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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. R Loughrisge

    okay, you know the drill, anything you mention gets crossed right off the list. Disney doesn’t want any ideas.

  2. Heather

    They should do a Pixar park before Indiana Jones. They have so much more m a material when it comes to Pixar. I am an Indiana Jones fan but just don’t think there is enough for a park
    And as for avengers Disney still doesn’t own the rights to all the characters so it would be limited that way.

    1. J W

      Indiana Jones would be better suited to replace Dinoland USA.

  3. Hey Disney, go woke and go broke. It’s sickening what you’ve done. Prices out of control, guests fighting, characters not friendly. It’s all out there on the web and it’s NOT good.b

    1. Fred Savagery

      Hey Barb, you’re in a cult.

      1. Sharon

        Lower the prices so it is affordable for families to go

    2. Renee

      Name one company that has gone broke because it went woke.

    3. Marcus the Inquisitive

      Please define “woke”?

    4. Mike

      Keep your racially biased opinions out of the site.

  4. Andie

    I would like to see Disney break away from the same location in Florida and branch out to a more central state. Start up new and be the big fish in the smaller pond. No competition. They almost surely could get the arrangement they had for property and tax breaks in a non-Desantis controlled state. Mid-America has a cost of living half of Florida. Disney could save on salaries and construction and not have Desantis trying to control them. They could possibly work a deal with the sovereign Native Americans, for example. Open and cheaper land in the middle of the country.

    1. Jack

      Love the idea of central US- Silver Dollar City acquisition and expansion- SDC just acquired 800 acres! Hey, if I’m gonna dream just as well dream big!!! Lol

    2. Ashlie

      Problem with a central states theme park is that they’re seasonal because of winter weather. No one is going to a theme park in a blizzard so thats lost revenue. That’s why Walt picked FL for the year round good (good enough) weather.

      1. J W

        The only state that might fill this requirement is a southern state along the Gulf. Houston would be great as it is also a port of call for cruises and they could connect it with their cruiseline

    3. Fred Savagery

      Maybe not where the weather is so cold but perhaps somewhere in North Carolina.

      1. Debbie

        Sounds like a great idea

  5. James

    I would even love Disney’s Florida Adventure as well however indiana Jones and the Villains theme park would be awesome.

  6. Joe

    Yea, right in the tornado area and blizzards. Then they can have a real Blizzard Beach. Real smart. It’s in Florida for a reason.

    1. TruthSeeker

      Hey genius, you mean like the hurricanes in Florida?

  7. JoeNYWF64

    Disney should fix their current parks b4 they build another one!

    1. Bailey Dog

      that’s for sure

    2. JS

      Definitely! In 2022, it was so overcrowded, it felt dangerous had there would have been an emergency. They are irresponsible for customer safety with their capacity levels. Total greed. The Disney brand has been damaged.

  8. Ricky

    Pixar theme park seems like a natural choice.

  9. J W

    In order for Disney to remain competitive there should be a theme park with some major coasters. I think this could be best represented with a Marvel world. I am not sure how the Islands of Adventure impacts that, but I think there are enough characters out there that they could create something that wouldn’t directly compete.

  10. Jan

    A “little” kingdom – like the dwarves size.

    How about a “Frozen” kingdom complete with a ski resort (artificial ice, of course). Ski resorts, if reasonably priced bring in mega money. If you make it after the movie, Frozen, theres no stopping the $$ and possibilities.

  11. Donna

    Disney has got way to overcrowded,I take my grandkids every year,Take some of the billions and renovate please,it’s looking so worn.They had time during Covid but choose not to!A new park is a great idea and since Magic Kingdom is the most popular something new but similar

  12. Mike

    They need a roller coaster park.

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