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  1. Merlin

    The dead tree on top of Splash Mountain is Br’er Fox’s lair on Chick-a-Pin Hill in Walt Disney’s Song of the South.

  2. Valerie garfy

    I am not very excited, because Pincess and the Frog is not a Disney Classic, and the music was not very good. I only appreciate Dr Facilier character. I would prefer instead, a wreck-it ralph ride, the music was excellent.
    In my opinion, the two best disney ride ever are it’s a small world and Splash Mountain. Especially Splash mountain, because i love country music, and splash mountain music was the best disney music ever, as good as The Three Little Pigs. I spent a lot of money, with the hotel, to come to do splash mountain at least twice a day, then go to Galaxy’s Edge.
    The happy times are over. the Tiana ride can never be good because I don’t like her music, the story isn’t famous, and the characters aren’t charismatic, except for Dr Facilier.

    1. h

      The music in The Princess And The Frog was AMAZING!

      Also, if you’re worried about the ride not being based off a “classic” how does Wreck It Ralph qualify???

  3. Bert

    Looks like it’s time for a change.
    Oh well, on to more important things….

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