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Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' (2021). Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Primus

    The Snyderverse was robbed. James Gunns ego is what has destroyed all of the hard work they put into these movies and it’s unfortunate

  2. Brad J

    Henry Cavill was hands down the best Superman ever. Man of Steel was the best Superman movie to date. Getting Cavill back was the best thing DC could have done. Fans were excited. Gun came in and pissed on everyone’s hopes.

    1. Jason

      Enjoyed Man of Steel a lot..but it wasn’t close to being the best Superman movie to date. That crown will for now and forever belong to the Donner Superman movie. It is the gold standard for Superman movies.

    2. Ryan

      Nice try. But learn some facts, BRADDDD

  3. Stan Donefield

    Snyder’s movies suck.

  4. NYTony

    I don’t see why they can’t finish the 2 additional films that would finish the Snyderverse under the Elseworlds banner. As for a “new” younger take on Superman as he’s first starting out at a reporter, no thanks. The new is in quotes because it’s actually not new. Smallville? Super Boy? How many episodes of Lois and Clark? Yeah, pass.

  5. Frank

    James Gunn sucks. I was so excited to see Darkseid and the Knightmare movie that I won’t be watching Gunn’s movies. Why in the world do we need another Superman movie when Henry Cavill was damn near perfect. I only wish that because of this train wreck Cavill will change his mind and go back to being Geralt. I don’t think anyone could’ve played that character better. Liam Hensworth is not the right actor for the role and like many said, after season 3 I’m done with the Witcher series. No one wanted or asked for Liam

  6. faufan

    9 out of 10 DC fans really? The same Snyder fan seeing the movie 9xs doesn’t count.
    They were just not that good, they have some okay aspects, but overall they are just not very good. And his vision for the rest sounded awful.

  7. Goumiri

    I think cavill is the Best superman i have see ever , i think too the Black Adam is a Good movie, And the rock have do a very Good performance now i see the movie do 393 million $, why not more i think projection test and the person invited to see them is cause ,because he have make le négative critique before the movie hase projecteur to cinema,i think senserly the projection test must stopped forever ,for all person can make his opinion, no run to tendance projection test .

  8. Thugster

    Gunn is obviously still working for Marvel, I mean, the films announced, the zany adventures of Clark kent growing up, wonder girl and her first pet adventure and battle against anorexia, Bruce Wayne and his struggle with puberty, sounds like a great lineup for Marvel to continue to dominate

  9. James

    Yawn!….Yawn! .,..

  10. Joshua Thomas Friedemann

    Dear David Zaslav and James Gunn i hate James Gunn he is marvel not dc universe he a lose cannon because he want to do is combine marvel and dc in one universe he not Kevin Feige he loves favorites picks and unknown actors younger then Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill and Gal Godot and Michael keaton the synderverse story is better than James Gunn slate continuation is a better way then reboots its best if u sell it to Netflix or gun have his own justice league team heroes and villains have it connected to the batman Robert pattinson batman have synderverse story connections to it by it shelf away from dc comics but just dont want the past be erased because we cannot go backwards in time we cannot go backwards in time because we get older every day and a story cannot go backwards either we only go forwards not backwards star wars tried that with episode 8 same with ghostbusters Answers the call it was bad script but it was a reboot not an original story connections but ghostbusters afterlife was good fan service just like snyder justice league i believe in passing of the torch not backwards in time or reboot it we do the flash bring Henry cavill back and gal Godot and ben Affleck as batman superman and wonder woman and bring back aquaman 4 connection with Jason momoa as aquaman finsh synderverse story justice league 2 and 3 then end story end it and it a cliffhanger I more like Kevin Feige myself james Gunn is wrong choice to pick as head of dc universe the Fandom owns dc multiverse not gunn he bad choice if I was him continue synderverse connection to multiverse and expand it with fan service it all not all money all about the fans and merchandise not film in general gunn is wrong all his decisions the rock agreement with that and put Henry cavill back and gal Godot and ben Affleck as batman superman and wonder woman and back as superman in flash bring Henry cavill back and gal Godot and ben Affleck as batman superman and wonder woman and bring back Michael keaton batman doesn’t die in the flash either selling the synderverse to Netflix or fire James Gunn we need fan service and passing of the torch to new heroes and villains from old heroes to new heroes passing of the torch

  11. DM

    Whether we love the Snyder movies or not, DC is clearly an incoherent confusing mess. Really looking forward to Gunn reimagining the characters through cohesive story

  12. Eduardo R Reyes

    James Gunn is a MORON!!

    Zack Snyder is a genius who has created the best series of movies.

    Justice League is my favorite DC Connie movie. I wish the studio would reconsider finishing the trilogy planned by Snyder.

  13. Erica

    I hope Netflix picks up the Snyderverse. James Gunn needs to stick to Marvel. Hated, hated, hated his Suicide Squad. Zack Snyder 4ever!!

    1. nonicname

      Agreed. That movie completely missed the point of the source material. What should’ve been an action/drama, was nothing more than murder p*rn for incels with d**k jokes.
      His Suicide Squad was one of the worst CBM’s I have ever seen. The 2nd being Guardians of the Galaxy 2,… go figure.

  14. TheShadowKnows

    Missing from this piece is that Snyder also posted the following:

    – MOS 28 ACCD
    – BVS 29 ACCD
    – ZSJL 30 IMAX

    Those are release dates. ACCD likely being ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman on 4/28 and 4/29, Justice League getting in IMAX presentation on April 30th. That’s all there is, folks.

  15. nonicname

    Gunn’s DC is DOA.
    Like we don’t already know that ‘Superman Legacy’ is going to be another sad attempt by WB to dig up Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and having him bumble his way through out the movie, trying to get a piece of Lois Lane.
    WB has shot themselves in the foot, and they deserve it after the way they’ve treated Zack and his crew.

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