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'Finding Nemo' Voice Actor Barry Humphries and 'Finding Nemo' moment

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  1. Justin

    His name isn’t mentioned until almost the end of the article. It’s all fluff about the movie. What a shame.

    1. Todd Bonzales

      My sentiments exactly. It’s shameful.

    2. Jen

      It’s really irritating to have to scroll through the entire article, numerous ads, other celebrities’ tweets, and links to other articles to find out who it was and how he was involved with Finding Nemo. Then it turns out to be someone whose death I already read about two days ago.

  2. Edward


  3. Miss Giggles

    The website’s primary content aside, Barry Humphries was an absolute legend of comedy and “Finding Nemo” is nowhere near the top of the link for what he will be remembered for. It’s unfortunate that he himself was not as instantly recognizable as the characters he so vividly brought to life for almost SEVENTY YEARS, but people worldwide will recognize – and truly mourn – the wonderful Dame Edna Everage.

  4. Zak

    I watched that movie a lot when I was a kid+ finding Dory

  5. John

    It’s very annoying that I hav to scroll through paragraphs of fluff to find out who passed away.
    I would think most people know the plot to Finding Nemo by now, so you don’t have to spend paragraphs AND multiple ads for TikTok explaining what the movie is about.

    I get that you need to run ads to make money, but annoying visitors is not a good way to make money.

  6. CJA

    So glad that Bruce was able to be voiced before the fear of Dame Edna became part of the Florida scene.

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