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Aerial Photo of EPCOT with Harmonious Barges

Credit: Bioreconstruct on Twitter


  1. Bob A

    Bring back Illuminations!!!

    1. JoeBryant

      Damn right.


    Agree 100%

  3. Ida Mora

    Definitely bring back illumination it was a wonderful end to our visit.

  4. Garett Dixon

    Was always my favorite ride and wanted more than anything to be able to take my son on it. Guess that will never happen now. Sad to see it go as the next part of cancel culture.

    1. Gatett Dixon

      R.I.P. Splash Mountain ❤️

      1. The entire evil child trafficking place needs to be shut down.

  5. Lillian

    Disneyworld doesn’t exist anymore. The charm it had has been destroyed by the money hungry people in charge. All the old rides are gone or going. Destroy by prejudice.Most big families can’t afford to go. Heck, even some small families can’t.
    I say they change the name to Money Hungry Land cause Walt Disney would roll over in his grave if he could see it now.

  6. Pdh

    Agree with on every point, Disney world used to be my favorite destination.

    Not any more, so sad.

    Thsnks for writing g this..

  7. Tscherie

    So 😔

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