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Guest holding Annual Pass card

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  1. Tennessee


    Thanks for this information.

  2. Barbie Stroess

    Not even thinking of buying an Annual Pass until it goes back to the original pass. I could enter any theme park, any time, any day, park hop (I could go to all four parks in one day if I wanted).

    1. With you all the way!!!

  3. John Farkus

    Annual pass holders are the worst demographic for Disney…they’re in there crowding the park, not buying any merch unless it’s to resell, and rarely purchase concessions…wish they’d permanently get rid of AP holders

    1. Well I don’t think a Florida or a California resident shouldn’t have too pay a higher price just to go to our own theam park in our states.

    2. As a NYC resident, I was an Annual Passholder for many, many years and would spend an average of 28-32 days at WDW over 3 trips on an AP. Hubby and I (and 2 children some years) would plan our visits around different promotions, but we spent a good deal of money at the House of the Mouse between Resort Reservations, food, AND merchandise. I hope that APs will become more beneficial for folks like me again. I am a true Disney fan (I even have Disney vanity plates) and have my fingers crossed that WDW will start making APs more like they have been in the past.

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