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Happy Gov. DeSantis laughing at Mickey Mouse, Disney World Castle as a background

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  1. Michael Holland

    Just like everything Deathsantis attacks the process as his claim has zero merit, deathsantis is a weak, thin skinned man that is afraid to take on real problems floridians are facing. Iger has said he will sit down with deathsantis and he wont even do that, he has no end to his means!

    1. AH

      Iger wants the gov to admit he and the state are wrong and that the gov come to him. Iger and his hand picked heir got disney where they are.

  2. Not a sheep

    Here come the temper tantrums.

  3. Darth Iger

    Yo may the woke be with you

  4. He.s judge shopping w.t.f

    1. Well of COURSE he’s judge shopping.
      He’s trying to find one that will disallow any quotes from HIM that weren’t stated under oath as hearsay, and anything anybody anywhere ever said against Disney as absolute truth.

  5. James

    DeSantis has with made it clear that he attacked Disney because of their views on the case. Even I feel Disney is wrong on its views, I don’t feel it should have been attacked in such a viscous manner. I am a Disney fan. I don’t have to agree with everything, but I still love Disney. DeSantis is just trying to be a dictater over something he, in my opinion knows nothing about.

  6. AH

    Disney did not cancel any multimillion dollars projects because of the gov.

  7. Janice Luscher

    Despicable DeSantis did not get his way so he is trying make himself look better since he looks like a complete A** ! Disney put Florida on the map and made it what it has become. DeSantis is running for President so he wants to make an impression and he sure has. He is now hated by everyone for how childish he acts. This is a free country and Disney has a right to their opinion which I agree with. He is taking the rights away by making a mountains out of molehill. He is banning books about black history, he is against women, he is changing colleges to his way of thinking and he is a white supremacist. If he thinks he will be voted for President in the other states, he is in for a rude awakening. You might as well throw your money in the garbage. He is worse than Trump if that is possible.

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