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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Derek

    no way l like captain marvel it would not be as good with out her

  2. R

    Probably avoiding the confusion of all 3 switching places as they use their powers.

  3. Ed WIseley

    Brie Larson IS Captain Marvel; just write her better. Why replace her? She’s been doing a terrific job! It cannot be stressed enough that if you get rid of Brie due to shoddy writing, you’re just scapegoating her. Captain Marvel – Brie – can be overconfident/cocky without coming off as snotty. WRITE HER BETTER!

  4. Kande

    God this movie looks atrocious.

  5. Brett D

    Is this new age absurdess humor? “INJECTED A SERIOUS DOSE OF EXCITEMENT,” OH YAH?! From who?! All 10 fans of her role and her “powerful” acting, or the fans that she constantly makes fun of for just wanting something that isn’t extreme woke Disney nonsense? You know, something similar to a good movie.

    You’re clearly owned by Disney, right? That’s why this nonsensical, outrageously bad “reporting” was as bad as it was? Or do you just not get out of your Hollywood home unless it’s to tell someone what they SHOULD be doing?

    It’s not even “nerds” who are upset. It is normal people who just want to go to a movie to, and stay with me here, BE ENTERTAINED! Crazy concept, right? I don’t need a 3-hour “Preacher Feature” after I have to deal with the realities of this world all day long and want to relax.

    How would you feel if I stormed into your bathroom shouting about politics while you are relaxing, taking a bath with some candles, and reading?

  6. Brett again

    PS – Derek, R, and Ed are bots. Either that or would someone take away their guy cards, please?

  7. Frank

    All Marvel had to do was reach back to the comics and write a movie that honored the first film and Carol’s origin. Instead they seem to be going for some sort of watered down “buddy” flick.

    Adding a comic aspect to this next film where these three characters are trading powers, trading places etc just smacks of desperation to me.

    I loved Brie’s portrayal of Captain Marvel, she’s tough, smart and very much her own person. If viewers don’t like Brie Larson, so be it. Her work in the original film should be all that matters.

    I’m looking forward to The Marvels, but I’m probably not going to enjoy the reduced screen time for Carol’s storyline. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Barak

    Well if they are stripping captain marvel of her power it would be a missed opportunity if they are not using the plot from the comics where rogue from x men sucks her power by touching her.

  9. Brad wiehn

    Every artical is the same, getting rid of her fill in the reason,if this is all you can come up with write about something else.And I’m not à bot,just because you don’t feelexcited doesn’t mean other people aren’t.Because guess what not everyone cares about your opinion.

  10. TuggyMcGunn

    All sound same. Every one of these movies has the same plot: witty syncopated banter mixed randomly with contorted contrived plot devices and legit BORING predetermined “action” sequences. I was a fan when the movies and characters were different from one another; now it’s all just a big superficial and self-referential circle-jerk. Disney will suck whatever novelty Marvel had and then dump the carcass in the capitalist dumpster whence it came… and then reboot the whole thing in 20 years.

  11. Kevin G

    I sure hope so. I can’t stand her as Captain Marvel. It should have been someone more talented and older.

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