disney would lose
    a ton of revenue from adults who choose to spend their hard earned income at their parks not just from park tickets, but also from merch, food including treats, special events and of course alcohol (in limited locations) if these childless-adults (including my wife & myself) were not allowed in. That will never happen.
    And I’m sorry, but parents should not blame us if their kids don’t get EVERYTHING they ask for. That’s on them to plan better and find better solutions. How about they teach there kids that they don’t always get what they want. That’s the real world we live in.

  59. Heather W.

    There is nothing wrong with adults going to Disney World. I am now a mom, but before I had kids, I went to Disney’s Epcot Center with my mom for my 26th birthday and had a great time. We enjoyed the rides, the cuisine at the world pavilions, and we went shopping. I don’t see what the problem is.

  60. Carol

    So, I’m a Disney adult ~ my husband and I go together, however, I am also a mother who’s children are grown so I DO know what it’s like to be a mother! I taught my children that they don’t always get what they want and sometimes life isn’t fair. This mother needs to take that advice and teach it to her son. Let her think about when adults go out to an expensive restaurant for a celebration meal and have it ruined by spoiled kids like her son, by wailing at the top of their lungs and running around the restaurant. What’s the difference?

  61. Lauren

    This really boils my bubbles.. my family goes go to disney in honor of my 9 yr oldchild who passed away 4 years ago to a stem cell transplant that was supposed to help keep her cancer away. She was supposed to go to disney on her make a wish to

    n never made it. so my family goes now in honor of her for Christmas. Cause at Christmas it just is not the same with out her. She was the one and only daughter granddaughter and neice. She was it.

  62. Dawn Pinion

    Just because the adults in line don’t have kids with them doesn’t mean they don’t have kids. To say they have no clue is imbecilic. It’s possible they are celebrating and left the kids home (as I’ve done twice) or -and get this- they have someone entertaining their kid elsewhere, or standing in line for an attraction, while they get the snacks; to avoid the meltdown she refers to. She needs to get a clue, and stop blaming others for her sense of entitlement

  63. Mike

    Remember these adults still enjoy the park. They may be reliving childhood memories or have raised their kids already.

  64. Mike

    IMHO if the child needs to be in a stroller they should not be allowed in the Parks. They are to young to enjoy the Parks. Ban the use of strollers. & have a Kid free day once a week, no one under the age of 12.

  65. Anon

    …as someone who is unlikely to ever have children due to being continually dismissed and misdiagnosed… Disney magic is all we have. This individual can say we don’t know how hard it is to be a Mother, and I agree that is a correct sentiment. However, it’s not for lack of trying or invasive operations to try to make that happen.

    These places are for all… Remember the old ‘be kind, you never know what day someone is having?’ … That. The same way we respect those with children, we should be respected as those without.

  66. Merry

    How about having some days with special early morning hours for those with children… and then some late after hours for adults without? Both groups would enjoy it.
    Silly to ban anyone entirely.

  67. Dawn

    I am a mother of 2 who has visited the parks with them almost yearly for the past 10 years. Last year I was able to do my first adult only trip and though it was very different it was still fun. So how dare she say we “don’t know what it’s like to be a mom” I mothered thru 10 trips with children and honestly now that they are teens they still want to go back. Are they mentally I’ll for wanting that?

  68. Mark

    What makes her think that the people in line are childless. Who’s to say the grand parents aren’t watching the kids off to the side somewhere making it less people waiting in line for a pretzel. Anyone deserve to go. Me and my wife are DVC and pay monthly dues to Disney. I’ll be damn they say we can’t go with out our kids.

  69. BC

    This is just plain crazy…People without children have every right to go to Disney..My husband and I are one of those that enjoy going without our kids/grandkids…we always have a great time and enjoy ourselves. If you want to ban childless people, then you should ban children from going to certain restaurants and venues that are specifcally for adults…try it in reverse…some people are just morons!!!!!

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