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  1. Reality Check

    No, real fans just enjoyed the show. Give it a rest, trying to create drama and controversy where it really doesn’t exist.

    1. sturtel

      Read comments on many sites. Not true. They went off the rails. An episode to Epcot with monorails and mickey ears (Lizzo head gear) felt like an SNL parody of the Mandalorian.

      1. Ann

        They need to get back to the real story. Bring back Dune. I’d like to see Mandalore restored. That could help with future stories. But don’t lose the fantastic relationship and adventures with Din and Grogu. It was that which escalated this series to its popularity. Disney has gotten so good at screwing things up. To many off shoots of characters, failure after failure. I was so excited to see where JF was going to take Din and Grogu….now I question it. Then will we have to wait nearly 2 years before season 4? Or will there even be another season?

        1. Jbo

          F the crybabies.

      2. Eric

        I quite enjoy the show. Hope it continues until Mandalore is reclaimed.

      3. Mr. President

        It’s owned by Disney, don’t know what you expected.

    2. Jawabreaker

      Amen to stop trying to create false drama…. Its a great show that’s been able to entertain us and allow us to escape from the constant injection of politics and social nonsense of the current times.

      1. TOR888

        I enjoyed chapter 22 as it was an improvement on earlier chapters..still entertaining but not as good as the first two series.. looking forward for a blockbuster last two chapters

    3. Hugh

      Agreed, I enjoyed it and I’ve been watching Star Wars since the first one came out

      1. Bruno

        So have I and this season has gone off the rails. This week’s episode was a farce.

    4. Jbo


    5. CARLTON

      You’ve got that right! I’m THROUGHLY enjoying this season. Give it a rest trying to stir up controversy where there is none!

    6. Bigload

      Yep she’s just digging wack tweets, everyone knows you shouldnt listen to anyone on Twitter

    7. Brandon

      Yes, real fans hate this show! Get with the truth and stop pushing trashy liberal talking points! Star Wars has been on a decline ever since dummies like you stepped into the light! Get over yourself loser! 💯

    8. Ra

      EXACTLY. Like this DIDN’T HAPPEN. Thry are literaly just lying and manipulating people for attention and drama. It’s US politics all over again.

    9. Modulok

      Who died and made you the one who says who are real fans? I’ve been a hardcore SW fan since the 70s and I too feel that Mando seems like a side character in his own show and that’s comming from a Bo Katan fan.

    10. Jack

      I agree. I saw all three original Star Wars movies in the theater when I was in high school, collected, read paperbacks through the years, ECT…I love the Mandalorian!

  2. Duncan

    I enjoyed it. Don’t care about Lizzy. Her and Black didn’t add anything of value. Christopher Lloyd was a star in this and loved seeing him.

    Looking forward to next episode.

    1. JoeBryant

      Anything with Christopher Lloyd is awsome by default.

  3. nobody9

    This was by far the worst Mandalorian episode thusfar. The whole premise of that episode was an obvious combination of Jackson’s ridiculous Hobbit romances and the Rings of Power Queen Disa filler. Oh, and having Mandalorians for-hire steal a husband and throwing a ball back and forth rather than pursuing a daring mission(s) — really? It’s almost as cringe as the Pershing popsicles. The more “Disney-angst” they make the Mandalorians or the denizens of Coruscant and Plazir, the worse it gets.

    1. Jack

      True, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The original Star Wars movies had some pretty corny scenes. Star Trek movies had some total cheese scenes, and the TV series has some corny episodes, like most TV series. Producers can’t help themselves; probably trying to make the actors happy in their quest to produce someday?

  4. Chris

    It reminded me of old TV shows like The Love Boat or Fantasy Island. Where they had a Special Guest Star each week to boost ratings. Rizzo and Jack Black stuck out like sore thumbs.

  5. Time for new ideas. Getting silly!!!!!!

  6. james l gardner

    Mandolarian is a great series every show has great purpose 6ep opened a lot of doors for Mando and his side kick sir grogru they are heroes that’s what we need nowadays

    1. Hugh

      Agree totally. Looking forward to watching entire third series when it’s complete.

  7. Stephen

    Is Insidethemagic a troll anti-Disney site or something? Yahoo is forever recommending me headines from here and despite the site name they are always negative.

  8. JC Rivera

    I have been a Star Wars fan since 1977 and this show is great. I am so who are these so-called fans that have issue with it? But my guess is that the only so-called fans complaining all work for this website.

    1. Sky

      No it’s just trash. It’s the Bo Katan show now.

  9. Bob

    Another show where Starbuck takes center stage.

  10. Rodney

    Can I get a spoiler warning you nutsacks?

  11. Chris

    Go watch the clones wars and rebels. This is exactly how those episodes are. Enjoy the cameos and story and just enjoy the ride!

  12. Keep it real

    I agree all the complaining is ridiculous. I love the show and the characters. Been a Star Wars fan since 1977, the very beginning. Give it a rest already and enjoy the rest of the show. Bo needs her own show and more boba fett!!

  13. Mark Graff

    The Mandalorian started off as fresh and new and amazing. Then it spiraled into being a “Rebels” live action revival which just ruined it. Ahsoka is going to be exactly the same and the Mandalorian will quickly set that series up too quickly (wait for it…). So it basically ended before season 2 started. These shows just set each other up now just to end the “Rebels” storyline/timeline. Sad but still entertaining.

  14. Aaron

    It would be nice to see a storyline of some sort instead of the random jumping around. What started off as a great series is running out of gas and direction. I think there are to many directors and to many directions going on. It’s going to be hard to pull up from the downward spiral it’s taken.

  15. Smiley

    I thought it was a terrific episode. I like the many references especially the Alice in Wonderland overtone. Enjoyable and fun episode.

  16. Me

    I’ve done decided to hop off the mandalorian fanwagon after they decided to jump the shark with Luke Skywalker then they attempted to patch that hole up with the book of boba mess naw damage done it’s too late. Only did season 3 just out of curiosity. When season is over I’m done for good. To be honest when they fired Gina Carano the show went downhill fast.

    1. Mj

      Your MAGA Gina Carano is promoting a movie about Bidens son.

  17. Frank

    I loved it. It was a comedic romp that had me laughing out loud. More please. Visually the episode was spot on.

  18. DK

    Who exactly are you calling “fans”? That’s like saying “Trekkies” hate “Star Trek”. There were plenty real fans that enjoyed the show. It’s the fake “fans” that want to take the fun out of everything.

  19. George

    It was as awful as it says. No shade on you if you liked it, but stating that the majority of fans aren’t disappointed and upset is quite simply untrue. There was a lot of love for this show. To some people it was the last vestige of Star Wars. Very sad

  20. Elusivek

    When i saw the screengrab of Lizzo and Jack Black, I legit thought it was referencing a parody but no.
    I enjoy Din but I have no issue w with Bo-Karan being THE Mandalorian.
    Some camp is fun but this was just straight off the rails fluff.
    I did wonder about the Dark Saber when Bo-Karan picked it up rescuing Din so I didn’t really have a issue with that part, especially since I didn’t want to see them going at each other.

  21. Shane P. Dalton

    The fact is real fans enjoy the show, not these new toxic trolls that are out to ruin everything. Star Wars has always used big celebrities in their movies, they just hid them under aliens or stormtroopers. This episode chose to do it in the open. Wich I thought was awesome. These new fans are toxic and are ruining everything.

  22. Declan

    No matter what there will be people complain, that’s how they make themselves feel good. I love this show, no problem, very good job, keep it coming. Just ignore the negative voices.

  23. Joanne

    My family really doesn’t like what’s happening with The Mandalorian! We loved it up til now with Din Djarin taking the lead role and his adventures with the baby!!! Bokatan is fine, but not taking over the lead. We Love Pedro and he is a loveable character who we love to watch. The last episode 6 with all the silly characters was not worth my time! We will not watch this show any more if it diverts from its original relationship of Din Djarin as bounty hunter and baby Grogu. Their relationship is so beautiful and funny and gets us teary eyed at times. This show is wonderful as it is. We don’t want to see a woman Mandalore take over. And please, no silly fillers. We waited too long for this show to return.

  24. Stefan

    C’mon, it’s Disney so they can’t have a male lead…it’s only a matter of time before the main character is Bo-Katan.

  25. Madpeanut

    Those crapping on the last episode or Book of Boba Fett don’t see the bigger picture or just want something to complain about. This show is about reuniting Mandalorians and in the last two episodes they gained a physical outpost and an ally with another world and the book of Boba they also gained support from Tatooine. If they want to retake Mandalore then they will need friends and allies. This is about changing Mandalorians from a previous war mongering people to a highly skilled warrior people with an honor code. So basically the Mandalorians are evolving and finding a new place in the galaxy, learning from their past failures.

  26. Thugster

    How is anyone surprised with this, you cannot have a series focused on a man in woke Disney, you have to create a whole season about a stronger fe-male under equality nonsense rules. There will be a gay love story episode soon I assume as well

  27. Mike

    People who think the mandalorian ruined star wars, need to kill themselves

  28. BG

    I don’t understand why people are now hating the Mandalorian. Everyone wanted to know what happens to the mandalorians after the Empire was defeated and also know more about them as a people. I still like the first 2 seasons, but like any storyline or game, they were side quests essentially. Now in the 3rd season, we now have a chance to experience the culture and traditions of the mandalorians and how they have survived for so long. Like in the real world, no one’s knows how a culture or city has survived a war that almost destroyed them until after you visit the place and see how things have changed, or hear about it in a documentary. Like the mandalorians, we get to know their experiences after the Empires fall and the loss of their planet. We also get to know “The Way of the Mand’alor”. For those saying this 3rd season is sucks because there is no luke Skywalker or anything more with the jedi. Think of what this show is called, it’s looking at a culture of people that are known to be amazing warriors and we can see how they live within thr Star Wars universe. If you cannot see what is bring offered to you, then you are more than welcome to not watch the Mandalorian. As for me, I am loving every minute of the mandalorian, and I know that in the last 2 episodes Dave Faloni and Jon Favuor will be making them spectacular that there will be talks for a 4th season

  29. I think the Mandalorian is great. Good things come to those who wait.

  30. Beth

    Why wait? Change the name to Womandalorian.

  31. summerhorse

    Most fans (at least who are on the internet) are NOT enjoying the show. It’s the Bo Katan show and on top of that Mando seems to have lost all of his skill. So he isn’t just now a supporting character, he’s a second stringer besides. And they bring Grogu back but have given him NO character development, he’s just a pet most of the time. He should be actively talking by now even if just in toddler speak and asking constant questions like little kids do. He had one decent episode when he went to get Bo (to save Mando TWICE of course) and nothing beyond that.

  32. Kingsley Flint

    Absolutely loved it, the whole family, what enormous fun!
    George Lucas made films that would appeal to kids of 12, and the sense of humour, especially the droid bar, here was thrilling . By far the best episode of the Mandalorian yet!. Tired of serious cry baby so-called fans, most of whom were never around to feel the delight of Star Wars when it first appeared.

  33. Mouse

    It´s absolutely disgusting how they treat Din, the character people fell in love with, and Pedro Pascal, the actor who carried SW on his back for several years.
    They wanted more of female fans – they had it thanks to him. A badass dad is an irresistible combo.
    But no, they have to replace him with the most loathsome Karen in universe who tried to kill her own sister, terrorized and enslaved civilians and already ruled twice illegitimately and it always ended up badly.
    It is painfully obvious she was shoehorned into the show. She wasn´t supposed to be there. Every episode would flow smoother without that dead weight dragging it down.

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