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'Harry Potter' Movie and Characters; Ron, Harry, and Hermione on the right and Voldemort on the left. Harry Potter Reboot

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  1. Suzanne

    It’s a ridiculous idea!! Whom ever thought of this should be fired along with his team.
    This is all about money and nothing else! Leave the original films intact and if they ever film a secondary, the original cast should be the only cast they have. Grow up!!

  2. Jack Todd

    I think it is a really good idea and I’m looking forward to seeing the books in a whole new light I believe it would be refreshing to watch

  3. Jasper

    All these reboots are ridiculous!!!!

  4. R.B.

    If the writers have some fresh ideas that harken to the series we all watched and came to love (and maybe inject some things not used from the books as how J.K. Rowling wrote them), I’d be interested in joining HBO Max to watch this series!! The original films and books are and will always be near to my heart but maybe some new perspective wouldn’t be all that disastrous. Time will tell what is to come.

  5. Tonya Lacrosse

    Like who exactly who will be watching this? So Gen X and millennials have already watched Harry Potter and aren’t interested in watching some reboot. At least not enough for it to not bomb. And Gen Z well some watched the original and the others who haven’t don’t like JK as a person with her views towards the transgender community. So who is exactly the target audience? How do they think people will watch this? The only reason Hogwarts Legacy or whatever that game was called was successful is it was its own thing. It was new. Rehashing the old like Fantastic Beasts did just doesn’t work.

  6. Jen

    As a Gen Xer, I can confirm that I have been waiting for Harry Potter to be made into a premium series for years. The movies did not do the books justice. I can’t wait for the series!

  7. R.S

    I think it is too soon and disrespectful of the original cast. I think it is just J.K trying to regrasp the fame she had with the original movie series. I think she got comfortable with the fame , the prestige and money that came with the original series that she lost after her harmful statements and instead of owning up to ut and moving on with something new she’s trying to reach back and live in the past before her hurtful comments about other people’s way of life.

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