Kids’ Dreams Come Crashing Down After Parents’ Horrendous Display at Disney

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The dreams of several children came crashing down due to the lack of obedience by their parents in Disney World.

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In the last few months, it seems that good Guest behavior at the Disney Parks and Resorts has been in somewhat of a decline. From Guests flashing their bare chests on Disney’s Skyliner to hopping out of ride vehicles, Guests have taken quite a few rules and turned them into mere suggestions.

Inside the Magic recently reported on a shocking incident that took place Friday evening, with multiple adult Disney World Guests lounging in a fountain. A video was taken of the incident, which took place in the World Showcase section of EPCOT at Walt Disney World. The group shown in the video has now been identified as a cheer team.

According to other outlets, the adults were parents of cheerleaders who were visiting from Canada. The group was there to participate in Cheerleading Worlds 2023. It’s extremely common to see cheer groups at Walt Disney World, especially in the warmer months.

Unfortunately, the group was disqualified from the competition due to the behavior exhibited by the parents. The video went viral on TikTok and now has over one million views:


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Perfect Storm Athletics stated that they are disappointed in what they saw as a company and issued the following statement:

We are aware of this situation and have spoken to the individuals involved. We absolutely do not condone this behavior and are very disappointed. We will be addressing our code of conduct forms these parents signed about behaviour involving anything Perfect Storm Athletics is a part of. 

It’s critical that Guests follow the rules laid out by Disney, not only to ensure their own safety but the safety of other guests and Cast Members as well.

What are your thoughts on this incident at Walt Disney World? Have you ever seen someone take a bath in a fountain in the Parks?

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