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Disneyland Paris Cast Member strike on Main Street, 23 May 2023 on the left and shocked Character Rapunzel, looking at it

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. With Disney Upper Brass living high on the Hog for decades and fattening their savings accounts on the backs of those cast members it’s not very surprising this is happening

    1. Stan

      Only for liars or people who don’t understand math. The Disney CEO is making 27million a year. 9 million cash and the rest stock options. Sounds like huge money, right? If he worked for free Disney could give it’s workers a 0.02$ an hour raise. That’s not a typo. Two cents per hour. Plus stock options for an additional 0.04$ an hour – mind you, you have to PAY for stock options, and you can’t liquidate them right away.

      The striking Disney employees soak up FAR MORE $ than the executives

      1. Doug

        Yeah cutting Exec pay would make little difference
        but there are other ways. For example there are 1.8 Billion shares of Disney that pay on average about $1 USD in dividends. That’s 1.8 Billion in dividends alone. Disney can afford to pay their park employees a bit more especially in France and CA where cost of living is high. China and Tokyo Disney aren’t included because they aren’t owned by Disney entirely. They can also take measures to cut costs and run more efficiently but that usually requires layoffs which can hurt stock prices. The cost of training new employees vs paying them enough to keep them longer is one way. I’m sure Disney has looked at all the ways and I don’t blame Disney for not increasing pay until they get pressure. Because why would they cut into profits if nobody is complaining? So it’s a bit of a game.

        1. Bravo to the strikers. I live in France and have often wondered why American workers don’t rise up. It’s workers who make the world go round, not owners and managers. Good for Disney employees

          1. Jay

            The French are always striking. Doesn’t that play into this story at all?

          2. Ed Dart

            People forget that Disney Paris is a FAILED business. It has already been sold twice. I don’t think it is making money yet. The employees there suck any profits there are now.

          3. Without the “owners” there would BE NO COMPANY for the “poor, oppressed worker” to work for. Basic economics.

            1. Allyria

              It’s workers who keep complaining in business & prospering. Companies used to b loyal to their employees & tske care of them. Now they treat them as a “rear” in seat who had to wear many “hats” but only get the pay of one

          4. SanityIsGone

            Except that the workers would have nowhere to work if someone didn’t have a business. Workers don’t take the risks, the business does. If a business goes under, the worker will find a new job, while the owners stand to lose everything. Businesses need workers, but workers need someone to pay them.

          5. Allyria

            This is very true & as an American I wonder the sane bc no one is willing to join in. It’s like they’ve all been indoctrinated to give their rights away to companies & let the companies do whatever they want. Job titles used to mean something here, but now companies expect you to be an “everything person” with the pay of just one job title. People here have forgotten that us workers are the ones who keep companies in business.

        2. Valerie

          While I agree costs have gone up for everyone Disney world employees starting pay is better than any other major employer in Florida. $18 starting pay is nothing to sneeze at. Now improved working conditions are relevant to safety for all. Let’s hear that discussion.but enough of the waaaaa. Some people have to exist on way less.

          1. Ray

            The rise in everything else, is what is seeming that much pay to seem so small. Rent, food alone is going to eat that up.

        3. Jon Smith

          Maybe Disney can get Ronda Sanits to play a princess. The orange buffoon can be in the jungle book. Long live Disney. Down with the traitors running Florida.

          1. Mark

            Get a life

          2. Me

            So you basically admit to being woke?

          3. SanityIsGone

            Wow, had to make a workers dispute political? This isn’t even the US based Disney you moron.

        4. Me

          Why do you feel the need to stipulate that the currency is in US dollars?

      2. Glenn

        I hope the Disney Family goes Bankrupt
        Let the Disney Franchise calapse!!

        1. Wade

          I agree. Disgrace

        2. Kyle

          Yeah! Screw the millions of people employed by Disney! They can just go find work somewhere else!

          1. Kari

            ^good point. I hope others get it!

        3. Bets

          The Disney family isn’t the problem. They do not control Disney’s cast member pay checks. While lowering executive pay isn’t the answer either, it does make sense to tie executive pay to a percentage over the lowest paid cast members. As it stands, executive pay is obscene.

        4. Andy Gillespie

          Collapse is the correct spelling. Perhaps you were educated in a public school funded y our wonderful Government

          1. Sam

            *By is the correct spelling…

            Insert self righteous comments section nonsense here.

        5. SanityIsGone

          Screw all the people who depend on them to eat and live right?

      3. Tw

        🤔 they have had raises ,substantial raises a few times now.
        Disneyneeds to can them all and get rid of the union. The caliber of employees hired today (not all but many) is not up to Disney standards and they could care less about being a decent employee nevermind a good one.
        Disney is not immune to failure and the employees are the ones taking them down . Reports of guest exp coming from there now? Have not been good for awhile.

      4. Ur momma

        F Disney period I’m glad rob gave them an eviction 😄

      5. You can give me the CEOs salary any day and I’ll be soaking up sunshine take the workers pay and not eat tell me where you stand Mathematica

        1. Me

          Engwish much?

        2. SanityIsGone

          English a second language for you?

      6. Ron

        It’s one of the 4 seasons in France… Summer, Fall, Winter, and Strike … aka Spring

        Unions were a necessary evil in the early late 19th early 20th centuries. But unions are a business like any other business, each one looking out for its bottom line.

        The average union member now has 2 bosses, prototypical “managment” and the union bosses, both concerned with their bottom line. Each exacting their pound of fles. The former wants cost effectuve productivity, the later its dues. If they were truly in it to make workers conditions better, why aren’t the unions headed up by volunteers from within the rank and file, whose side gig is the union, not their sole occupation. People can chose to work for a company or not, if a company cant hire workers willing to work for a certain wage.

        Then the company would necessarily need to increase wages m if demand outstrips the workforce supply. All without turning a penny over in dues to someone else, who does the thinking for you.

        I’ve witnessed 1st hand how unions make businesses such as healthcare way less efficient with its rules delay care to patients, and have unintended negative consequences on somebody else’s literal life.

        Dragging CEOs income into the fracas, is a tactic meant to sow division m, through jealousy and envy. Not some noble crusade.

        Something might be said for excessive bloat and redundancy of upper middle and middle-middle managers.
        They represent a huge resource suck on a fcompanies financial drain
        How many Assts to the Assts Assistant VPs are required?

      7. pw

        $0.02 is a start, right?
        But honestly, “working conditions,” and “fair pay,” are variable, as is what every large nulti-national corporation has to work with -variability. While workers can, and should, advocate for themselves, executives job is to find balance between customers, employees and shareholders, while managing both income and overall expenses.

      8. Doit

        Not quite Poindexter.
        $27M would pay for a great number of employees at the poor rate they earn, and many are not full time. Also, their pay is in accordance with the need to have them on staff anyway. With WDW making about $40M a day on just admission, they can afford it.

      9. Craig

        Great post

      10. Vicky

        I’m with the workers. They deserve to be paid better

      11. Ken

        “Only for liars?” Who died and made your the world’s spoke person?

      12. We get it your a Stan for Disney. One of their groomer bots. Employees have had enough of thier groomer creepiness.

      13. Me

        The $ goes in front of the number.

      14. Richard

        No one needs to make nine million dollars a year.

      15. Mary

        Besides that, when each worker was hired, they made an agreement to deliver the work as described Disney and to receive a certain pay. If Disney has honored that agreement then Disney has done nothing wrong. The workers are free to leave and find another job. This is the best way to resolve this because the workers should only always be concerned about themselves and honoring their agreement.

    2. Dale

      Fire them and hire some new ones. Cut and dry

    3. Dehammer you are so correct with the CEO living high on the hogs but they are not going to take a pay slash no way so that leaves the obvious race park ticket prices and I don’t know about you but I do know a few parents that will not fork out the fees they are to damn high now, you pretty much have to have a arsenal of money to enjoy yourself at the happiest place on earth. I’m sure the character cast need more money and hopefully they will get it but with everything a person needs to live just went on a sky high hike I sure hope they won’t raise entrance fees.

    4. sbslaw

      Ah, the French – the more things change the more they stay the same

    5. MJD

      Unfortunately, a common malady of upper brass.

    6. Sam

      In Paris. Oh well…

    7. Ken

      Try stockholders not upper brass. Stockholders are nothing but leeches of the poor and middle class.

    8. Will

      Bro why did they shut it down like they could of just upgraded some of the costume

  2. 🌟

    Nobody protests quite like the French… Disney better listen!

    1. Rocky

      This is France AND Disneyland, combine history with Disney Magic. They de-head all the mascots in front of the kids screaming at the underpaid workers underneath the heads. Viva Revolution!

  3. Kathy

    Disney has been jerking cast members around for years. Good for the cast members who are protesting

    1. Ken

      Did those “cast members have Disney come beg them to work for them? Each and every cast member was informed of the wage for their selected positions. They choose to accept that wage and position. Your opinion has been sunk.

  4. BC

    Disney has convinced certain Americans that it is a privilege to be a peeon for the honor of working for Disney. France has a completely different relationship with Disney and working in general.

    1. MJD

      Great comment!

  5. TrumpDesantis

    Go out of business already, pedos.

    1. ADragQueen

      Cry harder, snowflake

      1. Me

        Jesus loves you.

    2. Sam

      Awww…..are you mad? Need a safe space to cry?

      1. Sam

        Don’t you feel a little desperate tryna drop a cheap comeback, on a cheap comeback… in a comments section?

        My kids can’t even pull this move with a straight face anymore.

  6. It’s about time Disney has taken advantage of not only their staff but also the guests that have made them who they are today, it’s time that Disney experiences some hard times perhaps send a message to the greedy stockholders that you can’t price out so many families with your unrealistic prices and gauging & indoctrination of things that a lot of people are not down with, this might be the demise of what was once a great entertainment complex but ow maybe they need to have a reality check if you go woke you will go broke

    1. T

      Nope, better working conditions and pay would be Disney being even more woke.
      Remember, Anti-woke means being Anti-worker and Anti-union because it involves caring about people different than yourself.

      1. Will Edwards

        Did you try to sound that stupid on purpose 🤔

        1. WJ

          I believe it’s called sarcasm 🙄

          1. Topher

            Typical corporate greed, negligence and corruption. End of story.

    2. Mike

      It’s simple, if they don’t like working there can find other employment.

    3. Tony J

      Totally agree. The whole woke thong that the employees shove down the throats of management is totally antithetical to what Disney and family’s that go there expect.

    4. Tw

      You do know employees buy into stocks right?
      I worked there and know exactly what they offer.

  7. Rocky

    I would laugh so hard if this happened in Disney World or Disneyland. It would be the cherry on top of a real MAGICAL 100th anniversary.

  8. Damn this is crazy! Hopefully the Cast Members will get whatever they need though.

  9. Orlan

    This all sounds like Communism to me. Shut down Disney and they loose all their jobs.

  10. Chris

    The “Curse of DeSantis” lives on!!! LOVR IT

  11. Chris

    The Curse of DeSantis lives on!! Viva Ron!!

  12. Emmicah

    I love Disney but what I love even more is companies that make billions per year paying their employees a fair wage. The wonderful experiences I’ve had in the parks wouldn’t be possible without the cast members who’ve made my trips extra special. Disney would be nothing without them and I hope the CM’s get every penny they’re asking for!

    1. Jeremiah

      They are already making great pay. Now they are getting greedy and want even more, for doing less and not bringing anything else to the table.

  13. Remember, zippidy doo dah is racist. Interesting, protest in Paris. Doesn’t really affect us here. Cast members here are kinda losing the magic. Probably want to work at home.

  14. Jeremiah

    Good, let Disney shut down and these ungrateful people lose a few days pay. They’ll come back, hat in hand, begging for their jobs. Hold strong Disney, these commies don’t deserve more without bringing more to the table.

    1. Karl marx the second

      Or the workers comrade can rise up
      And shut down the bourgeois capitalist fat cat multi million dollar slave sweat shops who make their millions on the back of the exploited workers who toil and on the sweat of their backs make the money for a apathetic corporation who squeezes the life and joy out of the worker

      Workers of the world rise up and free yourselfs from the shackles of oppression and oppression

      Death to the kings
      Death to the rich parasites of the world

  15. Ann

    Disney please go away.
    We Have thousands of people-owned small farms that would love to open up here.
    Go up to NY state!!
    Florida has no shortage of people wanting 10 acres to grow veggies on.


  16. Tony

    Disney loves pedophiles and dudes in dresses. I hope they go broke. It’s a travesty that any parent would support a company like this.

    1. Wade

      Many will because they have no backbone and family values. Sickening times.

  17. Sean

    Typical of organized labor. Want more without bringing more to the table. Do the same job, no risks taken by employees to keep people employed or having skills to run a business, but complain about the people taking the risks to employ people.

  18. dgc

    Look stop ruining peoples vacations, if you do not like it there get a new job.

    1. Wade

      Too easy for them to have a woke platform too cry.

  19. Nathan

    What? Disney’s a terrible company to work for? I for one am shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

  20. Please God make Disney go bankrupt!

  21. Cn

    Dont like conditions, find another job

  22. Mark

    You all do know disney and disneyland paris separated a long time ago france is in charge just like the asian countries are in charge there! Jeff and Josh wont let that happen here they love the parks and everyone at them. DLP should have closed yrs ago.

  23. Suzanne

    I am completely on the side of the workers, however, protesting in front of all the children is wrong. This is the job you accepted and politicizing the children is not helping your cause. Better to walk off the job

  24. Kimber

    Fire the Union! Keep the money you are paying then & you got a raise . Disney could just close the park & eliminate all these jobs and then you wouldn’t have to worry about going on strike.

  25. Lozzy

    If the cast members in California did this they would ALL be fired on spot without question. They should protest outside the park so that they don’t ruin someone’s day but if they did that they would be ignored.

  26. I surely believe the whole world should support Disney employees of ALL parks…As Disney continuosly show off the big company they are they MUST have the best working conditions and best benefit packages of the entire world….for a company with such annual revenues it’s a shame workers must beg for what they deserve. The magic is a false delusion of brightness for the outside but full of darkness and injustice for the inside as workers ARE whom make possible the magic spins all days. As a labor lawyer for 51 years know well about these companies maneuvers to squeeze employees under a false flag of democracy: ALL the money for their pockets.

  27. Go woke Go Broke

    1. Kyla

      Nah. Several companies you consider “woke” are thriving quite well. Lol.

    2. Sam

      What does this even mean?? I get that the left is confused but what has happened to y’all on the right??

      Conservative commenters, are you mad about Disney or about the protesters? I guess it can be both but it is a weird read!

  28. Lori

    All Disney needs to do is hire a bunch of drag queens to parade around and grind up against each others whilst kissing until they reach an area where they can read aloud “woke” books to children. There, problem solved! Maybe those London bare @ssed monkeys with 2 foot long privates can parade with them handing out cherry flavored lubricants to the kiddos.

    1. Bd

      Maybe you could qualify, you sound like a closet queen who’s been locked down all her life.

  29. Nate Lawson

    Folks talk about Disney CEO compensation but say nothing about Musk or Bezos pay. Matter of fact NCAA commissioner make millions but that’s okay even if it’s on the back of struggling college students. This is sad!

  30. Sharon Mims

    I understand the cast members’ issues. It was the same way when I worked at Disneyland in the 60’s. BUT it is NOT fair to the Disney guests who paid big bucks to be at the park. The
    cast members have the right to quit their jobs. I chose to stay because it was such a fun place to work.

  31. Oz

    Good for them. As a former CM, I can say Disney doesn’t value their cast members at all.

  32. David P.

    Without workers there is no businesses. They are the ones who sweat, go through physical pains and have to deal with daily stress. If companies wish to keep thriving then pay your employees what they truly deserve.

  33. Cheryl

    But no one is making them stay there and work they can quit if they get enough people that quit and no one works then they’ll do better benefits and better pay

  34. I will never spend another dime on anything Disney !!!! Go woke Go broke!!!

  35. Barbara

    It used to be a great place to work in the old days. So sad it’s had to come to this. Those workers deserve.

  36. Jeannine Meech

    Walt would be turning over in his grave. There is a time and a place. If the Cast have a grief, striking in front of children and ruining the Magic of their visit is not the way to do it. Additionally people are paying THOUSANDS of dollars to come to these Parks now between airfare, hotels and Park costs. I would be very upset to get their and find out events were cancelled because of unsettled staff. Deal with you dirty laundry behind closed doors. Follow the appropriate channels. But don’t take it out on the rest of us.

  37. Sher

    Many employees work part-time and live in hotel rooms with families,just one step from being homeless. Disney should take notice and pay enough to provide employees a living wage. That said,they should also keep their entertainment family oriented. Much of their entertainment is perverted and has undertones that are not for children. It’s time Disney clean up their acts and take care of their workers!

  38. Happy

    Well I guess it’s a small world after all. We all make choices about our lives, don’t we?

  39. Dan Dunn

    The French are revolting! Of course they are. And they are protesting by not working too

  40. This is illegal against the cast members if I were you Disney pay your employees now or be like the NBA with a third season

  41. HonestyandRealityGuy

    But, they “identify themselves” as the greatest place on earth! Because they identified, it must be true. Because they all live happily thereafter.

  42. SanityIsGone

    Find another job. It really is that easy. If you don’t like how your employer is treating you, go find somewhere that you like. Or, get back to work. Disneyland has made money because the organization had great ideas until very recently. People will say they make money off the backs of the worker, but it is not like those workers didn’t know what their pay and benefits were before they started working there. I would like a raise as well, but it I can’t get what I want at my current job, there are others out there.

  43. Cheryl

    I hope the people striking are also against the Pedophelia happening at Disney also!!!!😡😡😡

  44. JoeR

    It’s Disneyland Paris. Did anyone even notice?

  45. Rose

    Most people are ignorant of the fact that they would have absolutely NO work benefits today without the courage of organized labor vs. greedy rich capitalists from the past. So if you choose to be on the side of elites instead of the common working people you need to turn over ALL your job benefits NOW – medical benefits, sick leave, paid holidays, time studies, safety protection agencies, protection for children enslavement, and on & on. Give them ALL up because if you don’t there is a name for you – a disgusting “SCAB”.

  46. Allyria

    There is a WHOLE lot going on in France that isn’t being talked about much in the states. None of which have to do with Disney exactly. They have to follow the laws from each country they’re in. This all has to do with laws/proposed bills in France relating to pension & other things which have caused strikes & protests around the country (France).

  47. Liz

    They are not hurting Disney as much as the children who this may be their only time to visit the park. Shame on them.

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